Secret operations of the Ananiev brothers

Promsvyazbank has found money to replenish its capital. The Anan'ev brothers laid them out of their own pocket?
Promsvyazbank (PSB) of the Ananiev brothers sold a non-core asset for 8 billion rubles. in order to replenish their capital. Now the bank's capital adequacy ratio is 6.58%, and from January 1, its value should be at least 7.025%. Ananyev repeatedly said that they can sell their assets to replenish the bank's capital. And in November, expected 8-9 billion rubles. from settlement of transactions on non-core assets. According to the forecasts of the brothers, the capital adequacy ratio as of January 1 will be 7.4%, which will allow meeting the requirements of the Central Bank with a comfortable margin.

It's strange that the Ananievs do not say what they sold and to whom. Why such secrecy? The representative of the PSB only said that the deal was conducted with a market investor. And that in November there were several such deals. Somehow in his interview Dmitry Ananyev told that he never talks about deals that are not over yet. Money, he said, like silence. Probably, Ananiev is afraid of being jinxed, he is a superstitious person. But here the deal has already been carried out. Why not make it public?

And the thing is that the Ananiev brothers probably did not sell anything to anyone. They just laid the money out of their own pocket. There is such a term "free means of investors". That these 8 billion rubles., Most likely, they were. For journalists, probably, a "duck" was launched about a certain person close to the bank, who told that the producer of stretch film "Regent-stretch" and "Regent non-woven materials" was sold. The representative of the bank did not comment on this information. Naturally! How can such a crap in general be commented on?

Non-core asset PSB

Probably, an unknown person close to the bank knew nothing about the financial condition of the assets of Regent-stretch and Regent non-woven materials when he told about their sale for $ 130 million. For example, Bank Vozrozhdenie got to the brothers Ananyev for $ 200 million. It is possible that these allegedly sold assets are in the PSB, but they can not cost so much. A person close to the bank clearly miscalculated.

OOO "Stretch" - this is the official name of "Regent stretch" for the last year has a revenue of 0 rub. (!). A profit - minus 138 thousand rubles. Who could have fought for such a "lucrative" asset? The founder of LLC "Skretch" is Oleg Goryachev, he is also the founder of OOO "Non-woven materials", which is "Regent non-woven materials." The company is located at the address of mass registration, the authorized fund - 10 thousand rubles. Well, it's just a super-profitable asset, once for him someone laid out millions of dollars.

Why do journalists hang noodles on their ears about these assets? Yes, because it seems that the brothers Ananyev did not disclose the deal, and information about it is there. A sort of intrigue on the level ground. Which to the truth, probably, has nothing to do. I recall a recent story with the Moscow Credit Bank (IBC), which held SPO and replenished its capital by 14 billion rubles. Shares worth 6.75 billion rubles. bought the concern "Rossium", which owns Roman Avdeev, he is the owner and the ICD.

Dmitry Ananyev does not tell the truth

Despite the fact that the DPM is trying to pretend that it is doing well, the bank indicators published on the portal of bank analysts indicate the opposite. The levels of instantaneous and current liquidity are estimated satisfactorily, the trend is negative. The ratio of highly liquid assets and raised funds is low, the trend is negative. The share of overdue loans is high, the trend is negative. The size of credit risks for shareholders is satisfactory, the trend is negative.

Last week, there was insider information that the PSB received from the Central Bank is not secured loan for 150 billion rubles. Did the brothers Ananyev launched this information? To show that they are all well and the CB trusts them. Only who will believe this? All the time, Ananievs are hiding something and this is alarming. Everyone remembers how the PSB's securities suddenly collapsed on the market. And even Dmitry Ananyev himself thought that panic would begin. He's right. It seems that it can begin at any moment. And then no close to the bank people of the PSB will not be saved.