Russian Football Union's credit indebtedness is 430 million rubles

The financial director of the RFU Vadim Parkhachev explained why his organization had no money for the execution of the contract with Fabio Capello.
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The question of the state of affairs in the RAF is almost the main theme of the entire Russian football community. Chief national coach Fabio Capello does not receive a salary from May 2014, the Labour Inspection (no complaints of employees) checks the documents and identifies the RFU debt amounting to 180 million rubles. Reporters excite the fans, by publishing news about huge amounts of debt the RAF, and the union is called a closed organization.

The problems faced by the RAF, as well as the exact amount owed to the correspondent of "Izvestia" said CFO Vadim Parkhach Union.

- Previously, the RFU budget of about 1.5 billion rubles, and in 2014 -. 2.9 billion before the RFU have had no financial problems. Why are they there now?

- The expenditure of the budget of the RFU rose from 1.9 billion rubles in 2009 to 2.9 billion rubles in 2012. We forecast that in 2014 the expenditure part of the budget will be equal to 2.7 billion rubles. The significant increase is due to internal factors: increase in the number of national teams from 14 to 23, an improvement of sporting achievements (output and participate in the final of Euro 2012, World Cup 2014, winning the U-17 national team at the European Championship in 2013, winning the 2011 World Cup and World Cup 2013 Intercontinental Cup in 2012, 2013, national team in beach soccer, access and participation in the Euro 2013 final between youth teams ...) extension of assistance to regional and inter-regional federations, attraction of credit resources to finance current activities, involvement in the judiciary of foreign experts, the elimination of the College football referees.

Previously, judges were paid a fee without the assistance of the RFU through the College football referees, but now it is our social organization pays all the fees of the arbitrator (. 90 thousand received the main referee of the match of Premier League -. "News").

- Fluctuations of the ruble affected the RFU?

- Of course. The ruble - is an important external factor. I would have said changing social tax rate scale in 2012. Personal spending accounts for a significant part of the costs of the RFU - a little less than half. If until 2012, after a certain amount we paid a minimum interest rate, modifying the scale of social tax expenditures for personal issueAta grew by at least 10%.

- Can you tell me how much tax to pay the RFU?

- In 2009 - a little more than 134 million rubles, in 2013 credited with 277 million rubles. Agree, the amount is quite significant.

- 277 million rubles - the amount of really large, but because the RFU costs amount to 2.7 billion rubles. How to spend the remaining funds?

- RFS holds sports competitions, refereeing and inspection ensures internal tournaments, assists regional football federations. In the preparation and participation of national teams of Russia accounts for about half of all costs of the RFU. Every year, the proportion and size of the cost of teams in the estimate of the RFU is growing. Compared with 2009, in 2014 they have grown almost twice. In 2009 - about 943 million rubles, according to the forecast for 2014 - 1.5 billion rubles. This is about 60% of all expenditures for the year of the RFU. It should be understood that this amount includes the contract of national team coach.

- Why, then, periodically distributed criticism of the RFU president Nikolai Tolstoy too bloated staff, designed toredity etc?

- To begin with, the staff of the RFU at the moment - 154 people. In 2009 - 108 persons, in 2010 - 150, in 2011 - 156 ... No additional set of the staff with the arrival of Tolstoy was not.

Administrative costs related to the implementation of administrative functions have not changed in comparison with the year 2009 (until November 2009 was president of the RFU Vitaly Mutko -. "News"). Their total amount is about 200 million rubles, or about 7% of all costs of the RFU. This personal expenses management personnel comprise in their structure a smaller part. Salaries of employees of the RFU is not indexed since 2010.

- Why then the RAF formed multi-million dollar debt, because of which the Union can not fulfill the contract with Fabio Capello?

- Commercial activities of the RAF never provide sufficient funding for the implementation of statutory activities in full. This is largely due to the many years of the current structure, in which the main sponsors were involved in commercial quantitiesputer RFS - by "Telesport". Fiscal deficit should be fully or partially covered by additional targeted funding or strategic attraction of the general sponsor.

The guidelines of the RFU - to find additional sources of financing. In 2009, the deficit was fully covered by the trust fund of the National Football Academy (fund of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich -. "News"). In the period 2010-2012 in the financing of the RAF has played an active role "Gazprom" as a strategic sponsor. In 2013-2014, as partners, which helped to cover the fiscal deficit were "Russian Railways" company, Novatek and several individuals. However, it was not enough.

- Why to May 2014 the RAF found funds for the payment of Capello, but now the money was gone?

- In order to send a team to the World Cup in Brazil in a good mood, no debt, we have borrowed money until September. In September, we returned them. Including the repayment of this debt it took $ 8 million, which the RAF received from FIFA forPart B of the World Cup. Even before the World Cup, it was clear that the funds for the salary of Capello and his assistants do not have in our budget. We never hide and always talked about it on the executive committees of the RFU.

- What is the debt now the RFU?

- Due to the difficult financial situation, we had to resort to attract loans from banks and loans to non-bank institutions. To date, outstanding loans and debts on bank loans amount to 430 million rubles.

- As the RAF came to the debt?

- The debt was growing gradually. If in 2009 we were in a small plus, over 2010-2014, the total amount of target capital has become negative. RFS fully perform all the activities related to the implementation schedule of domestic and international sporting events.

The main problem of the financial and economic activities of the RAF from 2010 to 2014 is the lack of adequate for the mouthvnoy activity funding. RFS is very grateful to all our sponsors, but there must be more. Commercial departments should be more effective.

- Because of these debts in the RAF does not have enough funds to support youth football ...

- We do not have enough money for the development of youth football. In 2009, the RAF has spent a little more than 25 million rubles, and in 2014 - about 36 million rubles. But this is very small. Basically we are talking about the competitions among the youth schools.

- How it is possible to remedy this situation?

- Any development, provided programs and strategies require substantial funding. One way to solve the problem - the creation of a special trust fund. The main team of the country itself, of course, is provided by sponsors and partners, for which we are sincerely grateful. But the institute teams include more than 20 non-market teams, that is not able to earn on advertising and ticket sales. It is necessary to significantly improve children's motivation and trainers and other professionals workinggrassroots football. Creation of the fund will allow the funds to seek out the RAF framework. It is much easier to find money for children's and youth football than to finance the RFU. The Fund will not be affected by adverse political and financial factors associated with the Union. Board of Trustees of the Fund will determine the fate of this money and distribute them among the regions on the basis of project financing. Thus, children's and youth football does not depend on the results of the national team and really will be developed.