Sechin joined the battle for "Uralkali"

"Rosneftegaz" joined the battle for the right to buy "Uralkali".
The state company is the only from all the applicants which does not need help of banks. Its balance is about 230 billion rubles.

Purchase a package of Suleiman Kerimov "Uralkali" interested public "Rosneftegas", whose board of directors is headed by the president of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin. This "Vedomosti" told two gosbankira and close to "Uralkali" source. A friend of one of the owners of "BRIC" states that "Rosneft" together with [former owner of St. Petersburg and the head of the State Construction Committee of ICB Vladimir] Kogan "wants to buy shares in the company. However, another close to the "Uralkali" the source claims that no "Rosneftegas" nor "Rosneft" in the list of applicants not.

The representative of the Federal Property Management Agency said that his agency information about this transaction did not arrive. Sechin's representative declined to comment.

Sechin has long been partial to "Uralkali". Even when he was deputy prime minister he initiated the re-investigation into the causes of the accident on one of the company's mines in 2008. The conclusion of the commission & mdash; the company is guilty of flooded workings and should compensate the state for all of the lost reserves. The cost of the remaining reserves under the ground could make 83-125 billion rubles., Calculated commission. However, the authorities did not even try to recover from the company that amount. But the overall situation has led to the fact that the company owned at the time Dmitry Rybolovlev sold its 63.5% stake to Kerimov and his partners.

And after the recent arrest of General Director of "Uralkali" Vladislav Baumgertner when the "Transneft" announced reduction of oil supplies to Belarus because of repairs of the pipeline, Sechin has said repeatedly that "Rosneft" will fulfill all obligations under the supply of raw materials in the country. On Saturday, he repeated it again. He also said that the company is in talks about the development of business in Belarus "in all directions".

"Rosneftegas" - the only bidder, who will not have problems with money. The company owns 10% of "Gazprom" shares and 75% - "Rosneft". Now in its accounts to be 230 billion rubles.

At the same time the state holding may well act as mirotvCAR conflict with Belarus, said Sayles IFC "Metropol" Sergei Phylchenkov.

Fund Kerimov Suleyman Kerimov Foundation is willing to sell the shares of "BRIC", based on an assessment of $ 20 billion for the entire company (LSE on Friday was worth $ 16.05 billion), tells a familiar Kerimov. According to him, there are two groups of entrepreneurs who have already collected the money. Kogan is part of one of them, adds the source "Vedomosti". Names of others, he does not call.

Kogan - the main contender for the package, said a source close to the "Uralkali" and gosbankir. But the money for the deal had not gosbankir explains. Forbes in 2013 estimated the state Kogan at $ 950 million. The former banker, according to Bloomberg, wants to buy a package and Kerimov, Filaret Galchev, and Anatoly Skurov and plans to raise $ 9 billion. Without the help of state-owned banks to find such a sum is not possible, the source says, close to "Uralkali" and three gosbankira. But state-owned banks do not provide the same amount as the transaction will not be approved by the president, they emphasize. Kogan is trying to get permission to buy Putin "Uralkali", confirm gosbankir federal ChinoINEC, and a source close to "Uralkali".

By Kogan can join another old friend of Putin - Arkady Rotenberg, says one of the interlocutors. Rotenberg - the game confirms gosbankir, without specifying he wants to buy, or in partnership with someone. Rothenberg representative talks and their intention to participate in the purchase of "BRIC" denies.

A friend of one of the contenders for the "Uralkali" tells a different version. According to him, not only sold the package Kerimov, but the share of the owner "Eurocement Group" Galchev (7%), co-owner of "Sibuglemeta" Skurov (4.8%), and 12,5% Wadge Holdings shares (controlled by all three partners ). The last issued bonds in favor of the Chinese sovereign fund Chengdong Investment Corporation, which in 2014 can be converted into shares of "BRIC". This percentage (46.05%) are sold based on an assessment of $ 19 billion for the entire company, said the source "Vedomosti". And no less than $ 4.5 billion partners want to get the money, and the rest are ready to take the assets. On the basis of this assessment, all 46.05% of the shares are worth $ 8.7 billion. This VarAnt really discussed, confirms close to "Uralkali" source. This option Karimov rejected, says businessman familiar.