Russian Post showed terrible financial results

Russian Post under the talented management of Dmitry Strashnov had its net profit reduced by two times. 
In the first nine months of this year, "Russian Post" 2.3 times reduced the net profit - figure amounted to 1.2 billion rubles. Revenue - 119.7 billion rubles. Without unnecessary embarrassment representatives of the postal operator announced that interim results "above expectations". Laurels for the absolute "success", of course, belong to the head of Federal State Unitary Enterprise - Dmitry Strashnova.

Reduced profit "Russian Post" explained the implementation of a large-scale program to increase wages, which was launched late last year. According to the postal operator for the passed period to increase the salaries of employees were sent about 5.2 billion rubles. Another 6 billion rubles should "migrate" into the salary fund before the end of 2016.

You can guess which part of the staff of the FSUE thanks to this program, most notably to improve their welfare. After all precedents have already been. It is worth remembering how last year's "Mail" sent more than 600 million rubles for the FSUE Award - apparently for shock work. The desire to encourage diligent managers interested in the Chamber of Accounts, which is asked to check the cost "almost" the deputy of the State Duma of the sixth convocation Andrei Krutov. In its request, Mr. Krutov said that hundreds of millions of public institutions went to award its top management, whereas in 2014 state subsidies "Mail of Russia" exceeded the net profit of the company was 4.5 times!

"I asked the Accounting Chamber to consider this behavior of state-owned enterprises - as far as its performance is combined with such rewards. Why is reducing investment in infrastructure by a third, they decided to spend the money on bonuses, not to modernize the post offices, "- said the parliamentarian.

But Mr Strashnova optimism can only envy, because this year, "Mail of Russia" is determined to finish with a net profit! Immediately "postal" reminded "that the net profit for last year amounted to 1.6 billion rubles and increased thus by 28%. However, when in 2013, Dmitry scary headed operator FSUE still poured billions of budgetary subsidies. For example, in the same size in 2013 state subsidies amounted to 2.5 billion rubles!

Of course, in 2015, "Russian Post" loudly boasted that the first time in 10 years, the company, excluding a net profit of state. All this is certainly commendable, but the break-even was achieved exclusively by reducing operating costs. And hundreds of millions of premium leadership of FSUE "slightly" skewing the impression of the management of Mr. Strashnova triumph ...

Offshore parcels

During 3.5 years of management "Mail of Russia", Mr. frightening for some unknown reason, not bothered asking why the operator actually enmeshed in a network of offshore companies? Although in 2013 Russian President Vladimir Putin made a Federal State Unitary Enterprise in the list of strategic enterprises! In particular, the postal operator is working with the company "Interregional Agency subscriptions" (MAP). How do I find activists "of the Popular Front for more than 10 years of subscription function were transferred to it" Interregional Agency subscriptions. " The problem is that a number of offshore companies has been on the founders of this company. In particular, we are talking about the founders of the second stage, in which the prisoners of the Cyprus offshore company "UPS Holdings Limited" and registered in the British Virgin Islands international business company "Otranto Kommyunikeyshns, Ltd.".

According to the "soldiers", concentrated all the "signature" means for MAP accounts - more than 3.8 billion rubles. In short, in the distribution of state subsidies to the owners involved with offshore companies ... Not only that such cooperation should be avoided. When it comes to strategic enterprises, but the scheme has directly violated the declared policy of Vladimir Putin, the exclusion of offshore companies linked to state corporations, public procurement and state contract process.

History with a subscription ONF activists interested in for a simple reason: "veterans" found out the reasons for the rise in prices for subscription and delivery of printed materials ranged from 30 to 90%, instead of the promised 25%. Experts do not rule out that such a "cheat" can be directly related to the fact that the "surplus" quietly funneling the accounts of offshore companies in Cyprus. Information about it was terrible completely got rid of offshore companies in the "Mail of Russia" can not be found ...

"Mail" of all trades

The head of the postal operator Dmitry scary has long been no secret that actively trying to turn the "Mail of Russia" in anything but good service for sending and delivery of mail and parcels. First, Mr. Strashnov announced course for the conversion of branches in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "convenience stores". this year Detom state enterprise has entered into trade agreements with major distributors of tobacco products in Russia - SNA and "Megapolis" companies.

We benefited from this primarily distributors themselves. After all, they have access to the widest distribution network - the "Mail of Russia" 42 thousand branches across the country. Good infrastructure for the marketing of ready-made units received Russian British American Tobacco (SNA distributes their products), and Philip Morris, Japan Tobacco International and Imperial Tobacco (distributor of "Megapolis"). This can be called the victory "of tobacco lobbyists."

Here only it is doubtful that such "bonuses" tobacco companies could get "to everybody for free" ... Against this background, an optimistic assessment of "almost" fallen guidance on indicators of profit looks out of place. Division operator fit for sale that only you like, but for some reason the money is not added.
But where Mr. Scary is not spared investment, so it is in the newly created "Post Bank"!

Only this year, "Post Bank", which, incidentally, was created on the initiative of the head of state-owned enterprises, to spend on advertising and marketing 1.2 billion rubles! in this way. the cost of "public relations" of the bank, compared to last year will increase twice - in 2015 for this purpose the bank has spent 667 million rubles. The Bank is actively looking for "people." For example, in 2016 "invested" in the advertisements with actor Sergei Garmash, costing astronomical 110 million rubles (at the money you can withdraw is not just a movie - a small series) as the distributed money among themselves actors and other "interested" parties, no one knows .

Experts believe it is likely that the "Post Bank" will suffer the fate of all financial institutions, where at one time actively withdrawal. After all, most "Mail of Russia" does not cease "raspilnye" scandals. A year ago, in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise was found the next diagram the actual theft of funds SOEs. Customers who ordered the delivery of parcels by plane, received them with a considerable delay. Later I found out the reason - "aviaposylki" sent actually trains and steamships, while in "pockets" hurry up "Mail" of employees went up to 30% of the cost services.

As it turned out, international parcels, paid for the flights, "Russian Post" regularly sends by land or sea! The result of this is a significant delay. But most importantly, employees take mail that a substantial part of the money for postage. The result: customers instead of the promised 2-7 days waiting for 1.5-2 months, and have paid for the delivery of premium rate actually "throw money". No luck "Post Bank" and with the members of the Supervisory Board. At least with the current Minister of Communications of the Russian Federation Nikolai Nikiforov.

In 2015, Mr. Minister landed in the center of the banking scandal that came to light that the 1.5 billion grant his department intended for IT-city Innopolis, it was found on the bank "Ak Bars" accounts. The bank is rumored affiliated with Nikiforov and with simple but questionable from the point of view of the legality of the scheme was about 40 million rubles of dividends. Mr. Minister, at least in public, not a word has expressed his indignation: Why is 1.5 billion rubles were working all the time on the beneficiaries of "Ak Bars", and not the state.

Amid all the scandals, bonuses for management, offshore schemes falling profits "Mail of Russia" does not cause much surprise. Strangely another: why fascinated banking Dmitry Strashnova not become a banker, time management is "almost" he frankly did not ask?