Sberbank sold "Krasnaya Polyana" to the company, probably related to "Sochi Park"

Among the members of the company's management is the son-in-law of the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev.
96.91% of the NAO "Krasnaya Polyana", which owns the mountain resort "Gorki Gorod" in Sochi, can buy OOO "Resort plus" Sberbank. The company only applied for participation in the auction affiliated with "Sberbank Capital", "CRS Holding" with an initial value of 35 billion rubles. He concluded October 12, reported the press service of the Savings Bank. The agreement must be concluded at the initial price, the deposit amounted to 3 billion rubles., Follows from the tender documentation. The application for approval of the transaction was received by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) on 24 September agreed on 2 October to the press service of the FAS.

Ltd. "The resort plus" is registered in Moscow for three weeks before the auction - 21 September. Authorized capital - RUR 8 billion. 99% of the company owned by OOO "Business Resort" 1% - Anatoly Trusov. "Business Resort" is 100% owned Anne Prudchenko, head of the company Vadim Trukshin. He - CEO and Member of the Board of Directors of JSC "Sochi-Park". The company "has successfully implemented the obligations on the construction of Olympic facilities" - the theme park "Sochi Park" amusement; and hotel complex "Bogatyr" category "4 stars", said in the company's annual report. The plans - construction of new facilities: the Dolphinarium, water park, restaurants. At the end of 2014 assets of "Sochi Park" amounted to almost 13.6 billion rubles, shareholders' equity -. 4.74 billion rubles, revenues - 355 million rubles, loss -. 1.55 billion rubles. The "Sochi-Park" should be 9.45 billion rubles to Vnesheconombank. for loans secured by company shares, real estate and personal property (vehicles and rides). 100% of shares of "Sochi Park" belongs to the Krasnodar LLC "South-business partner", agricultural holdings, to merge several agricultural plants (Crimean grain complex, fodder plant Pavlovsky, Pavlovsky Sugar Mill). In August 2015 "South-business partner," established LLC "Gorky Park". "South-business partner" owns "Novadey Ltd" registered in Nevis.

Gambling interest

Among the members of the Board of Directors of JSC "Sochi-Park" - Eugene Kryukov, CEO of the Sochi Ltd. "Royal" with main activity - organization igornogbusiness. Co-owner of "Royal" (with a share of 10%) Mikhail Danilov - one of the beneficiaries (12.5%) Kazan «Star Bet", known by the brand name "Bingo Boom." At the end of 2014 the revenue of "Star Bet" (main activity - the organization of games of chance) amounted to 16.85 billion rubles, net profit -. 448 million rubles, assets -. 3.34 billion rubles. The company has operating branches in Astrakhan, Yoshkar-Ola, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Zelenodolsk and Novomoskovsk, according to SPARK

The Board of Directors of JSC "Sochi Park" is listed in-law of the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev Roman Batalov, he - the first deputy director Trukshin. Batalov is also a member of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region on the "United Russia". He is this year joined the board of directors "Agrocomplex", which is controlled by Tkachev family. Anna Prudchenko in 2011-2012. "Gallery Krasnodar" was listed on the board. The owners of the company, formerly known as the "City Park" were Tkachev and family members, but in 2008 Tkachev structure withdrew as co-owners, of Forbes wrote.

not connected "resort plus" with"Sochi Park" and does not represent the company's interests, Trukshin said. According to him, it is "a long time" does not actually work in the "Sochi Park". Nevertheless, he is listed as the general director of "Sochi Park" in the list of affiliates as of September 30. "The resort is a plus" was created to manage the resort 'Gorki Gorod "said Trukshin without revealing information about the owners of the company.

Contact "Sochi Park" in the Savings Bank does not comment. The owners of the two tourist sites in Sochi heard that the buyer "Hills City" associated with "Sochi Park" and the people belonging to the board of directors of the company, knows about it and the head of the partner organization "Sochi Park".

Company "Krasnaya Polyana" built ski complex "Mountain Carousel" and Olympic ski jumps in Sochi. The project cost 77.2 billion rubles., of which 52.2 billion rubles. - A loan VEB. In December 2014 the Federal Antimonopoly Service approved the petition of "Center of the Omega" (owned by the regional administration) to purchase 96.915% owned Sberbank NAO "Krasnaya Polyana". The contract for the sale of shares was signed in February, before the dealolagalos close during the year, reported in the statements of the Savings Bank. It also says that "Krasnaya Polyana" assets in the amount of 66.8 billion rubles. and its commitment to 58 billion rubles. They have been reclassified as assets and liabilities of a disposal group, respectively. The regional administration has refused to buy shares plans "Krasnaya Polyana" and will focus on the development of the facilities of the coastal cluster of companies, a company spokesman said.

Loss NAO "Krasnaya Polyana" for 2014 approached 22 billion rub., The company has 52 billion rubles. outstanding loans. The main cause of losses in 2014 due to the fact that the operators overestimated demand for hotel services in the complex, the report notes, "Krasnaya Polyana". As a result, revenues from hotel services for 2014 was 70% below the plan and almost completely been formed at the expense of income received during the Olympic Games, to the document. "Gorki Gorod" was regarded as one of the sites for the gambling zones, which should appear in 2016 in Sochi. As a tourist site, this complex nonprofits, his buyerclearly must have a plan to use the object in a different capacity, says the owner of one of the hotels in Sochi. He knows that discussed the issue of establishing a casino in "Gorky city."
Tkachev's representative did not respond to the request "Vedomosti".