Secret booking of Ilya Kligman

Where did the banker Ilya Kligman hide 35 billion rubles from the double-entry bookkeeping in Arksbanka?
Law enforcement authorities are still trying to find the 35 billion rubles of unknown origin who lost license "Arksbanka". In business circles, said that "black cash" may belong to a well-known banker Ilya Kligmanu who repeatedly evade justice. It began with the fact that "at the time of the bank's checking randomly one of the inspectors noticed on the screen followed by another automated banking system (ABS). It highlights another working day - for the same date, but with different numbers. They began to dig deeper, - said the expert of the Central Bank.

It turned out arksovtsy were so-called "double-entry bookkeeping." In the shadows were about 35 billion rubles. Moreover, affected thousands of bank customers, legally invest funds. For managers' Arksbanka "put on deposit smaller amounts - of the supposedly took on interest" secret investors. " Representatives of the Central Bank "arksovtsy" showed reports in which "the sum of contributions was less than ten times." Attract customers' Arksbank "using" legal fraud ". For example, offers customers interest on foreign currency deposits is higher than the market. Thus, in the structure of which lost the license could be put under the euro and the dollar 4.4%, although no more than 3% did not give.

This banking policy was implemented in 2014. The most important thing, "Arksbank" was in the deposit insurance system. But the DIA not noticed or did not want to ignore the situation.
"" Arksbank "- a new generation of financial schemes, which do not face so subtly neither we nor the Central Bank. But now we know about it and working on it ", - said the director of the Deposit Insurance Department DIA Alexey Abramov. It's weird, because DIA insured deposits "Arksbanka".

Note that a similar situation was in the "MOSOBLBANK", which again, according to market participants, was associated Kligman. The bank gave the 76 billion rubles belonging to 350 thousands of depositors! Note, 97.96% of the shares "MOSOBLBANK" belongs to JSC "SMP Bank", which is controlled by brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg. If this "roof" Kligman, then it is understandable why it is impossible to catch. Then it becomes even more interesting, because in the "Arksbanke" worked by the same people as in "MOSOBLBANK". But "Arksbanka" was a highlight, he transferred money depositors legal "planers" and "Tetrapolis"! Thereafter finasny went as credits, according to preliminary data, the persons affiliated with "Arksbankom"!

So what happened to the 35 billion rubles? Law enforcement agencies have a thread to unravel the case of "black cash". Money on preliminary information passed to "foreign depository". The problem is that while there is nothing real except that in the security forces. We emphasize that quickly, shortly before the withdrawal of the license "Arksbanka" managers of the bank, allegedly on the orders of Kligman "brought back" a loan of 600 million rubles. According to the Central Bank, at the end of last year, "Arksbank" was under the control of first ten and then nine natural persons. It Vadim Timofeev (18%), Gennady Psarev (18.8%), Nikolai Fyodorov (14.3%), Sergey Drobizhev (8.2%) and Oleg Saninsky (6.4%), Alexei Yashechkin (3.3 %) Alexander Gerasimenko (2.15%), Alexander Kaftanov (3.3%), Grigory Filippov (3.5%). According to unconfirmed information, Mr. Kligman worked through Gerasimenko, which may be the "key" to the scheme.

It is important to note that after the Central Bank began to "sound the alarm", "Kligman employees" moved from "Arksbanka" in the Buryat "BaykalBanke" (BB). After that, "BaykalBank" completely closed the branch in Buryatia - the main area of ​​your stay a financial institution, and then in all other regions. All this happens in just a few weeks.

Deep "Baikal"

Recall the "Arksbanka" withdraw the license of 07.19.2016, the "BaykalBanka" 08/18/2016. After the central bank asked the BB "additional provision in the amount of 330 million rubles," "employees Kligman" translated BB in "high-risk group and blocked correspondent account, writing off all funds to repay the loan previously obtained from the Central Bank, and leaving nothing for settlements with customers. " Perhaps "black cash", "Arksbanka" migrated first to "BB" and then "vanished." By the way, "a few days before the withdrawal of the license from" Arksbanka ", he was elected as the new Chairman of the Board" BaykalBanka "- Vitaly Avdeev." Frontman?

"Cockroaches" Kligman

Note BB actually "saved" affiliated "Arksbankom" "planer", "Inkarobank", "Agrosoyuz" UMbank. BB "has transferred all of its profitable assets of these banks."
Note that before the withdrawal of the license in the Republic of Buryatia came to "address issues related to the" BaykalBankom "" Alexander Gerasimenko - one of the shareholders and the deputy chairman of "Arksbanka"! "Gerasimenko headed the board," Arksbanka "one and a half years until April 2015, when he exchanged posts with his deputy Dina Pakhomova. Gerasimenko, as well as another member of the Board of "Arksbanka" worked in banks lost their licenses. Gerasimenko headed the legal department Deal-bank (license revoked in December 2015) and the bank "Evromet" - say people familiar with the situation in humans.

It Gerasimenko started to drag in the BB staff "Arksbanka". How did he act unnoticed? Mr. Gerasimenko "had numerous contacts with the head of the National Bank of Buryatia - a branch of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Nikolai Stepanov." The city representatives of the Central Bank has monitored the situation and disconnected from BESP (system of banking electronic payments). Apparently, frontman Kligman - Avdeev - to his advantage before the withdrawal of the license had to crank out one more thing. He "exchanged available to" BaykalBanka "bonds goskholzhinga" Helicopters of Russia "and the paper of mutual funds shares Taganrog Combine Plant" - the transaction amount of about 400 million rubles. Then part of the assets he traded for gold.

Avdeev also managed to return the "free assistance shareholder" BaykalBanka "Venidiktova Alexander, who previously" donated "100 million rubles. Now the fighters against corruption, saying that the deal could be fraud. Donations may be only on paper! "There is a suspicion that this additional agreement, although it is dated July, came to light after the August Russian Central Bank regulations. As a result, all the "free" aid has been claimed by Alexander Venidiktovym, according to our data, in the form of cash and gold. And ordinary depositors at the same time desperately waiting for the return of their blood ", - said chairman of the Union of Buryat lenders and borrowers Vitaly Honihoev.

As law enforcement agencies? The Central Bank transferred all the documents, but the security forces are not yet in contact Avdeev ... This despite the fact that, together with Avdeev Venidiktovym "trying to appeal bankruptcy" BaykalBanka "arbitration". So, arbitration can be contacted, and the Ministry of the Interior - not!

Kligman "fire with fire"

As it turns out, that neither Kligmanu nor Avdeyev nor Gerasimenko law enforcement can not get? Ilya Kligman, "in 2009, accused by a heavy economic article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, began to testify against the" night of the governor of St. Petersburg "(OPG Tambov leader Vladimir Barsukov (Coumarin). As a result, unexpectedly Kligman was sentenced to a suspended term."

Perhaps "Arksbanke" were just money Tambov organized crime group that Kligman transfers from bank to bank, and then to offshore. It is known that in 2012 acquired Kligman "Transinvestbank" - his clients were offshore and "citizens of the Seychelles." It is likely that he stood for ofoshorami Kligman, who thus legalize money Barsukov (coumarin derivatives). In 2013, as expected "Transinvestbank" was denied a license.

Thereafter Kligman went to East Asia. But in the banking environment, say dubious financier keeps moving his business in Russia. In the case of a "Arksbankom" and BB pops up again his name. It seems to catch Kligman is possible only through Avdeeva and Gerasimenko. If this happens, the budget will replenish at least 35 billion rubles.