S7 co-owner Natalia Fileva crashed to death in Germany

S7 co-owner Natalia Fileva was killed in a plane crash in Germany. The plane in which it was located crashed on the way to Frankfurt am Main airport.
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In the area of ​​Frankfurt am Main, on March 31, the plane crashed, on board of which was the co-owner of the S7 company, Natalia Fileva, the press service of the company reported.

They pointed out that the private Epic-LT aircraft carrying the 55-year-old Filev was on board, crashed while landing at Egelsbach Airport. Details of the incident are still unknown.

"The image of Natalia Valerievna as a bright, caring leader and a wonderful person will forever remain in the memory of the employees, this is an irreparable loss for the entire team," the airline’s press service told RBC.

Vladislav Filev was not in this plane, which was his wife, he is alive, said RBC representative of S7.

Together with Natalia Filyova, her father was also killed, RBC was told by a federal official and RBC source in the travel industry. S7 spokesperson confirmed the information about the death of Natalia Filyova Valeriy’s father.

“Information is being verified,” said the Russian Consulate General in Frankfurt am Main at the RBC question about the dead Russians.

According to German dispatchers, the aircraft was traveling from France to Frankfurt. During the flight, there were no reports of any problems on board.

Arrived at the scene, the police have already interviewed witnesses.

The airline S7 said that the accident investigation will be conducted by an international commission in the prescribed manner with the participation of Russian aviation authorities.

At the end of 2018, S7 entered the top three airlines of Eastern Europe in the rating of the British Skytrax (along with Aeroflot and Polish LOT), ranking 98th out of the 100 best airlines in the world.

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Natalia Fileva (according to Forbes in 2018, her fortune is estimated at more than $ 600 million) - the chairman of the board of directors of the airline, together with Vladislav Filev owns S7 Group. It is the largest private aviation holding in Russia. The group of companies includes about 15 airlines, including Siberia and Globus. The carrier for February 2019 ranks second in terms of passenger traffic among Russian airlines after Aeroflot.