Russian Strategic Missile Forces named after Kolomoisky

Oligarch and the governor Igor Kolomoisky essentially cancelled the prohibition of the Ukrainian government for the continuation of the military and technical cooperation with Russia.
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Today it said Moscow "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", the journalists who apparently know the details of a memorandum of cooperation signed by the general director of "Yuzhmash" Sergei Voight and odious Ukrainian oligarch. The memorandum was issued in March, but then in the information on it to lift the embargo did not say anything.

Recall that Yuzhmash experts carry out supervision over the heavy intercontinental ballistic missile RS-20 (NATO classification SS-18). These 200-ton low vulnerability to missile missiles are in service with the Strategic Missile Forces of Russia and still form the basis of its strategic nuclear missile potential. Pivdenmash also involved the extension of the service life of these missiles. In addition, plant engineers service output alerting the RS-20, which are used under the brand "Dnepr" for commercial satellite launches from the cosmodrome in Russia and Kazakhstan (Baikonur).

Permanently residing in Geneva, the owner of the group "Privat" Igor Kolomoisky, appointed in early March, the governor of Dnipropetrovsk region, positioned in KeyEve, and in Moscow, as "the enemy" and personally Russian President Vladimir Putin. On the eve of Russian troops in the Crimea Kolomoisky he made an offensive statement to the Russian leader, after which Putin twice "rode" on the Ukrainian oligarch, calling it "a crook". This was followed by the actual defeat of the supervisory authorities of the Russian Federation "daughter" Ukrainian "PrivatBank" - MoskomprivatBank.

After joining the Crimea to Russia, 337 Crimean branches "Privatbank" froze the accounts of inhabitants of the peninsula, stopped service and refused to transfer the Russian Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) lists of bank customers to make payments and recovery of debts on loans. In late April, the DIA has exposed all Crimean estate "Privat" for sale, and Kolomoisky, meanwhile, armed with his own money self-defense battalion "Dnepr", "prescribed" in Dnepropetrovsk headquarters "Right sector" and announced a reward for anyone caught "Russian saboteur" in the amount of from 5 to 12 thousand dollars. Moreover, the oligarch jokingly suggested as $ 100million for the "Putin's head."

Against this background, many expected that Kolomoisky "avenge" Russian blockade Yuzhmash. Moreover, in March at a meeting with the heads of Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Zaporozhye regions and the leaders focused on Russian defense enterprises Jarema Deputy Prime Minister admitted that "Western partners" need to stop cooperation with the Russian Federation in the defense sphere. I am waiting for this, and the Russian Foreign Ministry, said in April that, according to him, is preparing the sale of missile technology plant (according to some reports, Turkey).

It seemed that the oligarchs who bankroll noted on May 2 in Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk "ultras" and mercenaries fighting against the militia of Donbass, take the opportunity to annoy Russia. And Moscow even made a preemptive move, proposing the creation of Ukrainian military engineers all conditions for moving to the Russian Federation.

According to Ukrainian bloggers, Kolmoyskogo mercenaries entered the secret space management have requested a full list of employees "Yuzhmash" and "Southern" - from workers to engineers and designers, with the obligatory indication of domestic Adreowls and family members. At the same time they secretly promised to "send to concentration camps" each family Dnepropetrovsk raketostroitelya, even tried to go to work in Russia.

However, it is now clear that not all Kolomoisky action could be interpreted as "place in Moscow." Under the provisions of the memorandum referred to above, the State Administration takes care of all the political issues relating Yuzhmash, and will facilitate thecreation of a factory politicized industrial area. Pivdenmash "will provide assistance in the suppression of unauthorized entry into the territory of the plant, if necessary with the assistance of the territorial militia."

During the March visit Kolomoisky at Pivdenmash general manager recycling project intercontinental missile RS-20B by means of launching Alec Silkin said that in June, one starting from the Russian base, "Clear" will put into orbit the Spanish satellite, the UK, the Netherlands , Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Japan, South Korea, USA, Canada and other countries. According to him, there are no difficulties in the implementation of the InternNo one program. "All documents between customers and the Russian side, which is the owner of the PC -20B missiles have long subscribed We normally work quietly in the framework of intergovernmental economic agreements also from all the countries participating in the project made necessary supplies ..", - Said Silkin.

"For today's Ukraine is something difficult - says NG -. Kolomoisky one of the main sponsors of the Maidan, but with its memorandum it ensures the maintenance of strategic nuclear forces, like he hated Russia.".

Experts suggest that Kolomoisky is trying to prevent a strike of thousands of employees "Yuzhmash" Yuzhnoye SDO and which may join the ranks of the pro-Russian protesters, or, in the event of the collapse of Ukraine, prepares a base for external relations of the future "Dnepropetrovsk Duchy of" Private ".

Ukrainian expert Alexei Blyumin offers "not to be confused chatter in the media with a real business." Kolomoisky, received in the management of Dnipropetrovsk region, especially a businessman, he said. & Quot; He even public relations at the pump gasoline Ukrainian army units reportedly at his own expense had a financial advantage, - Blyumin notes. - So that nationalism has nothing to do with it, the oligarchs will trade with those with whom profitable. "

Whatever it was, "training to repel nuclear attacks", held recently in the presence of Vladimir Putin, colleagues CSTO looks juicy, considering who controls the technical condition of taking off beautifully on the screen of MS-20.