Sberbank came into possession of President Plaza

The bank got it in settlment of the debt of 350 million dollars.
Sberbank closed the acquisition of the business center President Plaza (193,000 sq. M) on Kutuzov Avenue, spoke two real estate consultants, working with its members. According to them, the state bank received a range of repayment of debts of the owner of the object - the company "International Center for Development". It happened a few days ago, confirmed a person close to Sberbank. The amount of debt, "International Center for development", he said, was about $ 350 million. In 2011, the Savings Bank announces the opening of a credit line of $ 394 million.

President Plaza - a former project Mirax Group Sergei Polonsky. In 2009, he moved to Dmitry Lutsenko, a former financial director and minority shareholder Mirax Group, and that, in turn, drew in his partner - a company "Stroygazkonsalting" (it was then the owner Ziyad Manasir). In February 2016 a businessman Ruslan Baisarov, the main shareholder of "Stroygazkonsaltinga" in 2014-2015., Told that the tower belongs to him and Manasir equally. However, two consultants working with the object, in May this year claimed that the complex is fully controlledI Baysarov structures.

Owners President Plaza several years trying to find buyers and tenants on the subject. In 2013, negotiations on the purchase of the business center led "Transneft", was planned to place here the headquarters, but the parties failed to agree on a price. The owners plan to bail out the President Plaza for the facility about $ 1 billion, then told the consultants that are close to the sides of the negotiations.

As a result, "Transneft" has acquired from Snegiri Development Complex Now President Plaza completely empty. Find buyers for an object of such areas is extremely difficult, says CEO Vladimir Pinaev CBRE. In addition, the occupancy rate of the business center and interfere with the constant change of ownership, he recalls. At President Plaza very large floor - about 8,000 square meters. m, which is also complicated by the change: not every company can afford to rent such space, adds Konstantin Losyukov from Knight Frank. Although, in his opinion, President Plaza is still subject to quality, in demand by tenants. The cost of a business center Losyukov estimated at 25-30 billion rubles, CEO of CBRE Vladimir Pinaev -. About 15 billion rubles. However, withuchae selling small blocks of the object by the owners really could fetch about 300 000 rubles. for 1 sq. m usable space, or a total of about 30 billion rubles.

Savings can be placed in the center of the business part of their units, say two consultants working with the object. This option is really considered, it confirms a person close to the bank, but the final decision is still pending.