Russian court didn't help banker Vladimir Antonov

It turned out that the Russian Federation has actually never adopted the "tit for tat" principle. 
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The attack on the system

Co-owner of the nationalized bank Snoras Lithuania Vladimir Antonov filed a lawsuit August 5, 2016, demanding to collect about 40 billion rubles from the country's authorities. 20.2 billion rubles for the damage his property damage, and another 19.9 billion for damage to reputation. Business reputation of Vladimir Antonov destroyed, according to the petitioners claim, the president of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite. In November 2011, justifying the nationalization of the bank, it is defined as a business Snoras conscious attack on the entire banking system.

It's good that Dalia Grybauskaitė Lithuanian meant, not the world system, which is a "financial saboteur" Vladimir Antonov managed to destroy. Although, of course, the definition of "banking system" in relation to the Lithuanian financial institutions, President of this country is clearly a little heated. In his accusations Grybauskaite particularly pressed on Russian citizens Vladimir Antonov. In this sense, the claim submission to the Moscow Arbitration Court looked quite understandable.

An eye for an eye

Legal representatives of Lithuania did not recognize these terms. The Moscow Arbitrationyli presented two motions - on termination of the proceedings and the abandonment of the claim without consideration. Stop dealing Lithuanian authorities demanded, referring to bilateral agreements between countries. These contracts, according to the defendant, presuppose the existence of judicial immunity from the jurisdiction of Russian courts. In the second petition from Lithuania insisted that such claims can only be considered the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

Legal representatives of the Antonov, giving the claim, calculated on the new Russian law - "On the response to the wrongful arrest of Russian property abroad ', which entered into force on 1 January 2016. He introduced to the legal notion of "an eye for an eye" in the international economic relations system. Now the immunity of a foreign state and its property in Russia may be limited in response to a similar action taken against the Russian property.

With regard to Lithuania and banks Vladimir Antonov is a rule, according to representatives of the banker, should act after the "Kaliningrad case &raquo ;. In 2005-2006, the Lithuanian court attracted to property liability of the Kaliningrad region on the suit of Dresdner Bank authorities. Ten years later, the lawyers hoped to Antonova cause Russian court response.

Did not work out. The grounds for refusing the Moscow arbitration is not clear, the text of the judicial act has not yet been published. But Vladimir Antonov will continue. "Definitely, we will file an appeal as soon see the full text of the definition. It we consider illegal and groundless, "- said the lawyer Sergei Mirzoyev, representing Antonov. Time he and his partner Raimondas Baranauskas in abundance - from 2015, the year, both in Moscow, and elsewhere can not be. After the forced nationalization of Snoras bankers have left the UK, but there were arrested in November 2011 at the request of Vilnius, then released on bail, and then moved to Moscow. And now here they are their own cold war with Vilnius.

War for the property

The real victim in this conflict is steel 16 non-residential buildings, located in Moscowand the Moscow region, as well as several other properties, frozen arbitration court decision. According to Vladimir Antonov court had on August 12 received the interim measures prohibiting the registration authorities Rosreestra any action with these objects that are in ownership of the bank Snoras. It is also forbidden to register the termination of the lease of two land plots in Moscow and the Moscow region, which are leased by the Snoras bank, before the end of the lease term.

Nationalized Snorasu saved from arrest their mortgages. The list includes 20 residential buildings and premises in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and Kaliningrad regions, 11 apartments in Moscow and Moscow region, a house in the suburban village of Nikolina Gora, four plots of land in the Moscow region and St. Petersburg. The Court pointed out in the definition that the adoption of such interim measures would lead to the unconditional violation of the rights of third parties.

Interests of unknown third parties

Third parties are already trying to intervene in the process. The truth is, too, failed. Before fromprove the claim (24 October), the court rejected the petition of the Cyprus company Volandia Reserve Limited and Lithuanian NGO "Transparent Politics" dedicated to protecting the interests of depositors bank Snoras, to intervene as a third party. Who in fact are these organizations, it is not clear. But taking into account the entire history of the banking activities of Vladimir Antonov - the history of violent and unpredictable, nothing good can not be expected from this activity.