Scandalous developer Maxim Blazhko will lose his last major facility in Moscow

The Moscow Arbitration Court ordered the sale of the firm - owners of LCD Neskuchny Home & Spa. The plaintiff was VEB, to whom the businessman's structures owed in aggregate up to 12 billion rubles.
The Moscow Arbitration Court drew 33% of the collection of OOO Complex-Stroy and 100% of OOO Diorit Firm, follows from the court decision. These companies, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, own LLC "Stroy-complex" - the owner of the rights to the multifunctional complex "Neskuchny Home & Spa", being built in the 5th Donsky Passage. The project is being built by the development company Gorn Development, created by the co-founder of "Donstroi" Maxim Blazhko. Within the framework of the project 437 000 sq. M. m, of which 190 000 square meters. m - housing. Now the first stage of the 69-storey tower is being built on 38 200 square meters. m.

The plaintiff is Vnesheconombank (VEB), which, according to the case file, Blazhko owes more than 7.6 billion rubles. General claims of the bank to the businessman now exceed 12 billion rubles.

Funds for the construction of "Neskuchny Home & Spa" structures Blazhko attracted in 2007. Then they received from Sviaz-Bank (now a member of VEB) 5.6 billion rubles. In 2012, the parties entered into a settlement agreement, and VEB forgave Blazhko 2.7 billion rubles. debt. But in the summer of 2017 Gorn Development again defaulted on the loan, said earlier to "Vedomosti" two sources close to the developer and VEB. In January 2018, the same people said that Blazhko was trying to negotiate a debt restructuring. According to them, the transfer of the stake to Neskuchny Home & Spa was discussed.

Negotiations on the settlement of debt obligations are still going on, these interlocutors of Vedomosti say. One of them reminds: VEB has recently changed its leadership, the bank was headed by former First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov. Now, according to the interlocutor of Vedomosti, the bank is aimed at selling non-core and distressed assets, so even if VEB enters the capital of the company owning Neskuchny Home & Spa, it will be temporary. Representatives of VEB and Gorn Development declined to comment.

From the decision of Moscow's arbitration it follows that the property recovered on VEB's debt will be sold at public auction. The initial cost of 33% of "Complex-building" - 767.2 million rubles., 100% of "Diorita" - 72.1 million rubles. The difference between the amount of debt and the sale price of the deputy head of the practice of property and liability relations of the legal service "Amuleks" Galina Hamburg explains by the fact that it is this value of the parties' shares agreed in the pledge agreements. The funds raised from the sale must go to repay the debt. If the shares are not sold at the first and repeated trades, they can get to the bank, says Dmitry Kletochkin, partner of Rustam Kurmaev and Partners.

"Neskuchny Home & Spa" - the last major active project Blazhko. The businessman is known as the co-founder of the holding "Donstroy", one of the largest developers of premium real estate in Moscow. In 2010, during the restructuring of debts of Donstroi to VTB, the company Don-Stroy Invest, which was engaged in housing construction, was assigned from the holding. As a result, it was headed by top managers of VTB. Who is its owner now, it is not known, market participants associate Don-Stroy Invest with VTB.

The remaining commercial projects of Blazhko also gradually passed to creditors. The project of a multifunctional complex (267,000 sq. M.) At the intersection of the Zvenigorodskoye Highway and the 3rd Silicate Passage, as Kommersant reported a year ago, was to pass to the creditor - the bank "Russian Capital". The Nordstar Tower business center in Begovaya and the shopping and entertainment center "Shchuka" on Shchukinskaya went to Riverstretch Trading & Investments (RT & I): the Blazhko structures owed it about 30 billion rubles, which RT & I bought from Sberbank. Who is behind this company is also not known, market participants said that it operates in the interests of Rosneft and GC Region. Both companies did not confirm this. Structure Blazhko also planned to build up 4,700 hectares in the Ruza district of the Moscow region. It was planned to build an entire city of 8 million square meters. m worth 300 billion rubles. The fate of this project is not known.