Savings for the third month running from Sberbank

Sberbank of Russia continues to record outflow of funds for the third month in a row. In October, citizens withdrew another 40 billion rubles from deposits in the largest state bank of the Russian Federation, the bank's RAS reports show.
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Since August, when the banking system of Russia was on the verge of a crisis due to the collapse of the largest private bank Otkrytie, Sberbank lost 120 billion rubles from retail deposits.

In relative terms, the outflow is small - it is only 1.03% of the amount that Russians keep in the bank (11.515 trillion rubles as of November 1). But in absolute terms, the leakage is greater than, for example, in the sanated Binbank, which in two months lost 77.1 billion rubles.

In August and September, Sberbank also lost corporate customers: according to its own data, the legal entity took out 82 billion rubles from its accounts.

According to, which refers to the direct reporting of Sberbank to the Central Bank, the outflow of money is almost three times - 374 billion rubles. He, however, managed to partially compensate in October, when the legal entity brought to the accounts of 134 billion rubles.

As a result of the fall in Sberbank, the ruble liquidity deficit has increased, says Raiffeisenbank analyst Denis Poryvay.

While it is covered at the expense of the federal budget. For August-September, Sberbank received from the Ministry of Finance 222 billion rubles. The largest state bank of the Russian Federation left half of the total amount that the Treasury poured into the banking system, placing free state funds for deposits and repo operations.

This is relatively expensive money, points out Poryvay: for them you have to pay 8.5% per annum, while household deposits cost Sberbank a little more than 5%.

Against the backdrop of the outflow of customers, Sberbank decided to launch deposits with higher rates, the bank's press service said on Thursday.

"Deposits" Just 7% "and" Just 6.5% "can be opened until December 31, 2017. The minimum amount of deposits is 100 thousand rubles, interest is accrued at the end of the term of deposits," the bank said.

Earlier in October, Sberbank raised rates on dollar deposits by 0.04-0.35 percentage points.