Sberbank intends to recover 13 billion rubles from Rostov LLC Palmali

He intends to collect 13 billion rubles from the Rostov LLC Palmali.
Savings Bank decided to recover from Rostov LLC Palmali (part of the Turkish shipping group Palmali) 13 billion rubles. in the framework of the bankruptcy case. The cause of the claim were unpaid loans to the state bank for loans that the company took to refinance loans and purchase ships. In the mortgage, the bank has 46 courts of the debtor and real estate for $ 229 million. The management of "Palmali" declares plans for financial recovery. Experts believe that in the event of bankruptcy of the company, Sberbank may become the owner of illiquid assets, as river-sea vessels are not of interest to business now.

As it became known to the "Y-Yug", PJSC "Sberbank" wants to collect in the bankruptcy case of Rostov Ltd. "Palmali" (part of the Turkish shipping group Palmali, which is one of the largest carriers in the Caspian region and the Black Sea) 13 billion rubles. A corresponding application was submitted to the Arbitration Court of the Rostov Region.

From court documents it follows that from 2013 to 2014, Sberbank opened three credit lines for Palmali. The first credit line from October 2013 to $ 56.5 million was intended to refinance the cost of buying ships and repaying the current debt to Alfa-Bank. The second, also from October 2013, for $ 104 million was issued for the purchase of ten vessels. The third line of credit from February 2014 for $ 60.3 million, Palmali took five more ships for purchase. In addition, in March 2014, Palmali LLC became the guarantor of its subsidiary Palmali Caspian Marine Projects LLC with a loan from Sberbank. The bank opened a $ 34 million credit line to Palmali's subsidiary, but at the end of 2017 it demanded an early repayment of the debt, which now amounts to $ 26 million. The documents also note that the bank currently holds 46 Palmali ships and five objects of real estate. The total value of the latter exceeds $ 229 million.

The general director of Palmali, Alexei Mikhelev, told "Y-Yug" that he sees a way out of this situation. "We are not going to go bankrupt. Now we are working out the mechanisms for financial recovery of the company. What kind of mechanisms it will be, I can not say. This is a commercial secret. But I will say that we have already paid debts on salaries to our employees, "Mr. Mikhelev said, without specifying the amount involved. We note that Mr. Mikhelev is now being held by the suspect in the criminal case under part 2 of Art. 199.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (concealment of funds, which should be used to collect taxes, fees, insurance premiums). According to law enforcers, the businessman hid from the tax 17.5 million rubles.

Experts note that the possible bankruptcy of the company will not have an impact on the shipping market. "The procedures that led to the beginning of the Palmali bankruptcy process have been going on for a long time. In fact, the vessels of this company on the territory of Russia have not been operating for several years already, the tanker transportation market has been redistributed and balanced, "notes Nadezhda Malysheva, director of development of the PortNews information and analytical agency. In her opinion, being in pledge of the Sberbank court of the enterprise to sell will not be easy. "Now the river-sea class vessels are an illiquid asset for several reasons: first, today the share of transportation of petroleum products by inland waterways has decreased, moving to the railway; Secondly, there are enough new vessels of this class in the country, therefore the ships of Palmali are unlikely to cause interest among buyers in the Russian market, "Malysheva explained.

Until the date of delivery of the issue to the press in the Savings Bank could not comment on the situation.

Recall that in April of this year, the Arbitration Court of the Rostov region after the suit, OOO Lukoil-Bunker introduced a monitoring procedure at Palmali LLC. The plaintiff demanded that the defendant pay off the debt in the amount of 70.2 million rubles. for supplied oil products and related costs under an agreement concluded in March 2013. Now, within the framework of the bankruptcy case, the company was presented with claims by 26 creditors. So far, the largest claims to the debtor have been made by affiliated companies. So, the "daughter" of the debtor LLC "Palmali Caspian Marine Projects" through the court requires from the parent company 2.3 billion rubles. Requirements for 3.7 billion rubles. put forward the Maltese firm Palmali Holding Co.. Ltd is the parent company of Palmali LLC.