Russians lose money because of constant failures in Sberbank

The largest bank of the country moves from one failure after another. First, ordinary customer debit cards suddenly became credit cards. Then the system of electronic payments, "Sberbank online", was broken again.
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It is characteristic that German Gref, instead of explaining the reasons for failures to citizens, calls reports about them "fake". For those who suffer from Sbera's problems, these "fakes" turn into financial losses.

To you the credit, pay!

In September, Sberbank customers again faced problems. First, the Russians noticed that their maps changed their status. They were ordinary debit, that is, those that do not provide for the possibility of using borrowed funds. And they became overdraft. In fact, they turned into credit cards: the overdraft service allows the client to spend more money than he has on his account. Within a certain period of time, he can refill what he has spent free of charge. If you do not do it on time, the bank will write off the interest for using the money.

The problem was attracted by customers who use the electronic bank Sberbank online. In the "card status" section, where it was always written "debit", the inscription "overdraft" appeared. The phenomenon is, judging by the feedback of users, it turned out to be massive. Anxiety of citizens is clear: we do not always know exactly how much money is left on the card. If they are not enough to buy, or we asked for an excess amount in the ATM, the purchase will not work, and the cash machine will not give money. But if you have an overdraft, then everything will be in order. Simply, the client will go into negative territory and become a debtor of the bank. And since he does not know about it, he will have to pay for the use of credit.

In Sberbank they reacted, explaining that there was nothing to worry about. It was an exceptionally technical moment, and there was no need to panic, because the cards were and remained debit. And if so, then you can not spend more money than there is on the map. And it looks like everything looks pretty, if not for two moments. First: it is about the country's largest bank with 110 million customers. Does the credit institution lack the capacity not to cause more than half of the state's population to worry? The second nuance is that, according to some clients' stories, they still charged the overdraft fee. True or not, it is not known. But if it really was so, then we can state that the citizens because of the Savings Bank suffered losses. Most likely, insignificant. But is anything said about them in the contracts with Sberbank?

Sberbank: come tomorrow

A week passed after these unrest, and passions overdraft seem to have subsided. And then Sberbank prepared a new surprise for users. Now the electronic service "Sberbank online" itself broke down. Customers complained that they can not enter their private office either from a mobile phone or from a stationary computer. Soon the problem was solved, and there seems to be nothing special about this either. Well, it broke, well, it was repaired, it happens. But such failures in Sberbank occur regularly. Even two months have not passed since the payment system of the state bank went out of operation all over the country. For a month and a half before that, there was also a failure. Does this happen too often?

The author of these lines, at the time when the last force majeure occurred, was in the Sberbank office, it was necessary to pay the state fee. ATMs lined up, however, this is normal for Sberbank. But it was empty at the new green terminals of the bank, through which users can make any transactions without commission. And it was empty, because these terminals because of technical problems did not work. I had to go to the cashier and pay the old-fashioned way, with the help of a receipt and a cashier. It is known that German Gref has a fad: to transfer your bank completely to innovative, electronic rails. Therefore, for operations with cash on hand, a commission is charged: 3%, but not less than 30 rubles. The amount of the fee was 400 rubles, so the commission was taken to 30 rubles. It seems to be funny money, but if you count, it's 7.5% of the amount. Excellent commission, which, however, would be more suitable for street money changers.

Our Bank - your losses

And this, by the way, is the most important aspect of all the stories about breakdowns in Sberbank. Someone, according to the stories, paid the bank for an imaginary overdraft. Someone who was not able to conduct a free payment in his personal account paid a commission. In these cases, customers lost, and the bank earned. These are tiny amounts, but a penny, as they say, to a penny. Surely there were cases when due to problems in Sberbank people could not transfer money to someone, small transactions broke down, payments did not arrive on time, fines were taken. Agree, all this is minor trouble. But can not they be made as rare as possible? In the end, for all this you can bring customers at least an apology. At least for the sake of reputation.

Herman Oskarovich Gref, who as a manager should be responsible for everything that happens in the largest bank, this is probably not going to do. Moreover, in his style, arrogant about the alarms of users. The same transformation of debit cards into overdraft state banks simply called "fake". The logic is iron: if Gref does not know about the problem or does not believe in it, then the problem does not exist. Reminds the famous expression of the French Queen Marie Antoinette, who learned that the peasants were starving, was surprised: "If they do not have bread, let them eat cakes."