Russia's millionaires keep growing in number

The welfare of the richest families in the country is growing regardless of the economic state. 
Despite the slowdown of the Russian economy, the number of wealthy families in the Russian Federation continues to grow: dollar millionaires in the past year were more than 30 thousand Russian families counted Boston Consulting Group (BCG).. The main source of increase of their welfare were not investing in the Russian economy, and the growth of quotations of securities placed in the international financial markets.

In the past year rate of growth of financial capital of individuals in the world have increased to 14.6% against 8.7% in 2012, now it is the total value of $ 152 trillion, according to the report «Riding a Wave of Growth: Global Wealth 2014", prepared by the BCG. The main sources of personal wealth growth was the rise of stock markets and investing in fast-growing economy, the authors of the report, predicting that Asia (not including Japan) largest private capital can already this year, ahead of Europe, and in another four years, and North America. The leaders in the rating of the United States are still - as the absolute number of millionaires (7.1 million families), and the number of new owners of seven-states (plus the 1.1 million households per year). Also in the leaderChina, where the number of families of millionaires has grown from 1.5 million to 2.4 million, and Japan, although there figure decreased from 1.5 million to 1.2 million impairment on the background of the yen. Overall, the number of millionaires in the world increased by nearly 20%, to 16.3 million, which is about 1.1% of all households.

In Russia, the number of families with fortunes over the past year increased by 180 thousand. To 213.3 thous., They now account for 0.4% of all households. This proportion is significantly lower than in other countries with a comparable number of owners of large states (the Netherlands - 3% in Hong Kong - 9.6% of households). In ranking leader, the United States, the rate is 5.9%. At the same time the fastest in Russia increased state size from $ 5 million to $ 100 million (plus 34% of new millionaires). On the wider growth of the welfare of Russian citizens can not speak, said Igor Polyakov of CMASF. The Gini coefficient, by which is accepted to estimate the level of property stratification, according to experts, is in Russia 0,45-0,46, that is significantly above the threshold to 0.42, in which the bundle of threatening social destabilization. Russia has an extremely high endtration of capital: if in the number of Russian families millionaire ranks 13th in the world, then the number of ultra-rich households (over $ 100 million) - the fifth. Their number increased by 14% year on year, to 536 families, estimated at BCG. More super-rich families live only in the US (4754), Great Britain (1044), China (983) and Germany (881).

The growth of the welfare of the richest families in Russia there was not so much due to the development of the national economy (a growth in real terms was only 1.3%), but by raising the stock price traded on the global financial markets, acknowledged in BCG. In the calculation of the national private capital accounted only liquid assets: cash funds in accounts, securities. This trend is global: even after the financial crisis, the dynamics of millionaires total capital was positive growth, with the exception of 2011 (3.6%), did not fall below the bar at 10%, explained "Kommersant" the drafters of the report.