Russian pensioners lost 100 billion rubles

These losses affected both "silent" people and those citizens who decided to change their NPFs.
For three years, citizens who decided ahead of time to transfer their pension savings from the fund to the fund, lost more than 100 billion rubles. investment income. Most of all the money was lost "silent", who decided to move ahead of schedule to APF. However, citizens who decided to change APF to another fund, lost about 40 billion rubles. Deprivation of investment income was conceived in due time as a penalty measure, which was supposed to keep citizens from too frequent changing the fund, but this mechanism does not work, market participants state.

The Accounts Chamber (JV) on Thursday, July 12, released its data on the citizens' loss of income from investing pension savings in the event of early change of the fund. According to the JV, these losses exceeded 80 billion rubles. Following the results of the 2015-2016 transition campaign, citizens who decided to transfer their accumulations from the Pension Fund to the Pension Fund of Russia (RPF) or other APF early on, lost 19 billion rubles. During the same two years, the "silent", who transferred to the APF, lost 29.4 billion rubles. According to the results of the 2017 campaign, during the transition from the Pension Fund to the APF, "early" people lost 33.8 billion rubles. investment income.

"Thus, according to information available to the Chamber of Accounts, the lost revenue amounted to 82.217 billion rubles." - said the representative of the joint venture, recognizing that the data of the supervisory authority for 2017 are incomplete: there is insufficient data on the citizens who transferred the savings from the APF. The source of Kommersant, who is familiar with the documents of the joint venture, claims that these losses amount to another 20.7 billion rubles. Analytical Service of the Association of APF (ANPF) estimated them in the amount of 27 billion rubles.
In any case, the total loss by citizens of investment income on pension savings for 2015-2017 exceeds 100 billion rubles.

According to the norms of the law effective from 2015, a citizen can change the insurer every five years without losing the income received from investing savings. In case of an early transition, the income goes to the reserve for compulsory pension insurance (RPSA).

Most of its funds were lost by former clients of the FIU, who decided to stop being "silent." However, NPF clients were also deprived of impressive amounts. So, in 2015-2016, the biggest losses were received by citizens from the transition from SPF Sberbank - 553.3 thousand people lost 3.6 billion rubles. investment income. For two years 495.1 thousand former clients of the non-state pension fund RGS lost 1.9 billion rubles. Out of this time, 196.1 thousand former clients of the Pension Fund "VTB Pension Fund" lost 1.7 billion rubles. And 354.8 thousand people who left the fund "KIT Finance" (last year it was a part of NPF "Gazfond Pension savings"), did not carry with them 1.6 billion rubles. Losses of former clients of the NPF of the electric power industry (925.6 million rubles) and "Safmar" (662.8 million rubles) were also great. "The analysis of the funds' registers showed that customers who passed ahead of schedule from our NPFs to other funds lost 1.9 billion rubles (in 2017 - Kommersant). investdohoda, "- said earlier a representative of the pension division of the group" Safmar "(it includes the eponymous NPF and the fund" Trust ").

At the same time, the funds listed - in addition to APF Sberbank and "VTB Pension Fund" - there was a reduction in outflows of the client base, and therefore, their loss of investment income. However, this was due not to the manifestation of a more sensitive attitude of citizens to a possible loss of investment income. A number of private foundations began to actively take measures to protect the client base in 2016, in particular, they used the practice of filing repeated applications of clients about the transfer of pension savings that blocked the transfer of a citizen (see "Kommersant" on April 20). "The Accounting Chamber has repeatedly drawn attention to the existence of risks of falsification of both the transfer applications and agreements with NPFs signed on behalf of the insured persons," the representative of the supervisory authority said.

The amounts of investment income lost by citizens due to the early change of the fund contribute to the accelerated formation of the RPSA of non-state pension funds and the FIU. The RPFR of the FIU at the end of the first quarter was 121.4 billion rubles. According to the reports of the ten largest NPFs working with savings, their RPS at the end of 2017 was 43.2 billion rubles. As experts pointed out earlier, the prospects for using these funds for the benefit of future pensioners are not obvious (see "Kommersant" on June 15).

"The ineffectiveness of the mechanism introduced to limit citizens' transit over time has become understandable for a long time: it does not prevent early transitions (according to the results of the transitional campaign of the previous year, 99.6%, or 5.8 million citizens, applied for the early transfer of savings, B "). Therefore, the mechanism should be canceled at least now - before the introduction of a new pension system, "says Pavel Mitrofanov, Managing Director of Expert RA. "Branch self-regulating organizations together with the Central Bank should find a solution to this problem in the transitional stage - before the new standards come in," said Yevgeny Yakushev, executive director of Safmar.