School of a young billionaire: how to earn on tow trucks

The semifinalist of the Forbes startups competition Xenia Zagoskina talks about the difficulties of creating CrocoDie mobile app, that notifies the driver on an approaching tow truck.
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The idea appeared CrocoDie year and a half ago. As is usually the case among entrepreneurs, at the table of the Moscow cafe: during a chat with a friend was born a spontaneous thought about the service, which would help the citizens to save your car from the evacuation, by the time reached unprecedented proportions in the capital.

Actual this service began immediately with the entry into force of the new parking rules. We set ourselves the task to come up with such a "thing" that would help motorists learn about towing approach to avoid the so-called "green crocodile" and costly methods to export cars to the penalty-parking. The stock of physical and intellectual tools in our arsenal was small: the actual idea, social mission, working laptops and unbridled enthusiasm. And we did not know anything about the IT-industry and had no idea what to look for when creating an online platform by the type of social network.

To fully immerse yourself in your own business, I had to resign from the company in which I was engaged in the export sales of petrochemicals. After meand was a colleague of mine, now a partner. We had no idea about startups and similar types of newfangled business. However, the desire to create something of their own, new and useful prevailed over the fears and risks that harbored the launch of the project.

The first phase consisted of a continuous problem. First of all, it is wrong selected team. Professionals in the field of technology is not enough, we simply do not understand where to look for them. We came to the aid of friends of friends, who performed a number of works remotely. At some point, "remote" the team disbanded. Since we have little understanding of the development of the mass of online products, and they are poorly understood in the client service and teamwork, nepotism had to be stopped, and the first version of the product discarded.

From the failure I made a simple but positive conclusion: when you're fully immersed in the business, and it does not work, do not give up. In business, there is always an opportunity to "screw up", saving on quality services. To build their business more effectively, I began to attend courses on project management. That helped, but there was a new big problem & mdash; mobile app design. The first version was raw and needed improvement. It turned out that the design is not suitable for the needs of mobile users. Users who were given test application developers asked questions, not knowing where the button is, and where a simple clickable image. The fact that the designer, which is engaged in visualization applications, previously worked all her life to the site, so it was unable to adjust to the new format. As a result, another remake - we replaced all in this application, including custom scripts and functionality.
The publication: Criticism creates quality

When it was ready the application for Android, we have placed it in the Play Market, as this online marketplace promotes the most rapid publication of the application. In the same App Store, you will not be without further ado, awaiting moderation up to 50 days (at the beginning of March 2016 we launched and there). Eventually, the application has been found to 20,000 times. Already in 4500 the application of active users. And it is gaining both quantitative and qualitative indicators. For instance, Moscow therethrough fixeiruetsya from 300 to 350 in tow day.

Glory came our app noticed the media. However, the positive and the publication thereof is not hidden, and "negative" comments the users who were skeptical about the idea of ​​monitoring the tow. There were even comments that we supposedly encourage fans to park properly. All such statements I personally answer and explain in detail what we have only a derivative of the parking law. Besides, I often remind our customers that the payment of a fine in case of violation of parking rules remain the responsibility of the motorist. Therefore violated - pay.

The next stage - the collection and analysis of errors and shortcomings, which we are gradually taken into account and corrected. So, with the help of feedback from users has been adjusted to work with geolocation application that correctly determines the location of vehicles. At the request of the customer become more convenient buttons - a practical solution was to jump success. To improve the service the second time we have helped somewhat and haters (who openly expresses hostility to the product). They wrote great posts detailed analysisapplications, they also brought us to the changes that are embodied in the second version of the application. I personally read all the comments of customers and communicate with them on the phone, and now think it is important and useful not to miss a word about the product. This is the "voice of the customer", which should be cherished.
How to escape from a tow truck

Business began to unwind. The second version of the application has become much more flexible and thought it was due to the new features, developed by new team members. To this party, and freelancers are not left us, it was decided to distribute the roles. Due to specialization greater efficiency can be achieved faster than in the presence of universal workers. Now a team of 20 employees - a designer, developers, testers, coder, a financial analyst, moderators, call center operator, usability experts, marketers, the SMM-crates, and even those who are engaged exclusively mail-mailing. On an ongoing basis - three moderator and three developer. Thus, from the point of view of business, you can quickly change the tariffs and put a bunch of experiments. Some ares them then lead to breakthrough business growth.

What is CrocoDie today? This application, which is easy to use. Registered user puts the geotags in the place where he had left the car. And when a tow truck at a distance, which will indicate the pre-configured, gets a push and SMS notification, to get back to the car. Thus, the application saves the motorist against encroachments on his wallet from green tow. (July 19, 2015 came into effect of the change of the Administrative Code, according to which the evacuation process is terminated, if the owner of the car came to a place of detention before the movement).

The application itself has two key buttons - "I do not want to fine parking" and "Kill the crocodile." In the first case, the owner of the car to pay 169 rubles per month for use of the service, in the second - CrocoDie pay 50 rubles for each caught "crocodile" to the person who reports the location of a tow truck. So nice circuit with minimum profit. We are working not only in the capital and the Moscow region, but also in Kazan, Caliingrade, Nizhny Novgorod and Saratov. In these cities, the problem with the tow truck, as it turned out, no less relevant.

While we can not predict that the application will make millions. It has not happened to self-sufficiency, but can boast of, and does not generate losses. We are with the team planning to soon raise more "pickers" of information about the tow truck and antievakuatora users, then it will be possible to provide exact figures on the revenue.