Russian helicopters cannot do without Ukrainian "Motor Sich"

Ukrainian company annually supplies up to 400 helicopter engines to the Russian customers. 
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Two and a half years ago, at the beginning of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, domestic media rather confidently promised: if necessary, Russia can easily get rid of the military-technical, depending on the Ukrainian enterprises. In particular, they talked about what will be released on an independent path holding company "Russian Helicopters". However, according to the data in the 2016-th year, the Russian "vertibirds" still rigidly dependent on revenues from the Ukraine - which does not get tired to remind that in a state of undeclared war with its northern neighbor. Why is the domestic military-industrial complex has not yet got rid of the "non-brotherly" support?

It looks like we'd better leave

To understand the importance of the development of domestic production of aircraft, it is necessary to understand the fundamental thing regarding the helicopter at all. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has remained almost a third of enterprises and design bureaus and aircraft raketo-. Existing on the foundation of another Soviet-friendly planning schemes, the aviation industry Russia able to produce fuselage, engines, a significant number of elec-ropriborov. But in terms of helicopter we still (even after all the sanctions against the Ukrainian side, and all the applications for import substitution - our) almost completely dependent on the Ukrainian producer. It is from the "manufacturer" in the singular: the majority of Russian helicopters from the transport to the attack (except, perhaps, "Ansat", Ka-62 and Ka-226), equipped with engines that produces Ukrainian company "Motor Sich ", located in Kiev.

Naturally, tear-established over many decades of communications difficult. But to leave such an important segment of the national aeronautics at the discretion of the management of the plant, which is located on the openly hostile territory, it is impossible. And helicopters to date - a priority both in the civilian and in the military. Air machines, providing the Army fire support from the air, needed Russia itself, and in addition, they are one of our priority clusters aviation exports. Russian helicopters are ready to purchase as the countries of Latin America and the countries of Central and Middle Easterna.

Plans and Realities

At present, the Russian defense industry produces more than 300 helicopters per year. This is far from the Soviet volumes when a year was collected up to 900 cars, but it is not enough. There is also a modernization program, which should provide to 2020. Russian army in 1000 new helicopters. But the production and modernization program are still depending on the Ukrainian producer.

Is there any objective reasons which prevent Russia to establish import substitution in production of helicopters? Oh sure. In particular, because of the sanctions imposed by the West has lost the ability to import equipment from Germany helicopter plant in Ulan-Ude. Are there positive examples, when managed to cope on their own? Also yes. For example, two types of military helicopters, Mi-28N and the Ka-52, use their own engines VK-2500, made on the basis TV3-117. And whether the domestic power plants to cover all the needs of the helicopter pilots? No, and apparently it will not be soon.

The policy of import substitution in the field of military-industrial complex has been declared by President Putin in the autumn of 2014. At the same time ", Helicopters of Russia" reported: the first car completely assembled from Russian components, without the use of Ukrainian parts. It was about the Mi-8AMTSh-In - new modification of military helicopters Mi-8AMTSh. The general director of the holding company, Alexander Mikheyev, presenting a novelty, emphasized: the use of domestic equipment allows to achieve significant improvements of the helicopter characteristics.

For series production engines TV7-117V (for the Mi-38, Il-114, Il-112B) "United Engine Building Corporation" (part of the corporation Rostec) started only in late June 2016. The headlines in the media who reported on overcoming a certain boundary, were quite pathos, for example: "Russia has overcome the dependence of Ukraine on helicopter engines." But overcome it?

TV7-117V engines really are made from fully developed in the country parts, components and accessories, support the representatives of the corporation. And designate term: until 2020, JDC plans to release "more than 200 TV7-117V turboshaft family of engines and turbo versions." At the same time in the most tired helicoptersmerge two power plants, so that this product is only enough for a hundred helicopters. And it produces them Russia, we recall, 300 ...

Close the missing amount could be in St. Petersburg, where JSC "UEC" announced that is preparing to produce in 2018, the 500 engine. If the case does go at a pace three or four years, Russia will be able to do on their own to provide for their own production helicopter engines. Until then ... Until then left to rely solely on the goodwill of management of the company "Motor Sich" - because the Ukrainian government is set openly anti-Russian.

Always at your service

The economic sanctions imposed by Russia against Ukraine, do not interfere with the Zaporozhye giant to cooperate with Russian companies and helicopter aircraft - such as JSC "Helicopters of Russia", JSC "Helicopter Service Company", JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant", JSC " Kumertausskoe Aviation Production Enterprise "JSC" Ulan-Ude Aviation plant. "All Thereforecontinue to receive Ukrainian engines required for the production of the Mi-8, Mi-24, Mi-35, Mi-17, Mi-171, Mi-28, Ka-31, Ka-32 and Ka-52. Workarounds paved through Belarus by opening a number of branches.

Aircraft industry company "Motor Sich", which is based in Kiev, demonstrates how inseparable, even today, after three years of steadily deteriorating relations, economic ties between individual enterprises in Russia and Ukraine - and in strategic areas. For the general director of "Motor Sich" Vyacheslav Boguslayev cooperation with Russia the question of principle, and it lies not only in the commercial plane. In recent years, Ukraine Boguslayev criticized for pro-Russian position and unwillingness to become a jingoistic ranks. The list of complaints - like the fact that the paperwork the company is still conducted in Russian, and the more serious transgressions - for example, regular visits to the Russian Federation.

Fresh scandal broke out in July - about another trip Vyacheslav Boguslayev to Valaam, where he regularly provides patronagesupport (money director of "Motor Sich" manufactured and installed, in particular, a sculpture of Our Lady, monuments Andrew and Prince Vladimir in the Valaam monastery ). This time the director of the Ukrainian took part in the solemn liturgy at the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral. In the service was attended by the Russian president, who prayed for the fallen Russian soldiers, and all the circumstances Ukrainian media pilgrimage Boguslayev regarded almost as a betrayal of the interests of the country. He himself explains his patronage activities uniting objectives:

"We are opening the monuments here to reaffirm our common purpose - strengthening the Orthodox faith".

Boguslayev is probably not a true follower of the cartoon, and this "Russian world". But in addition, he is also looking at things rationally businessman is aware of the responsibility for the company, production capacity, technology and expertise; CEO and chief designer in one person. The importance of Russian orders for your business it can not be underestimated: in the structure of nrodazh company "Motor Sich" 40% are in the Russian Federation. Of every thousand engines per year produced 400 are sent to customers in Russia, 200 - directly, 200 - through an intermediary company, "Engines" Vladimir Klimov - Motor Sich ", which does not appear in the sanctions list of Ukraine.

Supply and demand

How big is an inverse relationship? Apart from the fact that Russian helicopters are equipped with the new engines, "Motor Sich" provides modernization and repair of already delivered. Contracts Department of Aviation FSB go through the same thing CJSC "Engines" Vladimir Klimov -. Motor Sich "For example, in March 2015 the company received the first order for the repair of aircraft engines worth almost 12 million rubles Partially renovated cope and Russian. companies -.. Aircraft repair plants in Gatchina, Yeisk, Khabarovsk, Old Ruse, Rostov-on-Don and other cities are also taking on the maintenance of engines produced by "Motor Sich" According to the pre-conflict year of 2012, from 2 thousand engines that have gone through repair enterprises Ministry of DefenceRF, half were of Ukrainian origin. Not surprisingly, the orders keep this market Vyacheslav Boguslayev tries and in today's collapsing economy of Ukraine. If a trip to Valaam and maintaining good relations with the Russian elite (in particular, with fellow countryman - a native of Zaporozhye, presidential adviser on regional and economic integration, Sergey Glazyev) to promote - and why not, obviously, says Ukrainian businessman.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of "Motor Sich" Anatoly Kid unhappy two years ago, said:

"In the military sphere with Russia, we have not worked and do not work. We carry out contracts for non-military goods, such as AN-148, AN-158." The company also carries a five-year contract for $ 1.2 billion to the holding company "Russian Helicopters" - it provides for the supply of 250 engines per year Ukrainian to Russian commercial helicopters (Ka-31, Ka-it 32, Mi-17, Mi-8 MTV and Mi-24, Mi-28).

These statements may be made only for form's sake: engines in military and civil helicopters is established practicallyand the same, to distinguish them quite difficult. Accordingly, it can be assumed that the Zaporozhye still provides Russian engines for civilian and for military purposes.

Status quo

One way of maintaining the status quo was the creation of the technical centers of the company "Motor Sich" on the territory of Russia. Repair of approximately half the volume of Ukrainian engines held today with the participation of "Borisfen-Avia" (14% of which belongs to the "Motor Sich") and LLC "MS-repairing" (here the Cossacks - 24%). Directs "Borisfen-Avia" Peter Kononenko, head of the Moscow representative office and a member of the Supervisory Board of "Motor Sich".

The second variant was found - the movement of the orders (400-600 aircraft engines per year) in Belarus. In this country, the "Motor Sich" also has its own subsidiary in 2012 Zaporozhye company invested in promholding, based at the Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant. In this enterprise, in turn, contracts for engineering and advisory support helicopters Mi productionMVZ. ML Mile (included in the holding company "Russian Helicopters"), with the Kazan Helicopter Plant and Rostov "Rostvertol". The advantages of using the Belarusian scheme - circumvention of anti-Russian sanctions, and the ability to trade with Russia without the 20% import duty.

This, by the way, not only of aircraft engines: discussed, as reported, and the question of placement in Orsha production capacities for the production of small gas turbine engines for cruise missiles.

The termination of cooperation with Russia for the "Motor Sich" would mean a complete shutdown of all production processes. It is not only in the export of engines in Russia: from Russia and received critical components in Ukraine. Ukraine itself to ensure the company orders (either military or commercial nature) can not. The need for the Ukrainian army - from 10 to 50 engines. With the scale of orders from Russia is incomparable. Thus, despite the active pressure of their own government, "Motor Sich" and now tries to maintain production volumes, providing work 27 thousand of its employees and, without destroying the tenthtiyami established cooperation schemes continue to deliver to Russia as Their newest and repaired aircraft engines.

And do something?

Diplomatic and administrative capacity of the head of "Motor Sich" is certainly worthy of attention and kind words. Here are just a number of issues by the domestic voennopromyshlennikam. Why do so have not been able to reorient the two years? They calculated that the cunning scheme that comes up Boguslayev, it will go for the "import substitution"? But Boguslayev his interest: he is fighting for the survival of the enterprise and its workforce. Why does not follow his example guide "Helicopters of Russia"? We recall a month ago, the general director of the holding company profile Alexander Mikheyev reported that Ulan-Ude Aviation and the Kazan Helicopter Plant, a critical situation with a capacity utilization. Enterprises are facing the threat of a significant reduction in plant capacity and personnel. More than that - from 1 July at the Kazan plant half of the staff have already Pereviate a shortened work week!

Why does the top management of "Helicopters of Russia" is more convenient to support Ukrainian "Motor Sich" with its Belarusian daughters rather than their own professional teams? How long will this approach will remain the products of "Helicopters of Russia" competitive?

Discussions on the establishment of an autonomous Russian arms production cycle carried out more than 10 years. Events in Ukrainethis topic even more actualized. "We must do everything to ensure that everything that needs military-industrial complex of Russia, was carried out on our territory and that we neither of whom did not depend on any of the directions of re-equipment of the army and navy with new weapons systems, "- Vladimir Putin said at a meeting in Sochi in May 2014.

Despite the difficult situation the country means for the MIC does not regret. There are people and infrastructure. Breakthrough - no. There is a new level of technological production. It is because "Ukrainians themselves will collect and send"?