Sberbank came for the assets of the "Group Leader"

The enterprise of restaurateur Sergey Belkin was reminded of 250 million rubles of debt.
The company "Group leader" of the Ufa businessman Sergey Belkin, who owns a network of cafes and restaurants, can be declared bankrupt. With the relevant claim in the arbitration court appealed Sberbank, assessing the claims against the debtor in 253.7 million rubles. In 2013, the "Group Leader" attracted bank financing for the reconstruction of the former restaurant "Tinkoff" and refinancing the loan of "Investcapitalbank", issued for the purchase of the building. Since October 2017, the bank notes, the borrower does not make payments. Earlier, Sberbank filed for bankruptcy himself Mr. Belkin as a guarantor for the loan. Entrepreneur does not comment on the situation.

The Arbitration Court of Bashkiria on May 14 registered the statement of Sberbank on the recognition of the insolvent company "Leader of groups" businessman Sergey Belkin. "Group leader" develops a network of restaurants, cafes and pubs in Ufa and Sterlitamak, including "Wine and Cheese", Morris, Sherlock Holmes, Fiesta Pizza, Kitchen, Matryoshka, is the franchisee of the ice-cream chain Baskin Robbins.

The bank estimates its requirements for the "Leader of groups" at 253.73 million rubles. The date of consideration of the application by the court has not yet been determined.

About intentions to address with such application the Savings Bank has informed in December.

2016 "Leader of groups", according to Kartoteka.r, completed with a loss of 891 thousand rubles. with a revenue of 60.77 million rubles. The authorized capital of the enterprise is 10 thousand rubles. The cost of net assets at the beginning of 2017 was estimated at 10.83 million rubles.

As Kommersant reported, at the end of 2013, the "Group Leader" attracted 200 million rubles to Sberbank. of the loan - in part to reconstruct the building of the former restaurant "Tinkoff" on Lenin Street, in part - to refinance the loan of Investkapitalbank, with which for 120 million rubles. bought this building. The funds were raised for up to 10 years under the Business Project program.

The guarantors of the loan were the sole owner of the "Leader of groups" Sergei Belkin and his partner Igor Kulikov. As a pledge, according to "Kommersant", Sberbank was transferred to the building of the restaurant.

The press service of the Bashkir branch of Sberbank told Kommersant that the Group Leader is not fulfilling its obligations under the loan agreement since October 2017. The Bank is working to identify "all possible assets of the borrower and guarantors, including Sergey Belkin's personal property". "Completely repay the loan only by selling the building of the former restaurant" Tinkoff "will not work, as its value is significantly lower than the amount of debt," the bank reported.

During the reconstruction, the "Leader of groups" completed the building in two floors. In March last year, an active area of ​​5,5 thousand square meters. m was put up for sale on behalf of Sberbank for 250 million rubles. Later the price was reduced to 170 million rubles. Representatives of the "Leader of the Group" informed Kommersant that they are selling the facility as a result of "joint agreements with the bank". The buyer was not found.

In February this year, Sberbank filed an application to the court to declare bankrupt guarantors - Sergei Belkin, Igor Kulikov and the company "Service kitchen", owned by Mr. Kulikov. Requirements for each of the respondents in the bank were estimated at 227.84 million rubles.

Consideration of claims against Sergei Belkin, the court will continue on May 21, Igor Kulikov - June 4, "Service kitchen" - June 5.

Sergei Belkin yesterday declined to comment.

Real estate market expert Rustem Kamalov believes that the market value of the building is correctly defined. "The group leader" bought it for about 120 million rubles. Taking into account the project, the superstructure of the additional floor and completed works, 170 million rubles. - An adequate price. Another thing is that it is very difficult to find a buyer for a building, because together with it a new owner will have to buy his concept. The building is designed for five different restaurants, and it is unrealistic to find an investor ready to invest in such a project in Ufa. Federal players, as far as I remember, this project did not interest at the time, "the expert said.