Russian Magneto: how a professor of Moscow State University built a global business

Revenue of AMT&C company exceeds $13 million a year, but its founder Alexander Tishin did not become a millionaire. How does he combine business and science?
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From the opened door flashed a huge boiler heat. "We're engaged in innovation and flushing accounts for firewood," - complains professor at Moscow State University and founder of AMT & C Alexander silence, tossing a log on the fire. Gas to the company headquarters in Troitsk has not brought expensive. AMT & C revenues exceed $ 13 million per year, but the money is still not enough. The entrepreneur, who has spent a lifetime studying magnets, explains that the research and development require large investments. The company has 36 patents in Russia, USA, UK, Germany.

"Severstal", "Ahmad", confectioners Cadbury and "Rot Front", oil and mechanical engineers, research centers in the USA, Spain and Germany - among customers. This AMT & C is also a major distributor of: holding among other things sells about 100 of flexible magnets containers per year. However, the manner of doing business in a particular silence. He no longer speaks not about marketing and distribution channels, and on the grants for research and development. Probably it affects close relationship with academia. As a physicist, he built a successful business by staying in a science?

rofessor silence and his fellow physicists in the mid-1990s earned as they could. For example, writing grant applications for our American colleagues, and those listed them part of the sum. But by the end of the decade, this source is almost exhausted. The expert on rare earth elements Laboratory Ames Carl Gshnaydner interested in equipment that makes the silence. "From him I first heard the word" company ". He himself was in the end did not buy anything, but advised us to others, "- recalls the silence.

The first years of business Tishine led directly to MSU laboratory - testing new ideas, filed patent applications waiting customers. But even after the tenth patent there were no buyers. Then Tishine called to the cause of long-time friend and colleague Yuri Spichkina, which by that time had two years engaged in science in the US. In 2002 there was a division "Polymagnet" bargaining magnets. "Yes, they are in China, and we do not hide" - says the silence. But some money on office equipment and salaries of engineers.

According to the silence of Russian development could be sold abroad. For example, issledovateskie centers interested in settings to create an electromagnetic field with certain parameters. International expansion began with Hush Ukraine, opened a representative office there in 2005. The following year, an office was opened in London. Pre-crisis 2012 was the AMT & C best in history. According Silence, consolidated revenues of the group companies topped $ 19000000. However in 2014. The situation deteriorated markedly. Global revenue of AMT & C has decreased, according to the silence, to $ 13 million: to Russian of them had only $ 5 million But things went well in Brazil - local office earned about $ 3 million..

work abroad was not easy With all the advantages of foreign exchange earnings. In Germany, for example, the silence of the planned money is not received. The first time after opening the office entrepreneur supervised it personally. "The office is open all boiled" - recalls the silence. But it turned out that he had not boiled - a German manager, assures silence, he opened his own company at the same address, and walked through it sales, and the Moscow leadership showed fictitious reports. AMT & C has won several trials of former top MenedemosGeral, but the office still decided it was bankrupt. "The police did not engage in theft. On the magnets are no markings, and prove that they are ours, we can not ", - silence explains.

In 2015 the story was repeated in Ukraine: Director, head of office of 8 years, has renewed all its companies, the courts are now going. The scientist believes that this is a consequence of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and continues to fight for business. "You have to combine the ability to write groundbreaking theoretical work and keep the director's throat with the help of lawyers and auditors. It turns out that until recently, it did not work "- recognizes Tishine error.
How to save

Scrap metal for remelting plants being taken to train, paying by weight. But metal in the car sometimes is much smaller than the scale shows: there can be covered with earth or sand. How to deal with it? At the St. Petersburg company "Analitpribor" for one of the companies "Severstal" Silence team developed a magnetic frame that can determine the amount of metal in a moving Vagonot.

"Analitpribor" specializes in electronics. Companies do not have enough skills to independently design, and then build a magnetic sensor 5 x 7 m. Through the Internet came to the AMT & C Silence. "Cooperation value was that they participated in the optional part of our work. In such projects, the most difficult - coupling between the sections of the project and the different contractors, "- says CEO" Analitpribor "Vladimir Kochemirovsky. However, a short time frame worked: the developers believe that it is the local people brought it down.

There are orders from other sectors. For example, for the oil company Silence is trying to find a way to deal with electromagnetic fields at a depth of several kilometers: the tube flattened under their influence. Over the past year, says a businessman, his assistants made about 200 projects for a specific customer. "There is nothing new to us, but they allow us to keep his pants" - silence explains. His dream - to run the serial product. Then appears stable incomesd.

A suitable product is the company already has. AMT & C has developed a valve for gas pipes, which can be controlled remotely. For example, the controller by means of sms can turn off gas at the entrance, if you suspect a leak. valve cost - about 5000 rubles. A trial batch of 1000 pieces of AMT & C sold in the Stavropol region. However, an attempt to enter the Moscow market fiasco. According Silence, officials expressed interest, but the project depends on the stage of implementation. "In the prefectures began to complain that there are no budgets for such facilities," - he throws up his hands. Hush trying to promote their development, together with a subsidiary of "Rosatom" of Penza - FSUE FSPC "Start". They are exploring the possibility of organizing production. "Perhaps this is the way engineering companies: to develop, and then to give a license," - says the silence. Comment representatives Forbes «Start» could not be obtained.

Another project AMT & C - drive permanent magnet. Initially, the project was designed for RZD. About 40 million rubles for this development was ready to dbe Skolkovo, the same amount - another state fund, which refers to the silence. The fund, he said, he wanted to put his man to lead the project: "We are jointly consulted and decided to give the money." But the engine found another use - they become interested in the United Aircraft Corporation. Permanent magnet motors can be installed in the chassis, which will save fuel during acceleration and maneuvering aircraft. "They have made all the necessary calculations in just a few months. It's very fast. In addition, the project produced almost entirely at his own expense, "- says the director of the Science and Technology Center KLA Vladimir Kargopoltsev. According to him, such a development is in the West and Boeing aircraft company is preparing it for serial production. However, the Russian project stalled: all calculations are ready, working on the issues of implementation.
Spot reset

And the gas valve and the motor magnets Hush calls the "bird in the hand". But there he and two "pie in the sky": the technology of point relief drugs in the body, and wireless Internet accessy way of charging electric vehicles. Money to bring these developments to the final stage, he has not yet earned.

Method managed relief medication administered to a patient will allow the required amount of the drug in the right place. "Implant put a lot, and often, these operations take place without complications. But if they are, you will have to carry out a second operation, "- says the silence. His idea - to cover the implant with a special material with the drug. If necessary, under the influence of electromagnetic fields, the magnetic material cools down, it enters into the liquid state, and the drug enters the body. The idea began to study in 2013. The doctors, who were consulted physics, technology approved. "In the world there are similar projects. But there is a drug absorbed from natural causes, and we will be able to manage the process, "- says a doctoral student of the Physics Department of Moscow State University Vladimir Zverev, who is engaged in the AMT & C this project.

In the summer of 2014 it was picked up by the composition of the material, which can be applied to the implant. The experiment proved successful in vitro. Animal experiments consentThey were to host a research laboratory experts at the Medical University. Pirogov, where most of the new drugs being tested in Russia. Physicists have identified four rats, who implanted the implants. However, instead of medication used small magnetic particles. Then, using an MRI machine reset "medicine" was produced. "The doctors said that the results of the MRI could see a positive effect," - said Zverev. According to Zverev, in the pre-clinical trials need another 10-15 million rubles.

The second technology is fantastic. Now wireless charging of batteries is possible at a short distance from the gadget. Such chargers are already selling many electronics manufacturers. Hush says that if you increase the length of the wave, and use a low frequency (not 1 GHz and 100 kHz and below), the battery can be recharged at a distance of several tens of meters. And to pump sufficient energy to recharge electric cars.

But I need an antenna length of several kilometers. "We have theoretically proved that the antenna size can be reduced to 10smoy much time ", - says the silence. In the production of antennas scientist suggests using no dielectric coating, and much more complex material, which would have, and magnetic properties, and current conduction. In addition, the electromagnetic wave is the increased length can almost lossless pass through obstacles - concrete walls, earth. The mathematical model is ready, but the silence is afraid that his ideas will embody in the West - his classmate and one of the ideologists of the project Samad Khalilov moved to Boston.

In November 2015 Tishine attracted an investor - Infrafund RVC. "We talked about his company in the" Business Russia ", they are trying to keep track of such projects," - said the head of Infrafund Alexander Loktev, the former chief editor of the newspaper "Kommersant". Negotiations on investments went almost a year. As a result, Infrafund became the owner of 10% in R & D-departments of AMT & C (for each major line Tishine registered a separate company: motors engaged LLC "Fryazino magnetic technology" for medical technology meets "Farmagei" Troitsk sit "Perspektivnye magnetic technologies and consulting ", and in Borovsk -" Magnetite "). The amount of the transaction parties not disclosed. "While we are talking about investments for specific studies," - said the silence.

Owner AMT & C was trying to find investors for their projects before: applied to the RVC Biofond of money for a medical project, and "Rosnano" offered to build a plant for the production of permanent magnets. The RVC said that the development of a point-relief medication is interesting, but after preclinical testing. "Rosnano" engaged in a long time checks, but to invest or not. "For two years we put the whole company in the third position. Wrote plans were routings. Osadochek left, and not a little "- growls silence. In "Rosnano» Forbes explained that the project has successfully passed all tests and was approved by the Scientific and Technical Council, but in the course of the examination it was found out that in China, many manufacturers of permanent magnets. "Given the commodity risk, proximity of competitors to sources of raw materials and low labor costs in China from the projectAMT & C was abandoned, "- said the press service of" RUSNANO ".

On unsuccessful collaboration with "Rosnano" Silence reminds daily road to Trinity office: a new nanotechnology center "Tehnospark" corporation opened just a kilometer from the AMT & C Headquarters. "In the evenings, there is almost no light burning in the windows," - says the silence. But he praised the imported equipment in the center - it makes the entrepreneur the details for their new devices.