Schoolgirl daughter of the Ryazan governor beat dad on income

The income of the minor daughter of the governor of the Ryazan region, Nikolai Lyubimov, was more than twice that of her father.
Origin source
This is evidenced by the declaration of the head of the region for 2019, it is published on the website of the regional government.

According to her: Lyubimov himself earned 4.3 million rubles in a year, his wife - 1.8 million rubles, and the governor's minor daughter received as much as 10 million rubles.

The head of the region owns neither an apartment, nor a car, all property belongs to his wife. This is an apartment of 92 sq. m, share in an apartment with an area of ​​70.6 sq. m, as well as an Audi Q7 car. The family has an apartment of 205.1 sq. m, and the daughter of the governor, in addition, also uses an apartment of 127.7 sq. m, a utility pantry with an area of ​​2.2 sq. m and a parking space of 16.7 sq. m.

As a source of income for the minor daughter of the head of the region, the declaration indicates the funds “received from the sale of real estate and the father's savings for 2018”.

How the authorities explained the income of the 13-year-old daughter of the governor

“She didn't earn twice as much as me! Just bought a property. This is all in the declaration! " - Lyubimov told Open Media. His daughter is 13 years old.

Press secretary of the head of the Ryazan region, Denis Arapov, in an interview with the publication "Rise" explained that the family helped out this money through the sale of real estate, which was registered for the girl. “If you look at the declaration for 2018, a minor child has properties there that are not there in 2019, that is, they were sold,” he explained, noting that the funds received from the sale were reflected in the declaration for 2019. “What kind of corruption ?! Real estate objects were registered on the child, they were sold, the amount of income received was included in this column of the declaration, ”Arapov stressed.

According to the declaration data of Nikolai Lyubimov for 2018, his daughter owned apartments with an area of ​​43.3 square meters, 67.6 square meters. and 152.7 sq.m. The daughter had two more apartments with an area of ​​205.1 sq.m. and 92 sq.m. She also owned a garage box of 12.4 sq.m. and non-residential premises measuring 156.3 sq.m.

In the declaration for 2019, apartments with an area of ​​152.7 sq.m. is no longer there, but a new one appeared, measuring 127.7 sq.m. Also, non-residential premises and a garage-box disappeared from the declaration, but a parking space of 16.7 sq.m. appeared. and an out-of-house utility storeroom measuring 2.2.


Compared to the previous year, Lyubimov's income in 2019 fell significantly. So, for the year before last, the politician declared more than 15 million rubles, his wife then earned 840,000 rubles, and the youngest daughter received 8 million rubles.

Lyubimov has held the post of Governor of the Ryazan Region since 2017. He ran for this post from the United Russia party. Before heading the region, the politician was a State Duma deputy. In 2018, Lyubimov was appointed to the Supreme Council of United Russia.