Russians in Paradise Papers

The list includes Shuvalov's wife, Abramovich, a classmate of Putin and two deputies.
As a result of the leakage of 13.4 million documents from Appleby, one of the world's largest firms providing offshore legal services, the names of hundreds of thousands of offshore beneficiaries around the world became known. In the archive there are well-known citizens of Russia. Who are they?

Roman Abramovich
Russian businessman, owner of the Chelsea football club

For several years Appleby lawyers conducted the affairs of Russia Forest Products (Bermuda), which controlled the largest timber holding of the Far East - RFP. In August 2008, Roman Abramovich tried to acquire more than a third of Russian Forest Products (Bermuda) for $ 168 million. "Mr. Abramovich is the only beneficiary of Zephros Trust, which owns all shares of Minden Worldwide Limited, which buys 31.17% of [RFP]," was explained in the request sent by Appleby to the Bermuda Currency Department. The authorities had to approve the deal, but an unusual problem arose - the prospective beneficiary was required to fill out a special compliance questionnaire.

Among other issues in this "Personal Declaration" was this: "Have you ever been the object of judicial or other official investigation?" Abramovich replied "no", despite the fact that, as Kommersant reported, in 1992 he was a figurant of the criminal case on the use of forged documents to steal 55 railroad tank cars with diesel fuel.

This mistake caused a lot of trouble to Appleby employees, follows from their correspondence: "The deal was blocked at the last moment, the monetary authorities of Bermuda decided that they would not consent to the acquisition by Roman Abramovich of beneficial ownership. <...> Unfortunately, he incorrectly answered one of the important questions. <...> This led to the fact that they demanded that we conduct additional due diligence or withdraw the application. We chose the second one. <...> In the BVI (British Virgin Islands - DV) such problems are unlikely to arise. "

In Appleby found a great solution: if the Bermuda regulator shows principledness, then you can choose a different jurisdiction, where the authorities are more accommodating. At the same time, judging by the correspondence, the same "Personal Declaration" by Roman Abramovich went to the Virgin Islands with the same answer to the question of problems with the law. But lawyers Appleby were right: soon the British Virgin Products (BVI) appeared on the British Virgin Islands.

Vladimir Blotsky
deputy of the State Duma from the "Communist Party"

In the archive there are several documents about the accounts of the Uruguayan company Blackfil S.A. Vladimir Blotsky is listed as the director of this firm, and his father and wife are related persons. The reports are dated 2006, there are no more relevant documents in the archive.

The company of the same name - Blackfil SA Ltd - operates in the Czech Republic. Since 2006, it belonged to Blotsky, but last year, less than a week before the Duma elections, was rewritten on the father of the deputy - Nikolai Blotsky.

In his pre-election declaration, Vladimir Blotsky indicated 329 million rubles of annual income from participation in several enterprises, but foreign companies are not mentioned there.

Nikolay Egorov
lawyer, founder of the law firm "Egorov, Afanasyev, Puginsky and Partners"

Nikolai Yegorov, a classmate of Vladimir Putin, is one of the most influential Russian lawyers.

In 2015, Egorov acquired a 20% stake in the Antipinsky Refinery (ANPZ), the largest private oil refinery in Russia. This transaction was previously written by RBC, and Appleby files help to supplement the picture. Since all 100% of ANPZ shares were pledged to Sberbank for a loan of 1.8 billion dollars, the transaction required the approval of the bank. Nikolai Yegorov's representative asked Appleby to help with the wording: "The tasks are as follows: (1) describe the mechanism for transferring shares with the details necessary for the bank's calmness and (2) to do it quite broadly, so that we can adhere to it," the letter said.

The 20% stake was transferred from Vikay Industrial Limited Dmitry Mazurov (founder of the ANPZ) to the Seychelles MainProjects Corporation. A special clause in the document obliged MainProjects to self-liquidate right after the transaction and transfer the shares to its sole shareholder. At the initial stage of the negotiations, this shareholder was Nikolai Egorov. Dmitry Mazurov confirmed to RBC that an influential lawyer from St. Petersburg is a co-owner of the ANPZ.

Alexey Ezubov
since 2007, the State Duma deputy from United Russia

Prior to joining the State Duma, Alexei Ezubov was an entrepreneur, had assets in the agrarian and hotel business, which after his election went to his son. According to the income statement, Yezubov is not rich: for 2016 he earned slightly more than 5 million rubles.

Ezubova is called the uncle (mother's brother) of the aluminum tycoon Oleg Deripaska.

According to the documents of Appleby Ezubov, at least until 2013, he was the director of Air Cloud Services Limited, registered in Bermuda. This is a holding company, on which a private jet is recorded.

The ultimate owner of Air Cloud Services Limited is the mother of Oleg Deripaska Valentine. In 2013, on behalf of the company, Yezubov signed a resolution to open a branch on the Isle of Man in order to import the business jet to Europe under "favorable" terms in terms of VAT, that is, without paying a tax.

Under Russian law, deputies are expressly forbidden to engage in business activities, enter the company's governing bodies, participate in meetings of the board of directors, make managerial decisions and sign resolutions. For violation of the law, deprivation of powers is provided.

Igor Shuvalov
First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Government since 2008

Igor Shuvalov's wife Olga is listed in Appleby files as the beneficiary of Altitude X3 Ltd., established in 2008 in Bermuda. The company owns the Bombardier BD-700-1A10 with registration number M-VQBI (formerly VQ-BIS).

It was in this business jet, according to the investigation of FBK Aleksei Navalnogo, that Shuvalov's wife was carrying the famous Corgi dogs to exhibitions around the world.

From Appleby documents it follows that initially the shareholders of Altitude X3 Ltd were Swiru Holding AG and Nariman Hajiyev. About Swiru repeatedly wrote that the holding is connected with Suleiman Kerimov, and Hajiyev was even called a relative of the senator.

In June 2009, Sergey Kotlyarenko, the asset manager of Igor Shuvalov, became the director and vice-president of Altitude X3. And only after 8 months, in February 2010, the owner of the company on which the aircraft was registered becomes the offshore company Radcliff Business Limited, Olga Shuvalova. In the list of Russian contacts Appleby, dating from 2014, also appears the name of Yevgeny Shuvalov, the son of the vice-premier.

On what conditions the company and private aircraft could go from the people of Kerimov to Shuvalov's relatives, Appleby files are not mentioned.

According to a source familiar with the situation, Altitude X3 really belonged to the people of Suleiman Kerimov, but the senator himself has nothing to do with buying an airplane. Asset managers Shuvalov and Kerimov knew each other, and therefore, when there was a need to acquire a company to register the aircraft, they turned to friends. Yes, during the first six months the aircraft formally belonged to Kerimov's people, but basically here is the fact that Shuvalov both then and always paid for the flights from his family's accounts, and later the plane was purchased from them. About declaring. It did not have to be indicated in Shuvalov's declaration, because all the flights were paid in accordance with the contract of carriage. In addition, according to the Civil Code, the aircraft is not immovable property, if it is not considered as such in the country of registration. This vehicle, that is, the use of it, even if it was, should not be declared.

Alisher Usmanov
businessman, owner of metallurgical and mining enterprises, Megafon and ID Kommersant

Appleby documents show that when Usmanov was in charge of Gazprom's Gazprom investholding, she financed and controlled Kanton Services from the British Virgin Islands, which, as it turned out, took part in the purchase of shares in the social network Facebook.

Kanton Services invested in the investment fund of entrepreneur Yuri Milner for the purchase of Facebook shares before the social network soared in price, publicly placing its shares in 2012.

If before the public offering Facebook was estimated at $ 6.5 billion, then after - already at $ 105 billion.

It was known that Usmanov and Milner acquired up to 10% of Facebook shares in 2009 and sold part of them on the offering, having gained about $ 1.6 billion, having paid back all the expenses and received more than 500 million net profit, as reported by Forbes.

But the fact that the money went to Facebook offshore company gazpromovskoy "daughter", which at that time headed Usmanov, it was not known. Who on this has earned?

According to documents Appleby, just a month before Facebook shares soared in price, this offshore firm sold its stake, which was valued more than $ 1 billion, the company Usmanov.

Gazprom Investholding announced to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) that it provided loans to the offshore company Kanton Services "for general corporate purposes."

Milner confirmed to the consortium that this company invested money in one of the investment funds under its management, which bought Facebook shares. But assured that before allowing Kanton in the number of investors, the firm underwent a thorough check. Milner stressed that it is difficult to talk about Gazprom's investment in Facebook, because Kanton could use other sources of financing.

Usmanov's representative told the consortium that his investments in Facebook did not use money from state-controlled companies.