Russian Credit between the withdrawal and bailout

The Central Bank blocked transactions with Anatoly Motylev's banks.
For the new banking empire Anatoly Motyleva critical moment - after locking all its calculations to banks by the Central Bank banker was called on the carpet to the regulator. The options in the long run two: a review of the license or sanitation. According to "Kommersant", given the state of Mr Motyleva assets and its previous negative credit history, an extreme measure in the form of revocation of licenses, despite the billions of dollars in deposits, most of readjustment, but before it is used the controller can give the financier last chance to rectify the situation.

The fact that on the agenda on Thursday evening meeting of the Banking Supervision Committee (BSC) of the Central Bank submitted a question about the fate of several banks from the group controlled by Anatoly Motyleva, "Kommersant" Inform us several sources familiar with the situation. At stake - the continued existence of just four bank groups: the largest in its bank "Russian Credit" M-Bank, the bank "Tula industrialist" and AMB-Bank. This was preceded by the spread on the market information that all listed banks Mr Motyleva Central Bank has disabled provedeniya any electronic transactions - both through himself and through other market participants. The first looked like a formal change in the status of participation of banks Anatoly Motyleva in BEPS (banking electronic payment system of the Central Bank). "All these banks have received the day before yesterday with the status code 13, which means a total ban to make payments through BESP", - says one of the interlocutors "b". Opportunities to conduct transactions through correspondent accounts in other banks listed players lost due to blockage of these accounts, said "Kommersant" source. "So now the banks can make payments only in a manual manner by the Central Bank settlement center, under his direct control, it is very serious", - he concluded. Contributions indicated in the call center, are issued without any problems.

However, serious problems in the relationship with the bank regulator has officially refused to recognize. "Difficulties" in making payments to the "Russian credit" call center explain the "operating system update" - the traditional explanation for the banks, faced with stiff LIMITicheniyami regulator. Of course, there is a certain percentage of the technical shutdowns of BESP indicate market participants, but it is minimal. According to the analyst IFC Markets Dmitry Lukashou, "according to statistics, for disconnecting from BESP for longer than a day or two, in 85-90% of cases should be a review of the license." And considering that the fate of the banks in the group of Mr. Motyleva became the subject of discussion at the BSC, which was preceded by verification by the Central Bank and the DIA (yet formally completed), a technique in which case we can not speak, bankers say.

The options in this situation three: the withdrawal of the license, and sanitation - which often, but still is - to provide the owner of the bank delay to resolve the situation. "This is possible only if the provision of the Central Bank is very strong evidence of the truth of his intention to capitalize the bank or find an investor", - said one of the "Kommersant" interviewees. And usually it is given a little time, he explains. However, according to "Kommersant", Anatoly Motylev and six top managers of the bank today went to a meeting of the BSC.

Sanitation, teaching to the amount of deposits in banks Mr Motyleva (almost 70 billion rubles.), especially in the deposit insurance fund deficit could be quite real (especially because it was considered the possibility, as evidenced by the joint inspection in the "Russian Credit" by the Central Bank and DIA), if not for the sad experience of the previous remediation supervised Mr. Motyleva bank "Globex" (VEB at the beginning of the 2008 crisis), on which the state has spent $ 5 billion. "This is a question the regulator's reputation, banking Anatoly Motyleva already saved in the last crisis, and to prevent a repetition of the history of the Central Bank does not want to ", - says the source" b "familiar with the position of the regulator. In fact, the regulator allowed Anatoly Motyleva cultivate new financial empire, to nurture in her old problems, and save it again it would be tantamount to admitting his own helplessness, and would cause very serious issues to the spending of public funds, says another source "b". Against the reorganization, according to "Kommersant", it was another argument: those wishing to sanitize banks Anatoly Motyleva was not particularly.

onannym "b", according to preliminary estimates, the volume of issues in a group of financial assets Anatoly Motyleva (excluding banks and SPF: SPF «Sun Life pension..", "Sberfond" Sunny Beach "," "Solar Time", "Adekta-Pension "" Protecting the future "," Savings "," Uraloboronzavodsky ") is estimated at 60 billion rubles. This hole in the banks can be 35-40 billion rubles. "When I Reytingovannye bank" Russian credit "(the largest group), there were questions to the satisfaction of formal reporting to the real quality of loans - said the ex-general director of" Expert RA "Paul Samiev.- At a very low level of delay in the portfolio (less than 1%) the bank has a large amount of extended credits, low turnover of their portfolio, a lot of long-term loans collateralized by little and even guarantees. " All this, according to Mr. Samieva may indicate the presence of hidden problems that the bank does not reflect in the financial statements. According to the source "b" familiar with the situation in the banks and NPF Anatoly Motyleva existed circular de fundingyours elf, thus ultimately about half of the funds were invested in construction (as last time). To finance it all, except for 66.9 billion rubles. of citizens, corporate customers' funds - 43.4 billion rubles. According to the Central Bank of April 1 (later data is not available), the total amount of own property (ie pension savings, pension reserves and equity fund) in seven funds Mr. Motyleva 61.7 billion rubles.

In such a situation, even though, according to "Kommersant", the deposit insurance fund balances enough for insurance benefits for the citizens deposits in all banks (insurance cover is estimated at 50 billion rubles.), The issue of demonstration revocation of licenses difficult (money funds can be banks, and, as we know, have not been put in a savings insurance Motyleva NPF). But it was to him, according to "Kommersant", the most inclined to the Central Bank. All will decide the extent to which the Central Bank believe (or not believe) promises Anatoly Motyleva, and if so, how much time will give him additional capitalization of banks, if the financier would still be able to convince the regulator to its realityEren. Turn another "group funding" to meet the requirements of the Central Bank it is unlikely. According to "Kommersant", the Central Bank started checking all NPF financier. Given the strong commitment by the regulator, if he did not falter, and still dare to take extreme measures, it will be the largest insurance event in the entire history of deposit insurance. The previous record set Master-Bank (deposits it was up to 50 billion rubles.), Which was a very serious warning to bankers. The Central Bank and the DIA situation does not comment. The press service of the largest bank Anatoly Motyleva "Russian credit" also declined to comment.