Sanitized Roskosmos Fondervicebank expect significant changes

The former base bank of the Russian cosmonautics will again receive old customers from among the enterprises of the industry due to the sanation of Roskosmos. Previously, Roskosmos has already lost 47 billion rubles in this bank.
Fondervisbank, which received a new sanator in the person of Roskosmos, expects significant changes. The management of the state corporation plans to return clients from among the companies of rocket and space industry, which the bank lost during the time of financial recovery. Experts believe that the Roscosmos resource will be used to attract clients, but against the backdrop of high competition, the sanatorium will find it difficult to make profitable offers to space companies.

The fact that Roskosmos is developing tools to "restart" Fondservisbank, told Kommersant two sources close to the credit institution. According to one of the interlocutors of Kommersant, Fonservisbank, which accumulated considerable competence in dealing with enterprises of the space industry, lost a considerable part of the clientele during the financial rehabilitation. The new management of the state corporation decided to return the lost clients, and already now client managers of different levels started to "explain the advantages" of working through this bank, like simplified credit lines, support of state programs, etc. "While the response of the new management of the state corporation did not cause much response and readiness of industry monsters to fulfill this desire, ", Says another interlocutor of Kommersant.

The first deputy director general of Roskosmos Tatyana Yelfimova confirmed to Kommersant that the bank is waiting for a change. In particular, a roadmap for the future work of the bank has already been developed. According to Mrs. Yelfimova, the state corporation plans to "spin" the industry so that it has projects that need to be credited in order for the commercial component of the bank to earn so that it can earn on the interbank market while minimizing its own expenses. In addition, between the bank and Roskosmos companies, synergy should be achieved in the implementation of joint projects. "The bank is interesting for us, and since it is not under sanctions, it can be of interest to other industries," said Tatyana Yelfimova.

Fondervisbank in April 2015 was sent for refurbishment - Novikombank (owned by Rostekh) was identified as an investor. In May 2018, the new sanatorium of the bank was Roskosmos, with shares of the bank being received by the end of August. At the beginning of 2015, the funds of Fonderservicebank customers exceeded 77 billion rubles, including 54.5 billion rubles. accounted for the funds of enterprises of the rocket and space industry. By the end of 2017, customer funds formally rose to 99 billion rubles. But if they exclude funds from the DIA and Roskosmos money, then the clients kept only 14 billion rubles in the bank. Of this amount, only about 1.7 billion rubles. accounted for the enterprises of the space industry.

State Corporation Roskosmos was established in August 2015. It includes 75 enterprises of the space industry, whose number of employees at the end of 2016 exceeded 230 thousand people. The volume of revenues of enterprises in 2016 exceeded 413 billion rubles. In the budget for 2018 to fund the program "Space activities of Russia ..." laid almost 182 billion rubles., In 2019 - more than 172 billion rubles.

To get rid of negative associations, including criminal prosecution of former bank owners, a rebranding will be held, one of the interlocutors of Kommersant says. Among the options considered Roskosmosbank, the bank "Space" and others. Tatiana Elfimova confirmed that the bank will change its name. According to her, the final version is not yet defined, but the name will be associated with the space industry.

The plans to build up a passive base of Fonservisbank at the expense of state-owned companies can be quite realistic, says Ruslan Korshunov, director of bank ratings of Expert RA. He believes that Roskosmos is able to attract to the bank for servicing both its subsidiaries and counterparties. In the future, the bank is likely to be able to offer competitive conditions for loans, having access to inexpensive and stable liabilities from the parent structure. Before him, there are great opportunities to service payroll projects of companies that are part of Roskosmos, the expert adds. However, it will not be easy to implement the planned plans for Fonderservbank because of high competition. "This will be difficult to do by market methods," said Alexander Danilov, senior director of the banking analytical group Fitch Ratings. "In order to attract client funds, we must offer a higher rate than competitors, which will hit the profit." The director of the group of bank ratings ACRA Alexander Proklov does not rule out that "other state-owned banks will be at the expense of the funds of such enterprises."