Russian scientist, who worked for the navy, was killed in prison

The entrepreneur Valery Pshenichny, who worked on submarines like "Varshavianka", was tortured, raped and then killed in the cell of SIZO No. 4 in St. Petersburg.
The figurant of the embezzlement case at the Ministry of Defense during the construction of a submarine at the Admiralty Shipyards Valery Pshenichny did not die from refusal of medical assistance. He did not take care of himself. He was not tortured by conditions of detention, as is practiced with other prisoners. He was simply tortured, and then killed. And they did not even try to hide the tracks. Specialists of the Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination (St. Petersburg Bashkir State Medical University) made an unambiguous conclusion, deleting the version of suicide.

On the strange death of an entrepreneur in SIZO-4 in St. Petersburg, "New" wrote in February. Recall that Valery Pshenichny was accused in a criminal case of embezzling money at the state defense order - the construction of the Varshavyanka submarine. His company "Novit PRO" is developing a three-dimensional computer model of a boat for post-sales service. In 2016, Pshenichny, the owner of the company, suspected his partner and director Andrei Petrov in multi-million theft of money from the firm's accounts and got a criminal case. Petrova was arrested. After spending several months in custody, he gave evidence: the perpetrators of the theft were Pshenichny himself and an employee of the Admiralty Shipyards, deputy. Chief Engineer Gleb Emelchenkov. Allegedly they conspired and deliberately overstated the cost of the order. And how much it should cost in fact, determined the investigation, based on their own calculations.

Petrov was released, and new suspects were arrested. Three weeks later, Pshenichny was found hanged in a cell, from which his neighbors were simultaneously taken out under various pretexts. FSIN insisted on the version of suicide, and close businessmen until recently accused the jailers that Pshenichny had a stroke, but he was not helped.

Last week, forensic examination was completed. Now you can restore the picture of what happened.

"Only do not pay anything to anyone"

Valery Pshenichnyi shared the cell with three other prisoners. At about 1400 hours on February 5, two were taken to investigative activities, the third to a meeting with a lawyer. According to video surveillance, in 15 minutes from the camera brought Pshenichny. He did not leave the building of the SIZO. How much time he was absent, where he was, in what condition and with whom he returned to the cell - is unknown. But at five o'clock the escort brought his neighbor and found the prisoner hanged. Nearby lay a torn cord from the boiler and a shredded sneaker of one of the cellmates. Employees of the detention center explained all this in the following way: the prisoner tried to open the veins with the instep stopper from the sneaker, but he could not, tore off the cable and wanted to kill himself with an electric shock, and then pulled out the shoe from the hood of the sweatshirt and hanged himself.

The cord from the hood was 40 centimeters long. Hang on this impossible. And everyone who knew Pshenichny, unanimously affirm: the last thing that this strong and cheerful person could do is to surrender and commit suicide.

"My husband and I were together for 40 years, - says Natalia Pshenichnaya. - I've never met another equally smart, bright, strong, positive person. He was confident in himself, in his position, he knew that he was innocent, and was not afraid of anything. "

The criminal case was initiated under the article on bringing to suicide. And then rumors started spreading around the SIZO: all the employees took sperm for analysis.

Forensic doctors found that before his death Pshenichny was raped. The marks from the electric trauma, which was then applied by the cord from the boiler, were found in his mouth. On the body - cut and stab wounds. The spine is broken. Simply put, he was tortured. The cause of death experts call a dull neck trauma and asphyxia. The version is as follows: Wheaten was strangled with a 40-centimeter cord from his own hood. The analysis showed that the employees of the SIZO did not rape themselves. Most likely, someone was launched from the side to "work" with Pshenichny.

Before the death, he managed to give his wife a note in which he asked three times: "Do not pay anything to anyone."

Russian Ilon Mask

The work, to which Pshenichny, in the opinion of the investigation, overstated the price, was absolutely unique. Nobody else in the world has done this before. In the future, this could give new opportunities not only for shipbuilding, but, say, for oil and gas companies.

The company "Novit Pro" was negotiating with Gazprom and Rosneft for similar developments. Friends called Wheaten Russian Ilona Mask.

"Once he came to Leningrad to enter the institute with a small suitcase," Natalia Pshenichnaya continues. - He did not have anything. In his life no one helped him, he only tried everything himself. "

A student with a small suitcase eventually became the owner of a large IT company. It occupies two floors in a building on the corner of the Moika embankment and Palace Square and has been carrying out state defense orders for many years.

One of the dizzying ideas of Pshenichny was the same three-dimensional information model of the submarine. He conceived it in 2011, after visiting the Naval Salon. The company "Novit PRO" has already carried out orders of the Ministry of Defense on the model of separate units and mechanisms of ships. But the virtual layout of the entire boat - this was not done by anybody. For each element of the computer model, technical information is tied, technologists at the site of the dislocation of the boat can access the repair documentation and drawings. But this was not going to patent Wheaten.

The contract was signed in 2015. But then Wheaten went even further in his ideas: what if we made it possible to make a boat and repair it remotely? After all, no one knows at what distance from the building factory it will need maintenance, and specialists who are able to do this, only in St. Petersburg - at the "Admiralty Shipyards". So the idea of ​​mobile centers arose.

The mobile data center for Varshavianka is a room the size of two stacked railway containers. It can be quickly delivered to any location of the boat. The technologist of the nearest plant goes there - and it appears as if inside a submarine. He can "cut" it in any place, look into each node, in real time, contact the specialists of the "Admiralty Shipyards" who see the same picture as he did in the stationary center in St. Petersburg. At the price of the contract this idea was not affected, her Pshenichny decided to implement, fitting in the approved amount. He was interested.

Wheat was planning to patent the idea of ​​mobile centers. But did not have time: on January 16, a search was made to the company and to his home, he was arrested. Three weeks later they were killed. All the documentation, including those necessary for the patent, was seized and attached to the case, now it is with the investigators.

"Now you only grave a meter for two"

"When they came home to us with a search, these people looked at the husband's suits in the closet - and immediately they say:" Well, you will never need this again, "says Natalia Pshenichnaya. "The investigator said that now he will only need a grave measuring two meters in size."

Several years ago Wheat suffered a stroke. Then the doctor said that the second attack would be the last. During the search, his pressure jumped: 250 to 140. The wife begged the investigator to call an ambulance, but she was not allowed. They asked only if she could confirm that he really was facing a stroke. Natalia found medical documents and handed it over to the investigator. As they say, and Pshenichny's lawyer Larisa Fon-Arev, these documents were not mentioned in the search protocol. Moreover, in the court regarding the choice of a preventive measure, the defense asked for home arrest or a written undertaking not to leave the place, referring to the health of the accused, but it turned out that the medical documents seized during the search were not attached to the case.

What happened to Wheat in prison - is unclear. That is, it is understandable that he was tortured, and then killed and did not even bother to hide the tracks, deciding to get rid of the lies about suicide.

What did they want from Pshenichny? Perhaps extorted money, because three times, he repeated, wrote to his wife, so that no one paid anything. Maybe - the testimony, but then it is not clear, against whom. As already reported, "New", Wheaty with all the desire could not surrender someone, because he was confident in the purity of the contract. And to this day in the case of embezzlement of new defendants did not appear.