Sberbank is ready to give 420 million rubles for a troubled project in New Moscow

However, the developer company didn't take the moneydue to internal corporate conflict.
17 November Sberbank approved the issuance of a loan until the end of the year for the completion of the problem object - LCD "Novo-Nikolskoye." Development company "Agrostroy" then confirmed its willingness to raise a loan, but the agreement should approve the loan within the company, a representative of Sberbank said.

According to the department of development of new territories (DRNT) Moscow, Sberbank and "Agrostroya 'equity agreements concluded with more than 800 real estate investors. "Agrostroy" froze construction in the first nine months due to the corporate conflict and funding for the project was stopped, said a representative of the Savings Bank. The Bank had no choice how to proceed with the financing of the project due to the difficult situation with real estate investors, said one of the participants in the negotiations.

But at a meeting on December 1 in Moscow DRNT representative "Agrostroya" Konstantin Petrenko, acting on behalf of the controlling owner Igor Mavlyanova company (he principal owner of the jewelry retailer - group "Jasper"), said that the loan to Sberbank conditions he is not satisfied. This was told by another participant of the meeting, a minority shareholder "Agrostroya" Babek Hasanov, and is confirmed by a representative of the Savings Bank.

Petrenko, explains Mavlyanova representative, was invited to help understand the construction Mavlyanova "Novo-Nikolsky". But Hasanov was not notified that Petrenko is "Agrostroy". Petrenko was speaking at a meeting in DRNT as a private citizen, noted in DRNT. A person close to the mayor's office confirmed that Petrenko described himself as a representative Mavlyanova and documents to prove it, he did not. Petrenko, according to PPS-Bank, - the chairman of its supervisory board.

In DRNT Petrenko proposed that the technical supervision of the project of an independent company to avoid a situation where the contractor himself oversees the construction, said the representative Mavlyanova. Previous technical customer, "Skyscraper Invest" - an organization which, according to "SPARK-Interfax", Hasanov connected through the "VIP-forwarder" and "Skyscraper GB."

Mavlyanov Hasanova became a partner in the "Novo-Nikolskoye" in 2006 as an investor, said a representative Hasanov, then the conflict started from partners. In 2016 Mavlyanov filed a lawsuit to the Arbitration Court of Moscow region to "Skyscraper Invest". Former CEO "Agrostroya" concluded contracts with affiliated companies Hasanov, and they carried out some work to a disadvantage, according to the materials of the case. Court in July rejected the claim. Now the case in the Court of Appeal.

Offer Petrenko put in another party project requires, in effect, restart the negotiations, said the representative of Sberbank.

The agreements with the Mavlyanova on all questions have already been achieved, according to Hasanov; why there are new conditions - he does not understand. "Agrostroy" after a meeting in DRNT agreed to finish building the object with the previous contractor, claims representative Mavlyanova. Hasanov refutes this: Mavlyanova representatives insist on the demands put forward at the meeting.

Sberbank remains ready to provide a loan, according to representative of the bank, despite the late 'Agrostroya "from previous loans - about 5.3 billion rubles. If "Agrostroy" Sberbank did not take the money, the probability of bankruptcy of the developer, according to the press service of the bank. Negotiations with the owners of the company, with the participation DRNT go from the beginning of 2016 to avoid bankruptcy and problems of equity holders, said the bank.

If companies do not get to come to an agreement, Sberbank may start a project involves Partner A2 Mikhail Alexandrov, then either he will take up the construction site, or sell it.

DRNT representative declined to comment on the decision taken at the meeting, but assured that the situation is not a dead end and there is a positive trend.