Saboteur Kostin

President of VTB Bank caused record damage to the Russian energy sector.
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Offset Vladimir Putin, President of Vnesheconombank Vladimir Dmitriev VEB and detention department director Ilgiz Valitova caused a stir at a hefty financial circles. First of all fussed senior managers of credit institutions, which, as Vnesheconombank, legally controlled by the state. Disclaimer about the "legally" is not accidental: in fact directors, presidents and their accomplices made their controlled financial corporations in the bottomless trough. Particularly distinguished in this respect the head of VTB Andrey Kostin. The state seems to be in possession of a controlling stake shares of the bank, for this man means nothing more than suggestive procedure in the lobby of the cleaner.

In our daily changing world there is the phenomenon, its pleasing persistence. For example, the beauty of the Northern Lights. Firmness of the Egyptian pyramids. And yet the shamelessness of Mr. Kostin, criminal and financial transactions which are amazed even his blizskogo friends among Russian implacable enemies.

One such brazen schemes mentioned in the archive "Ruspres" agency recently. & Nbsp; Having issued the loan from JSC "Territorial Generating Company №2» Kostin suddenly changed credit terms, increasing the rate from 14 to 21.5%. Naturally, TGK-2 did not agree with such an obvious robbery - action Kostina destroyed a great job of managers conducted by a team led by Leonid Lebedev. In 2011, TGC-2 had a loss of 2.531 billion rubles, but the years that followed invariably ended with a profit. Financial robbery VTB discards the company back to the bottom, calling into question the very existence of an important enterprise of the country.

Now VTB filed a lawsuit to recover 9.8 billion rubles, while the term of payments on the loan will expire only in 2019. If true information about the presence of Kostina "their" judges, he will win, but what's next? Because TGC-2 is the largest thermal power companies in Central and Northwest federal districts of Russia, it operates in 5 subjects of the federation, it could lead to bankruptcy energokollapsu cities with a population of several million people. That would almost certainly provoke a speech against the government of freezing people - in gAhaz victims will blame the federal government, rather than separately taken crook Kostin. Amok greed banker does not understand? Or, on the contrary, understands and knowingly harm?

Equally devastating political effect can be Kostina activities in Crimea. After all, his plump person ultimately stands for "Stock Converse center", which is bought by 2 billion rubles of debt the residents of Sevastopol and the Crimea to the Ukrainian banks. The long chain used in the operation-pads companies ultimately rests on the managers of "Bank of Moscow". The bank now controls Kostin, who in the course of its "recovery" has successfully mastered the lion's share of state aid received by the Deposit Insurance Agency and the Central Bank. Now, just as money will be disbursed, broken with the Crimean and Sevastopol. People will curse the people who have lost their money, suffering from the blockade of the Kiev junta, and now more and fleeced for the benefit of its bankers? That's right, the Russian government and President!

Whether it Kostina angry? Hardly. How is it that the authority should be interested in the Kremlin sponsor punitive operation of the Kiev junta in the Donbass? He's not upset, when created on the basis of belonging to the current president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the bank "Mriya", "VTB Bank Ukraine" has participated in the placement of bonds to support the Ukrainian punitive parts exterminating the population of Donbass. Perhaps even the banker received from the Kiev authorities the assurance that after the NATO and the European Union will return Crimea to Ukraine, his winery business has not changed hands. Is it necessary to slightly increase the share of partner - a certain Vadim Pushkarev, who before heading up the "VTB Bank Ukraine," worked deputy chairman of "Privat-Bank" one of the main executioners of Donbass - Israeli citizen Igor Kolomoisky.

On the mainland of Russia VTB depressing. Only the first half of 2015 state bank losses amounted to 38.1 billion rubles. Already this year there was a new scandal. Former manager of the bank branch in Novosibirsk, Vadim Grigoriev stole more than 1.1 billion of addedand rubles, and then disappeared in an unknown direction. Officially, the president of the VTB was not aware of, but not limited version is considered the placement and the money, and of the written off billions in losses on offshore accounts to ensure good life VTB leadership after the departure abroad. Costin knows that Putin report on its fraud. As a result of the president he said: "I remember well the situation of the Bank of Moscow. Climbed back, now you do not know how to wash. And then came to the rescue pravitelstvo--help. "

But emigration - a fallback. In the meantime, consider the option of privatization of "VTB Bank" in the interests primarily of Kostina, his friends, numerous mistresses and born to them are born out of wedlock. It is expected that after the boutiques and ateliers favorite houris Kostinsky harem Oksana Lavrentieva flourish even more, her happy rival, journalist Nailya Asker-Zade get its own media project in addition to the already donated apartment on Ostrozhenke and mansion in Zhukovka (these gifts Kostina read future investigation IA "Ruspres").

Bnochem, energetic start stripping Vnesheconombank encouraging. There is a good chance that after Dmitriev, comes the turn and Kostina. Then Bandera punitive in Donbas lose the opportunity to receive arms and ammunition at the expense of Russia and suffer from financial racketeering strategic companies such as TGK-2 will be able to easily develop and work for the good of the state.