Samvel Karapetyan refused all Italian

The Tashir group has replaced the park's contractor at VDNH.
In less than a year, the Park of the Future at VDNKh will be able to compete with the newly opened Dream Island. And did not implement the project worth more than 11 billion rubles. The Italian contractor at the construction site was replaced by the Tashir group Samvel Karapetyan. The new amusement park in the future can be incorporated into the exhibition complex, which the developer implements nearby.

The Tashir group will take part in the project for the construction of the Park of the Future at VDNH, and it became the owner of the project contractor, I. Pizzarotti LLC. Initially, this company belonged to the Italian Impresa Pizzarotti & C.S.p.A, but at the end of January came under the control of Elida LLC, according to SPARK-Interfax. 50% of this company belongs to Manor LLC, co-owners of which Varuzhan Artenyan and Vaspurak Poghosyan are listed as founders in Tashir Capital, Tashir Fund, Tashir Construction and others. Kommersant has been confirmed in the Tashir group that they gained control of “Pizzarotti I.E.”, declining to comment further.

The project of a theme park of attractions at VDNH (another name "Park of the Future") has existed since 2017. It was planned as part of the renovation of the entire exhibition area and should occupy 17.3 hectares in its southern part. The park will also have a Ferris wheel, which has been singled out as a separate development project, the “Regions” group of the Mutsoevs family is engaged in its construction. The contractor for the rest of the park is Pizzarotti I.E. - It was determined at the auction, the cost of the state contract - 11.35 billion rubles. Two structures of Tashira also participated in the bidding - Snabcenter and Developer Building.

Italian Pizzarotti & C.S.p.A. It was founded in 1910 and specializes in infrastructure construction. Among the projects are Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, part of the buildings and structures of Disneyland Paris and the Garage Museum of Modern Art in Moscow. The park at VDNH was the first large-scale project of an Italian company in the country. But its implementation has stalled. On Thursday, the Kommersant Tourism Committee forwarded questions to Kommersant at VDNKh, where, like Pizzarotti & C.S.p.A., they did not respond to the request.

Tashir has existed since 1999. The main owner is Samvel Karapetyan. In Forbes estimated the group’s revenue at 172 billion rubles. The main income "Tashira" brings real estate. On the balance sheet of the group are, in particular, the shopping centers “Rio”, “Yerevan Plaza”.

The new deadline for the implementation of the "Park of the Future", indicated in the registry of public procurement, is January 30, 2021. Initially, the project should be completed in September 2018. “In such a situation, the desire of the city authorities to facilitate the transfer of the contract to a company capable of completing the facility within a reasonable time is understandable,” notes Alexei Volostnov, partner of NEO Center. According to him, precedents for the transfer of major construction contracts in Russia were already in preparation for the Sochi Olympics and the 2018 World Cup. Kommersant’s interlocutors at the Moscow City Hall say that Tashir will continue to implement the Park of the Future according to the original plan, and in the future the project can be incorporated into the congress complex, which is co-invested by the developer (see Kommersant on March 13, 2019) . However, in Tashir it was explained that these two projects are located at different sites.

Future Park will be the second largest all-weather entertainment park in the capital. A similar project, “Island of Dreams,” the Regions group, opened on February 29 in the Nagatinsky floodplain. The project was sharply criticized by visitors: they pointed to the awkward appearance of the complex and the high cost of visiting. On Thursday, “Dream Island” announced the launch of free buses to the park from cities remote from Moscow. In the "Island of Dreams" declined to comment. The general director of Infoline Analytics, Mikhail Burmistrov, nevertheless calls the niche of amusement parks in Moscow free. A project at VDNKh can compete at the expense of, for example, lower prices: in terms of purchasing power, visiting the Dream Island is more expensive for Russians than Disneyland for the French or Americans, he points out.