Sberbank invaded the Internet real estate market

Under the impact were CIAN and Avito, which may lose part of their audience.
Sberbank opened the population access to the service for the sale of real estate "Domklik." Now, any person - the owner of housing can post on the portal an announcement about the sale, and the state bank will give the buyer a discount to the rate of the mortgage. This was reported by the press service of Sberbank.

Until now, only professional market participants - realtors and real estate agencies - could advertise on the portal "Domklik".

The cost of publishing ads for a period of 90 days - 1 rub. "For the owners of apartments, which are clients of the Savings Bank, the service conducts confirmation of ownership in an automatic mode through integration with Rosreestr. Ads from confirmed owners receive a special badge "From the owner" and enjoy greater popularity among buyers, "the bank said in a statement. The check in Rosreestr allows you to confirm the existence of the apartment indicated in the ad on the given address, as well as the identity of the owner.

In 30 days after the announcement of the sale of an apartment for its buyer, a discount for a mortgage of 0.3 pp will begin to act, the representative of the Savings Bank promises.

"Now the portal presents more than half a million real estate objects from professional participants. For a year of work, it became the fifth real estate search site in Russia, according to the Simmilar Web rating, "says Nikolay Vasev, director of the Doklik division of Sberbank. Service can be a convenient tool for people who want to quickly sell housing. Most clients come to the portal, having approval for the mortgage from the bank, that is, they are ready to buy housing, share observations Vasev, and an additional discount on the mortgage - a good motivation to buy.

 "Gref said more than once that Sberbank creates an ecosystem around the client that should provide it with the maximum number of services, not only financial," says Sergei Gordeyko, head of the analytical center of Rusipoteka, "Domklik is just part of it."

Now Sberbank will directly compete with the sites of ads for buying and selling real estate, but this is not its main goal, Gordeyko believes. It is more important for the bank to attract and retain the client so that he uses his financial services: the cost of attracting the client is growing and the cost of sales is declining. Sberbank aims to increase the share of commission income, for which the site "Domklik" is extremely convenient, Gordeyko notes.

CICA considers as a competitor any site for sellers of real estate, including the site of the bank for mortgage registration, follows from the words of the director of the CIAN product Mikhail Vasiliev. "But we need to start [in order to attract a large audience to the real estate portal] not from a sale, but from a lease, since it is in this segment that a user preference is formed in the service for subsequent purchase," he believes. In contrast to "Domklik", on CICA, owners can place ads for free, the placement period is unlimited. TsIAN checks whether the publication is made by the owner, however, it is impossible to study all the ads on this subject, Vasiliev added.

The representative of Avito, where you can also post advertisements for the sale of real estate, did not answer the question of "Vedomosti" about whether the service regards the portal "Domklik" as a competitor. He only noted that the fee for placing an announcement about the sale of real estate on Avito is charged only since the second publication. For example, in Moscow the placement of the second announcement of real estate on Avito will cost 249 rubles. "The Avito moderation service constantly checks all ads that arrive to the site and blocks non-compliant Avito," he added.

What is Domklick?

"Domklik" - Sberbank's portal for real estate transactions. It allows you to apply for a mortgage online, get the approval of the bank and choose a suitable apartment, and also from June 2018 - place an advertisement for sale by a private person. All stages of searching, buying an apartment and mortgage registration are online, the bank will have to come only once - to sign a loan agreement. In the process of mortgage registration clients can receive consultations in the chat. Customers can also order additional services: price examination, real estate valuation, electronic registration of property rights, safe settlement service, etc. Has a mobile application "Domklik" for iOS and Android.