Russian taxpayers will pay for the developer-professor Alexander Dolgin

The completion of the bankrupt Urban Group in the Moscow region will require at least 59 billion rubles, of which 14.5 billion will be allocated by the federal budget. The owner of the company managed to escape to the UK.
More than 8 thousand equity holders of the bankrupt Urban Group - the largest developer of the Moscow region - have already filed an application with claims for the previously purchased housing from the company. To complete the construction of all the facilities of the developer will require 59 billion rubles. The federal budget will allocate 14.6 billion rubles.

Issuance of notifications on the inclusion of interest holders of the bankrupt developer outside the Urban Group in the register of requirements for the transfer of residential premises began on Monday. This was reported by the court-approved bankruptcy administrator Svetlana Agliniskiene. According to her, about 8,500 applications from equity holders have now been accepted, 120 construction participants are included in the register. The notice is a legitimate document, confirming the validity of the claims of the holders on the future living space, Mrs. Agliniškienė stressed. Earlier it was reported that the bankrupt developer has about 19.5 thousand participants in the shared construction.

The receiver shall review the shareholder's demand within 30 working days from the date of application. After that, the holders can receive the original notice in the center where the documents were handed over. Apply for a bankruptcy law within three months of the publication of the notice of bankruptcy - until October 21, 2018.

In July the Moscow Region Arbitration Court instituted bankruptcy proceedings in Urban Group's developer companies - "Your City", "Ivastroy", "Highgate", "Continent Project", "Ecoquarter" - for one year. Completion of the construction of facilities is provided by a "road map" to restore the rights of citizens participating in shared construction in multi-apartment buildings of the Urban Group, approved by the government.

Completion of residential buildings and social facilities Urban Group will require an investment of 59 billion rubles. This is stated in the financial and economic justification for the draft government resolution on the approval of the rules for granting subsidies to the Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens Participating in Shared Construction from the Government's Reserve Fund. The federal government will assume obligations in the amount of 14.6 billion rubles, which corresponds to 50% of the financing gap for the completion of the construction of apartment buildings for which contributions to the fund have not been paid. Last week, the fund said that houses for 2,5 thousand equity holders of the Urban Group will be completed by the end of 2018.