Sberbank and Rambler are going to make a revolution in the restaurant market

Their joint venture will allow you to order dishes before coming to the institution.
The company "Foodplex" in late June, founded, according to, Sberbank, Rambler & Co, and Grigory Gurevich and Evgeny Malakhov, the founders of the company UCS (software for restaurants). A Rambler & Co employee told Vedomosti that the Internet holding company and Sberbank agreed to create a service for restaurants. A representative of Sberbank confirmed that the bank, Rambler & Co, Gurevich and Malakhov create a platform for the restaurant market "Foodplex".

The partner will be GHP Group (financial manager), said the person familiar with the details of the project: the deal should be closed in August, the bank will receive 35% of LLC Foodplex, Rambler & Co - 30%, the rest is shared by GHP, Gurevich and Malakhov. The general director of the Russian GHP Denis Sukhanov confirmed that the company is considering investing in the project. The representative of Rambler & Co said that the holding is negotiating the launch of "FoodX". Contact with Gurevich and Malakhov failed.

"Foodplex" will allow you to book online tables and order dishes from the menu before coming to the restaurant, pay the bill without waiting for the waiter, give him a tip by cashless payment, order food at home, describes the service of "Foodcell" employee of the company participating in the project.

Future partners individually offer or test all the services announced by "FoodPlex", except delivery of food, Vedomosti convinced, now they will unite them on the same platform. There are also alternative projects on the market, the employees of two technology companies say: the strongest competition is in the delivery of food, where the Group and Yandex operate, there are table reservation services and, of course, iiko, the main competitor in UCS solutions for management of restaurants. But at once all of the declared functions of "Foodcell" are not present at anybody, interlocutors of "Vedomosti" agree.

The turnover of public catering in Russia exceeds 1 trillion rubles, food delivery covers 10% of the market, the rest - ordering food, paying bills and so on. - occurs on the spot, explains the person familiar with the details of the project: the goal of "Foodplex" is to drastically change the standards of service both for the convenience of visitors and for increasing the revenue of restaurants due to increased visitor flow, average check growth, more precise control and more effective marketing campaigns. The shareholders of the project, he said, expect that in 3-3.5 years 10,000-20,000 restaurants will pass to the new standard.

What services will the "Foodplex" unite? Rambler & Co turned the reviews of restaurant critics of the magazine "Afisha" into an online service of user recommendations "Afisha. Restaurants: more than 30,000 restaurants and about 1 million people a month. Since 2015, the service provides online booking of tables. In the same year, Rambler & Co acquired half of the UCS. Rambler & Co does not disclose financial results. But the UCS website says that its program for managing restaurants is used by 53,000 establishments in 48 countries.

In the same year, Sberbank acquired a stake in Platius, a developer of loyalty systems and mobile payments, and wanted to make it a standard for retail business. Later, the service was renamed Plazius and focused on serving restaurants. He already gives an opportunity to pay on the account, without waiting for the waiter, and cashlessly reward him through "Yandex.Money". Plazius works with 1,700 restaurants in Russia, it has 350,000 active users.

The amount of investment in the launch of the platform, none of the interlocutors called. Investment needs "Fudpleksu" to quickly integrate part of the future platform and release it on the market, indicating the person who knows the details of the project: in addition to money, software and expertise of the partners will give the platform access to the customer base, such as the Savings Bank of the distribution network, which provides merchant acquiring and lend a huge number of restaurants. In addition, Sberbank - an investor of several technology companies, in particular, "Yandex.Deneg", with which "Foodplex" creates joint products.

Another important part of the "Foodplex" is the collection and analysis of data on attracting and servicing guests, says a person familiar with the details of the project: who responded to the advertisement on the "Bill. Restaurants ", what is the average check of a particular guest, how often does he come to this institution and what does he order. So the restaurant will understand better how its marketing and loyalty programs work, save on printing plastic discount cards and on the program of a secret buyer, increase the turnover of tables during peak hours, etc. "Our products are already improving the restaurant business," says Vedomosti ". "In restaurants that are connected to Plazius, the tip of waiters due to the convenience of non-cash settlements grew by 15-20%."

The idea of ​​"Fudpleksa" promising, says the head of "Restkonsalta" and co-owner of restaurants "Meat & Fish" Sergei Mironov, but cash payments are cheaper - for acquiring the restaurant pays 2-3% of the invoice.

Maison Dellos ("Shinok", "Pushkin Cafe", "Turandot", etc.), said his representative, creates his online management system: more than 20 years of work gathered an extensive customer base and the confidentiality of their data - a priority for Maison Dellos .