Sberbank has decided to bankrupt a billionaire from the Forbes list

Sberbank demanded to recognize the bankrupcy of owner of SU-155 construction company, Mikhail Balakin, who has the 50th place in the list of richest Russians. Businessman gave personal guarantees on loans of his companies.
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Statement of personal bankruptcy Balakina received by the Moscow Arbitration Court on 21 October 2015, should be out of business cards in the base of the Supreme Arbitration Court. The applicant made a subsidiary of Sberbank of Russia - the Volga-Vyatka Bank. November 9 the court took the decision to abandon the case without movement on the ground that the statement is not enclosed extract from the Unified State Register of individual entrepreneurs on the presence or absence of the citizen status of individual entrepreneur. A new declaration with missing references plaintiff must submit by 11 December.

Sberbank's representative confirmed to RBC fact corresponding to court, noting that the dispute can be settled out of court.

On the problems of one of the largest developers in the country became known at the end of 2014, when Moscow authorities imposed on companies in connection with claims for land leases in the amount of about 1 billion rubles. Then the court began to receive claims from other creditors, including the plaintiffs - bank "Globex", VTB, Bank of Moscow and Rosbank, Glavgosstroynadzor Moscow region, nalogoSingle inspection, as well as a number of companies and individuals. By April 2015, in respect of the SU-155 was filed 18 applications for the company's bankruptcy, including Sberbank.

The total debt of the group SU-155 Balakin the beginning of July are estimated at 27 billion rubles, including 22 billion owed to banks - negotiated restructuring of loans to them. In early October, the Ministry of Construction established a working group led by Minister Michael I, which was to choose a sanatorium for the SU-155. In addition to her officials included representatives of banks and other construction companies. In late October, "Vedomosti", with reference to its sources in the market said that the sanatorium SU-155 could be the company "Inteko" Mikhail Shishkhanov.

"SU-155 - the largest builder in our country: he introduced each year about 1 million square feet. meters of housing, explained the Men concern about the fate of the company in an interview with RBC. - Production facilities and the company's unfinished houses are located in 15 regions of the country. The SU-155 employs a large number of people, the company has about 27 thousand. Residents, participatory construction. Our task - to make all posstion, in order not to hurt people. " SU-155 itself estimated total investment in the completion of their construction projects at 10 billion rubles, and its industrial assets - 40 billion rubles.

In 2015, Forbes magazine estimated personal fortune of Michael Balakina of $ 1.7 billion - this corresponds to 50 th place in the ranking of "The richest businessmen of Russia." In the fall of 2014 Balakin was elected to the Moscow City Duma from the Liberal Democratic Party, becoming the wealthiest member of the City Parliament. In the income statement, he reported 196.73 million rubles earned in 2014.