Security forces came to the pharmacy

The office of "36.6" chain has been searched.
In the main office of the largest Russian network pharmacies "36.6", which recently became a shareholder in the global pharmaceutical giant Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), yesterday were searched and seized documents. This was preceded by a criminal case against the leadership of "36.6" for fraud on a large scale.

According to the observations of the witness relied upon by the publication of "Pharmaceutical Bulletin", searched the office of PJSC "36.6" (TC "Tishinka" Tishinskaya area, 1) began yesterday at about 9:30 am. At this time, drove up to the office several machines soldiers SWAT. About the beginning of the search rather quickly learned as competitors, "36.6": top manager of one of the pharmacy network in the morning told "Kommersant" that, to his knowledge, had come masked men acted quite tough, "putting the office staff persons at the floor."

A source in the Moscow police head office, said, "Kommersant" that none of their units in the searches on Tishinskaya area was not involved. Moreover, in order to clarify the situation, to the office of "36.6" even delivered via outfit patrol. Standing on the co inletSWAT nicknames allegedly told police that "here runs the Investigative Committee of Russia" (TFR). But in this department they have declared that they have no relation to what is happening: "None of our investigators, none of the central nor the capital of the apparatus or of the territorial divisions did not take participation in these searches."

According to the Vademecum publications, searches "36.6" was conducted by the Russian FSB. They, in particular, searched the accounting, IT-department and finance department, were removed from the computer's hard disk with operating information. The Russian Federal Security Service said they would not comment before the publication of the official press release. Leaders "36.6", including its general director and shareholder Vladimir Kintsurashvili, all day yesterday did not respond to the "Y" calls. Mr. Kintsurashvili, according to "Pharmaceutical Bulletin", present in the office during the search. Interviewees "Y" market participants said that they do not know what can be linked yesterday raided the "36.6".

The current major shareholders are "36.6" - Vladimir Kintsurashvili, Ivan Saganelidze Igor Zhibarovsky and Timur Shakaya & mdash; in recent years it has been the main consolidators in the Russian pharmacy market. In 2012, they joined Ave pharmaceutical companies and "Gorzdrav" on the basis of the first, and in 2013 began the process of merging with the "36.6", which he eventually became head of the structure of the combined company. In late 2014, "36.6", even before the completion of the merger with the Ave, acquired the business in Russia Finnish Oriola-KD, including pharmacy chains "Old Doctor" and "03" and the distributor "Oriola".

The last deal turned into trouble for "36.6" leadership after providers "Oriol" were not able to return the money for the delivered goods to it. The new owner "Oriole" during the 2015 first company restructured by dividing it into three new legal entities, and then applied to the Federal Tax Service of its liquidation. Then all in the struggle for the return of the funds went "ForaFarm" company, according to which the investigation department of the Ministry of Interior MU in suburban Lyubertsy opened a criminal case against the leaders of the "36.6" on the hour. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud committed group of people on a large scale). Co-owner "ForaFarm & quot; Olga Shtauberg told "Kommersant" that the debt "Oriole" was about 30 million rubles. Yesterday Ms Shtauberg said that it means the result has been returned. However, she does not know if the criminal case is closed with respect to "36.6".

The largest drug distributors - companies "Quatrain" and "Protec" - "36.6" is now to be substantially greater than 1.9 billion rubles. and 1.4 billion rubles. respectively. According to market participants, because of the large number of debt providers refused to ship goods into manageable "36.6" pharmacy.

By the end of 2015 ", 36.6" became the leader of the Russian pharmaceutical market with a share of 4.5% in value terms and sales of 33.5 billion rubles. (DSM Group data). At the A5 group, which "36.6" is currently also in the process of association, it was 1.5% with a turnover of 20 billion rubles in the same period, the market share. Becoming the largest player on the market, in April last year "36.6" conducted a deal with the US WBA (Walgreens brands, Boots et al.), Which is the largest pharmacy operator in the world. In exchange for its Russian distribution company Alliance Healthcare Russia received 15% of Americans in "36,6 & quot ;. According to one of the participants of the pharmaceutical market, at the WBA has an option for three years to increase the share to 85%.