Samara stadium is taken in a hurry and with disabilities

"Samara Arena" will be completed after the World Cup and at the expense of the regional budget.
"Samara Arena", officially recognized as the most problematic infrastructure of the FM2018, should receive permission to commission. Moreover, on the same day, the customer and the general contractor will first receive a conclusion on the conformity of the facility (ZOS-1) - a unique case even for Russian practice. Between the issuance of these permits usually take months. According to the information of "Volga-Volga", about 60 employees of Rostekhnadzor are currently attached to the facility, which help builders to eliminate violations detected daily. It is hardly possible to eliminate all the shortcomings before the World Cup - Samara Arena will be completed after the mundialya and, most likely, already at the expense of the regional budget.

Today, April 26, Samara Arena (project capacity - 45 thousand spectators, but for the duration of the championship will hold about 43 thousand) should be officially put into operation, and the customer together with the developer will receive all necessary documentation. This date was named by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, the chairman of the organizing committee "Russia-2018" Arkady Dvorkovich.

Problems at the Samara stadium began at the stage of obtaining a building permit. "Samara Arena" (customer FSUE "Sport-engineering") were going to start building in the spring of 2014, but in fact the construction of the facility started in July of the same year with a delay of three months. This happened because the customer and the general contractor (JI "Kazan") did not provide the city administration of Samara with all the necessary documentation and the then head of the city, Dmitry Azarov (currently the governor of the Samara region) refused to issue a building permit.

According to the information of "Volga-Volga", the stadium's documentation still does not meet all the requirements, but the decision to start construction was sold by the ex-regional governor Nikolai Merkushkin and the head of the regional government Alexander Nefedov.

Scandals accompanied the whole process of construction. So, from April to September 2016, the JI "Kazan" actually froze the construction. Officially, the reasons for this step were not called, but according to "Volga-Volga", this was due to the fact that Nikolai Merkushin was dissatisfied with the general contractor and lobbied for the interests of one of the local developers. In addition, the construction company has repeatedly been challenged for the quality of construction and because of the constant changes made to the project in order to make it cheaper: metal structures were cracked, and a transparent dome of polycarbonate, provided for by the original project, was replaced by a cheaper profiled sheet.

At the same time, construction costs did not decrease, but only grew. At the beginning of the work, the costs for "Samara Arena" were estimated at 13.6 billion rubles. Now the cost is 18.9 billion rubles. But this figure may not be final. According to informed sources from "Volga-Volga" in the government of the Samara region, it may take up to 3 billion rubles for the final development of the stadium, but it is not clear where to take this money. The federal funding center for the construction program closed. "Samara Arena" is already considered the most expensive stadium built as part of Russia's preparations for the upcoming mundial, except for the reconstruction of the main stadium of the championship of the 80,000th Luzhniki Stadium (26.6 billion rubles) and the St. Petersburg Stadium (officially 43 billion rubles), which was initially not built in preparation for the World Cup.

The deadline for the delivery of the Samara arena has also been shifted repeatedly since December 2017. In the press service of the PCB "Kazan" informed "Volga" that the receipt of the conclusion on the conformity of the object (AIA) and putting it into operation will occur in one day. Experts are puzzled by these statements. "Technically, this is impossible, since the deadline for issuing an opinion on compliance (AIA) is five days. And this is provided that all the documentation prepared at different stages of work on the facility was prepared in a timely manner, and no questions arise. Given that we are talking about such an extremely difficult from an engineering point of view construction, as the "Samara Arena", it is extremely unlikely. Between the acquisition of AIA and the commissioning of the facility, there is such a procedure as a technical inventory, which is also quite complex and time-consuming taking into account the scale of the structure. One day from receiving the AIA before commissioning, it's very difficult to keep up, or it should be a very long and eventful day, "says Ilya Zharsky, managing partner of the Veta expert group.

Another point that raises questions from specialists is the preparation of the football field "Samara Arena". Initially it was supposed to be sowing, like in all other arenas built for the championship, but due to lack of time it was decided to lay a rolled lawn, bought in Germany.

His laying ended on April 16, April 23, the flashing of the lawn with special threads. The rush is due to the fact that on April 28 and May 6 at the stadium must pass test matches: in the FNL championship local "Wings of the Soviets" will play, respectively, with "Torch" (Voronezh) and "Kuban" (Krasnodar). Against this background, experts do not vouch for the readiness of the field for World Cup games (the first match on the arena will be held on June 17 between Serbia and Costa Rica).

"Usually, for the operation of a lawn after its laying, it takes three to four weeks to adapt to climatic conditions. Transportation, laying and flashing of natural lawn with artificial fibers is the strongest stress for the football field. Any training processes should be excluded until the natural coating is completely restored. If a high-quality coating is brought and proper care is taken, there should be no problems with survival. But such things should be controlled by agronomists, whose opinion should be taken into account, "agronomist of FC" Zenit "Konstantin Kreminsky.

Director of the company "Landscape Design +" Dmitry Orlov said that ideally a natural lawn needs to be used only eight months after laying and firmware. "If you play on the football field a couple of weeks after he was bedded and asked, then there is a possibility that the cover will be spoiled. The grass will just break loose during the rolling in the game. For a longer period, the root system will grow stronger. Now in our country there are no regional seed stations that supplied material suitable for certain climatic conditions. Grass grown in Europe, often sick, especially in the cold period, "- said Mr. Orlov.