Russia's largest hotel chain will lose one third of the room capacity

Azimut Hotels Company owned by Alexander Klyachin, which manages the hotels under the same brand, will be deprived of the largest hotel in Russia. "The Azimut Hotel Sochi" will be transferred under the control of the operator "Biblio Globus" to work accoding to the "all inclusive" principle.
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The desire of the owner

Company "Yug-business partner", which belongs to the end of 2016. Russia's largest hotel, "the Azimut Hotel Sochi", breaks a contract for its management from Azimut Hotels Alexander Klyachin. On February 1 hotel 2.88 ths. Numbers will come under "Biblio Globus" tour management, RBC reported two sources in the hotel market.

The Azimut press service confirmed this information, describing the reason for the early cancellation of the contract replace the hotel owner. Previously, "Kommersant" wrote that the hotel bought OOO "South-business partner", controlled by entities related to the family of the former Governor of the Krasnodar Territory, now the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev.

The new owners decided to implement at the system "all inclusive", but this format is not "consistent with the principles and standards of work Azimut Hotels is", explained RBC marketing director Elena Azimut Palchunova. According to her, in the total revenues for this hotel had 10-15% and not more than 3% of the profits. She did not bother to call the validity of the rupture of the contract, citing trade secrets, but noted that the average such agreements are concluded for ten years.

The representative of "South-business partner," declined to comment. "Biblio Globus" Alexander Tugolukova failed Contact the founder. The press service did not respond to questions about the RBC.

A popular format

According to Azimut Hotels, hotel average occupancy was 70% in 2016, reaching a peak at 90%. These figures are higher than the average on the market. Thus, according to consulting company JLL, from January to September last year in the coastal cluster it has sold 54% of the number of rooms. True, the average tariff for the popular Russian resort night was significantly higher than in the Azimut hotel - 10.3 thousand to 3 thousand rubles... per room.

Interlocutor RBC familiar with Azimut business, argues that arrange accommodation of guests on the system "all inclusive" in Sochi hotel "will be very difficult" because it just two restaurants. Deputy Director of CBRE consulting company on the development of the industry Stanislav Ivashkevich hospitality believes, however, that the desire of the new owner is quite doable. According to him, in Sochi already has hotels, working in this format. The cost of living in the «Azimut Hotel Sochi" will increase by approximately 30%, up to 4 thousand. Rub. per day, estimates Ivashkevich.

"The most effective, this scheme works in big hotels, so the" Biblio Globus "without any problems will be able to translate her hotel Sochi", - said vice-president of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia Vadim Prasov.

For the format of "all inclusive" Russians are addicted to mass tourist destinations, primarily in Turkey and Egypt. In Russia it came about in the mid-2000s, but especially began to develop the last two years, when the inbound tourism engaged in international tour operators Tez Tour, Coral Travel, TUI, «Pegas Touristik" and "Biblio Globus". This happened against the backdrop of the weakening of the ruble, restrictions on holidays abroad for civil servants, as well as the ban on the sale of tours to Turkey and Egypt. As a result, it is estimated the Vice-President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Yuri Barzykin on popular Russian resorts share of hotels, working on an "all inclusive", has reached about 10%, but "somewhere, and more."

Hotelier with the tourist tendencies

The hotel complex in the Imereti Valley, was built for the Winter Olympics in 2014 one of the structures of the group "Renova" Viktor Vekselberg - the company "Top Project". The amount of investment in the project amounted to 14 billion rubles. The complex consists of two hotels - a four-star 720 rooms and three-star at 2.88 thousand numbers.. The first "Renova" has transferred educational center "Sirius" two years ago. The second came under the management of Azimut Hotels.

It is Russia's largest hotel company by far. Its ownership and management are about 9 thousand. Rooms in 27 hotels in Russia and Europe. Thus, after the loss of the network license Sochi hotel fund will be reduced by nearly a third. Nevertheless, Azimut will be the largest hotel chain: its nearest competitor, "Soyuz Marins Grupp" (developed under the brand network "Marins Park Hotel") - about 5,5 thousand numbers..

Compensate for the loss of «Azimut Hotel Sochi» Azimut expects by the end of 2018, he told Palchunova. Managing Partner of Colliers International Nikolai Kazansky considers these plans realistic, given that the company has extensive experience in the reconstruction of hotels and increasing the number of hotels under its management. "As for the" Biblio Globus ", then here is difficult to make any predictions, because this company is better known as a tour operator and not primarily engaged in hotel management," - said Kazan.

Multi-tour operator "Biblio Globus" originally specialized in tours to Cyprus, Thailand and Tunisia. Then they added Greece, Turkey and Egypt. Since 2014 the company has started in domestic tourism. As a tour operator "Biblio Globus" I have already had experience with "the Azimut Hotel Sochi." In 2015, he bought 25% of the rooms for accommodation of the tourists, a source told RBC. However, he did not get the quota in 2016, including the fact that the demand for rooms has increased, and the tour operator redeemed them at a substantial discount, the source said RBC.