Sanctions for President

President of the National Media Group, Kirill Kovalchuk, came under US sanctions. However, it shouldn't affect his partnership with the American holding Discovery and Turner.
President of the "National Media Group" (NMG) Kirill Kovalchuk, chairman of the "Russian" (one of NMG shareholders), Dmitry Lebedev bank's board of directors have come under US government sanctions, related to the situation in Ukraine, should be the message of the American Office of Foreign Assets Control ( OFAC). The assets of individuals and organizations from the black list are frozen in the United States, US residents are prohibited from having a relationship with them.

Under the US government's sanctions are already co-owners of the bank "Russia" Yuri Kovalchuk and Gennady Timchenko, and the bank itself. The representative declined to comment LMWH.

Lebedev also owns a 23.55% stake in the new service company (NSC), which performs back-office functions for the new ad megasellera "National advertising Alliance" (NDA). Founders of the last - the four largest media holding: LMWH, "Gazprom-Media", "First Channel" and VGTRK. The sanctions apply not only to themselves defendants in the list, but also in the assets that they own or control more than 50%. It turns out she NSC under sanctions misses. NRA spokesman declined to comment.

LMWHs have two American partner - Discovery Corporation and Turner. Group and Discovery is jointly owned by "Media Alliance", he manages the Russian versions of Discovery and Turner channels. The joint venture created in the autumn of 2015 - already after the "Russia" bank and its shareholders have come under sanctions. The company carefully checked transaction Dissovery representative insisted she was convinced that the share of the bank in the LMWH decreased to less than 50%. The representative of the "Alliance Media" and a representative of Discovery have not responded to the request "Vedomosti".

Executive holding body - not the President and CEO (Olga is Pascin), indicates a source close to shareholders of NMG, so personal sanctions against Kirill Kovalchuk will not affect the work of the holding. Kovalchuk is not engaged in operational management, "Alliance Media", neither he nor any other persons involved in the black list are not included in the joint venture's board of directors, according to the source "Vedomosti". A source in the "Alliance Media" is confirmed.

US corporations have different perceptions of sanctions, said a top manager of a Russian company with extensive experience working with OFAC: «Everything depends on the degree of nervousness particular partner. But Discovery and Turner aware of all the risks when taking the decision on partnership with LMWH. Now the situation has not fundamentally changed. "