Russian pensioners of the Boris Mints Foundation are in a Cyprus offshore

Rossiyum Concern Roman Avdeev sold debts to the future financial group, which includes non-state pension funds Future, Education and Telecom-Soyuz.
Non-government pension funds (APFs) of O1 Group owner Boris Mints can be transferred to the control of Cyprus Riverstretch Trading & Investments (RT & I). Concern "Rossium" sold her a loan, which laid the pension funds. Offshore has already proved to be a player with a strong negotiating position, experts say. At the same time, the Group of Companies "Region" is connected to the management of the funds of the funds, which was associated with RT & I.

Concern Rossium sold the loan, pledged by 75% plus one share of the financial group (FG) "Future", uniting NPF "Future", "Education" and "Telecom-Soyuz". The buyer was the Cypriot offshore company Riverstretch Trading & Investments. This deal was reported by two sources, "Kommersant", close to the concern and the ICD, the majority shareholder of which is Rossium. The concern declined to comment.

In February 2015, O1 Group - the majority shareholder of FG "Future" - took a loan in the IBC for € 106 million, and then in June of the same year, another - by 9 billion rubles. The shares of the NPF "Future" and "Telecom-Soyuz" became pledge. In March 2016, the loan was taken by FG ​​"The Future" - also against the pledge of shares of NPF "Future" and purchased securities of NPF "Uralsib". Then all the pledges were transformed into pledge of shares of FG "Future". When disclosing information on the sale of O1 Group, its debt to the IBC was set at about 25 billion rubles. ("B-Online" on March 5). At the same time, the owner of Rossium, Roman Avdeev, said in an interview with Kommersant that the concern purchased a loan from the bank, and RT & I was hired for further work with the debt (see "Kommersant" on March 20).

The total assets of the funds included in the FY "Future" amounted to 345 billion rubles at the end of the first quarter. The clients of APF are more than 5 million people. FY held an IPO in autumn 2016. Its capitalization at the end of the trading day of Thursday was 15.7 billion rubles.

Boris Mintz was ready to give away his funds last winter and held consultations on this in the Central Bank. It was about sanation NPF, says one of the interlocutors "Kommersant". In spring, according to Reuters, O1 Group was still looking for buyers (see "Ъ-Online" on March 23). Negotiations were conducted with Sberbank, the group "Alor", undergoing a reorganization under the aegis of the Central Bank by the bank "FC Otkritie", the concern "Rossium" and the IBC, as well as by the group of NPF "Blagosostoyanie". However, all the applicants refused.

Now FG "Future" passes under the control of the structures working with Rosneft Oil Company, three sources of Kommersant close to the financial group and Boris Mints insist. "Operational control is still with the previous owners. The transfer is difficult, "one of the interlocutors of Kommersant said.

In early May, NPF "Future", "Education" and "Telecom-Soyuz" entered into trust management agreements with CC "Region Trust" (included in GC Region). the newspaper RBC linked RT & I with GC Region, but the group told Kommersant that they had nothing to do with offshore. At the same time, the "Region" works closely with Rosneft, including managing pension funds of its NPFs, arranging the placements of its bonds, and participating in a number of companies together with the Oil Company. At the same time, the GC "Region" was assured that the group "has nothing to do with Rosneft." "No one has ever addressed Mr. Mintz or his structures to us with any proposals for the sale of his assets. There is no interest in acquiring these structures from the NK, and it can not be, "Rosneft spokesman Mikhail Leontiev told Kommersant.

FG "Future" and O1 Group did not respond to the request of "b". The Central Bank did not clarify whether the regulator coordinated the change of the beneficiary of the funds. I could not contact RT & I.

As the managing director of "Expert RA" Pavel Mitrofanov notes, "the transfer of debt to a player with a strong negotiating position is similar to the assistance of the ICB and Rossiu." Judging by the latest developments, in particular, on technical defaults of companies associated with O1 Group, there is nothing to pay the borrower for a loan issued by the IBC and transferred to Rossium. " Indeed, the offshore RT & I has already proved to be a strong player. In 2016, he bought back from Sberbank debt of the founder of Don-system Maxim Blazhko for $ 275 million. And at the end of 2017, after the arrest of Mr. Blazhko, RT & I received a shopping and entertainment complex "Pike" under the agreement with the borrower (see "" from 16 November 2017). "The transfer of funds of Boris Mintz to a new financially stable owner can be regarded as positive news, as this can be a kind of sanation. The main thing is for the new owner to decide on the development strategy of the funds - they will become the object of consolidation or continue to work as independent players, "believes Yury Nogin, director of the rating group for financial institutions ACRA.