"Russian platinum" was taken in good part in Norilsk

The Kremlin lobbied Musa Bazhaev's business in previously Norilsk. The taxes of his busines group are waited for in the city budget.
In "Russian platinum" Musa Bazhaev may see the first ally in Norilsk, where the group managed to win at the city-forming field of MMC "Norilsk Nickel". Local authorities have decided that the city budget does not interfere with another donor, and, according to unofficial information, promised "Russian platinum" to help in solving problems with the infrastructure. But the same officials will not be enough for this - "Norilsk Nickel" has the right not to share their transport and energy facilities.

In the administration of Norilsk was a meeting with representatives of local authorities of MMC "Norilsk Nickel" and the group "Russian platinum" Musa Bazhaev, the results of which should be concluded a memorandum of understanding yesterday news agencies reported, citing sources. The fact that the meeting confirmed "Kommersant" assistant head of the administration of Norilsk Alexei Ruzhnikova. Company declined to comment.

One of the sources of "Kommersant" said that the initiator of the meeting was Mayor Oleg KURILOV (Norilsk Mayor is elected from among the local deputies, appointed by the head of administration for a total ofAm competition), worked in the "Norilsk Nickel" 21 years, and with the leadership of the "Russian platinum" has not yet been met. Meanwhile, the group has become the first in many years, really an alternative investor in the region. In April 2011, she bought the company "Montenegro GRK", and in June 2012 won the competition for deposits of Norilsk-1, which is a year after unsuccessfully trying to fight off the "Norilsk Nickel". The group promises to invest $ 1.2 billion in the Montenegrin and 78 billion rubles. ($ 2.4 billion) - in the Norilsk-1. But in the region as it met only opposition, for example, can not get land acquisition for the construction of the road to the Montenegrin - in the autumn of 2012 received land rent "Norilsk Nickel".

At the meeting, the source said "b", just questions of land allocation were discussed (for example, through the re-registration of lease rights) and "a number of aspects of the work at Norilsk-1". The parties agreed that the group will give the mayor's office the documents for resolving the issue. "After the recognition of the rights of" Russian platinum "in the Norilsk-1, local authorities, it seems, saw in it the real investors and invited to discuss filling the city budget", - singingsnyaet "Kommersant" source. According to him, traditionally loyal to the MMC authorities now want to support them not only the "Norilsk Nickel". Norilsk budget in 2013 planned deficit (1 billion rubles.), The projected deficit is not yet 1.18 billion rubles in 2014 approved budget.

In the "Norilsk Nickel" explain that the company charges account for about 90% share of taxes in the budget of Norilsk and about 30% - in the budget of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In 2012, MMC has listed the city of 4 billion rubles, the edge -. 31.9 billion rubles. According to a source familiar with the calculations of "Russian platinum", the general deductions from the development of Montenegrin and Norilsk-1 should amount to 22 billion rubles. in year. Partner of law firm "Pepeliaev Group" Marina Ivlieva indicates that Norilsk budget is classified as urban district budget and is filled mainly by intergovernmental transfers. Rate deductions "Russian platinum" in the budget of Norilsk, according to the lawyer, it is impossible, as the size and type of inter-budget transfers determine the regional authorities in the preparation and approval of its budget.

Oleg Peter and Paul from the BCSitaet that the start of negotiations with officials of "Russian platinum" is dictated not only the economy but also in politics - "signal" was to be the Kremlin's position, supported by a group in the conflict over the Norilsk-1. Another thing, says analyst will the "Russian Platinum" MMC agree with the use of its infrastructure (port of Dudinka, energy power and so. D.). MMC is an infrastructure monopoly in the city, but is not obliged to give access to power if she uses it to 100%, the analyst says. Sources "Kommersant" in July said that Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich at a meeting with the head of MMC Vladimir Potanin and Musa Bazhaev offered to create a joint venture to Norilsk-1. But as long as there is no progress in negotiations.