Russian ministries compiled lists of officials who cannot have foreign accounts

Enforcement authorities have prepared a list of officials who are banned from keeping their money in foreign banks.
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How do I find "News", almost all federal departments and agencies have already prepared for the approval of lists of posts in the replacement of which the employee is prohibited to open and maintain accounts or deposits, store cash and valuables in foreign banks located outside Russia. Now the ban have accounts in foreign banks and use foreign financial instruments applies to deputies, the General Prosecutor's Office and the Central Bank, the management of state corporations and federal officials, who are appointed by the president or the government. Now, according to the internal order of the Ministry, in a restrictive list of advisers fall heads of departments, deputy heads, heads of departments and heads of departments. However, members of their families are allowed to have foreign accounts.

Among the criteria by which selected those who were forbidden to hold accounts abroad, were the following: employment office of the federal civil service, divided by the highest group positions; performance of duties on the post beforesees access to information of particular importance. On the basis of these criteria each agency to create your list. Interviewed by "Izvestia" representatives of the departments unanimously said that the work carried out pursuant to the March presidential decree which ordered the authorities to make a list of positions that fall under the prohibition of keeping money abroad.

- The selection of positions is made solely on the criteria named in the decree of the President, - the representatives of several executive agencies.

Almost all departments have presented the same list of posts: Assistant and Advisor to the Minister, the director of department, deputy director of department, deputy director of the Department - Head of the Department.

Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Communications indicated additionally a number of positions: deputy director of the Department - Chief Accountant, Head of the organization of activities for mobilization training and mobilization, head of the department for the protection of state secrets, and his deputy, various professionals and experts of the 1st category.

Ininpromtorga in the list of additional posts were: the chief of the security department, deputy head of the security department, the head of the department, assistant, deputy head of department, senior adviser, counselor.

Representatives of the Ministry of Justice stated the following positions: chief of staff at the European Court of Human Rights, and his deputy, the deputy chief, chief expert-specialist, leading expert-specialist and senior specialist of the 1st category of department on state secret protection department of organization and control.

- All positions on which the promotion of the Russian economy, which are produced by the strategic decisions must be clearly tracked. People who occupy these posts still need to be focused on Russia and not the external component - where they will place their assets, to teach children to treat themselves, etc. Continuation of the policy of nationalization of the elite, which began two years ago and was initiated by the ONF, in the context of the current cooling of relations with the West and the sanctions outright howlings fully justified, - said political analyst and member of the Human Rights Council Leonid Polyakov.

He also pointed out that such a measure applies only to employees, but not their families, because there is no point in creating a situation of Abraham and suspicion within the country, and it is only sensible idea protection of their interests, and not the infringement of the limitation of freedoms.

- By itself, such a mechanism is useful, and it is correct. Expansion of the list shows the progressive state action to combat corruption. The mechanism of limiting the possibility of using foreign accounts and financial arrangements in the future can be extended not only to employees but also to the next of kin, as well as adult children, - said a member of the Expert Council under the Government and the Working Group on Anti-Corruption Sergey Strelnikov.

Government since the beginning of the year took quite active for anti-corruption legislation. In February, it was prepared by a law aimed at the protection of persons reporting corruption offenses. According to the document,If a public servant or employee of a state company submits an application for a corruption offense, he provided free legal aid, guaranteed confidentiality of the submitted information and the information about his personality and prosecutors relatives and employer. In addition, protection against dismissal provided for 3 years after the application of a corruption violation. The law also provides for the possibility of payment of material compensation in the event that transmission of reports of corruption offenses allowed to prevent damage to the state or municipal treasury. The amount of remuneration is 5-15% of the amount of damage avoided.

Over the past 2 years after the ban on foreign bank accounts are a number of public servants on their own or a decision the country's leadership resigned from their posts or transferred all of its assets in Russia. For example, a State Duma deputy from the "United Russia" billionaire Anatoly Lomakin (his fortune was estimated at $ 1.2 billion) just passed the mandate. Just postupil his colleague Vladimir Pekhtin, who was accused in the presence of undeclared property in the United States. At the last seminar in January-meeting for heads of subjects of the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov raised the issue of anti-corruption work of the authorities. He noted that half of income declarations of high-ranking officials in the past year, including the governor, found discrepancies. Some declarations had not contains the information about the presence of foreign real estate or other assets.