Rustam Minnekhanov fixated on comfort

The Cabinet of Ministers of Tatarstan was accused of buying air tickets at very high prices.
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Tatarstan officials, it seems, love to fly on a budget account on business trips in business class, including foreign ones. This is especially true of the team of Rustam Minnikhanov and Prime Minister Alexei Pesoshin. Not only are such flights on their own roads, but also tickets for this, according to community activists, are purchased at inflated prices, the news office “Our Version” found in Tatarstan.

One example is the electronic auction, which, as it turned out, was held at the end of December by the office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Tatarstan. From him on the state procurement website, a lot appeared on the “purchase of airline tickets for employees traveling on official business”. It was also stated: such trips may be associated with the participation of officials in festivals, concerts, performances and other cultural events, if they receive an invitation. That is, apparently, civil servants even have fun flying at the expense of the budget of the republic.

According to, the tender was won by Skyland Travel, which won the contract for 1 million rubles. It was about buying air tickets for a flight on the route Kazan - Moscow - Kazan. A total of seven tickets in one direction and seven - in the opposite direction. On the same site of public procurement are four acts of delivery and acceptance of work for a total amount of slightly more than 258 thousand rubles. For comparison: an economy class ticket for the same route will cost from 4 to 8 thousand rubles.

“Based on the above, if the air tickets were purchased at the prices specified in the acts of acceptance of the work performed, it is possible to assume that there are signs of violation of legislation in the field of public procurement, namely, in terms of unreasonable overpricing,” public figures say. So the question would be nice to deal with law enforcement.

The flights of officials at a budget expense in Tatarstan are a favorite topic of the authorities. For example, in the autumn of last year, the republic equipped and sent more than 20 high-ranking officials to the USA to study leadership skills and an innovative approach.

According to official data, the leaders of republican ministries, the parliament, the presidential staff and municipalities went to the United States from Tatarstan in the fall. All of them were express-trained at Stanford University, USA for three days. Naturally, the whole trip was paid for with incomprehensible goals from the budget of the republic, that is, at the expense of taxpayers.

It seems that the trip of each student official from Tatarstan to the United States cost the budget 1 million rubles. At the same time, a specific list of people who went to get new knowledge in order to make life in Tatarstan better later was not named. From official photos, it became clear that the mayor of Kazan, Ilsur Metshin, was among the greedy for foreign knowledge. Only what benefits this trip brought to the region and its capital is still not clear. As well as it is not clear whether the officials will answer for the purchase of tickets at inflated prices?