Security villa of Dmitry Kostigin

The property of co-founder of Russia's Internet retailer Ulmart was arrested in Saint-Tropez.
In the St. Tropez villa detained Dmitry Kostygina, one of the founders of the "Yulmart". Thus, the French court upheld the decision of the Dzerzhinsky district court of St. Petersburg to take provisional measures on the suit of VTB to the businessman who owed the bank more than 650 million rubles as a guarantor. "Bullets are whistling and forced to crouch," Kostygin said to Kommersant, who claims that he does not have any real estate in the resort.

According to Kommersant, the representatives of VTB - and the interests of the bank is represented by Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP - to the High Court of Draguignan (France) sent a petition to the High Court of Draguignan (France) on 30 June. In a statement that was received by France through the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (available to Kommersant), it was reported that earlier the Dzerzhinsky district court of St. Petersburg had accepted VTB's lawsuit to recover from Dmitry Kostygin as a guarantor for the loan of more than 650 million rubles. At one time, the bank opened a credit line to NLO "Yulmart" for 715 million rubles. However, the borrower did not fully fulfill its obligations. Now the amount of debt with interest accrued to it increased to 661.5 million rubles. The Dzerzhinsky District Court ruled to seize Mr. Kostygin's assets, whose fortune is estimated at $ 550 million in the Forbes rating.

In the court of Draguignan lawyers demanded to impose interim measures on 100% of shares of SCI Symphony K, which, according to creditors, are owned by Dmitry Kostygin and his wife Svetlana. The company, in turn, recorded a two-storey villa in the style of a Roman palazzo, with a large swimming pool and a park of ancient trees.

On July 5, the court decided to satisfy the application of VTB lawyers. Yesterday, the bailiff carried out the arrest procedure itself - the shares of SCI Symphony K were blocked, and Svetlana Kostygina, who the bailiff found on their country estate, received from him a notice of the court order issued in respect of the spouses' property. The documents accompanying the enforcement proceedings say that after the intervention of the French justice Mr. Kostygin's debt, amounting to more than € 9.9 million, grew slightly, as several hundred euros were required for execution of judicial and executive documents. Executive production at the resort involved members of the association of bailiffs, members of the local association of persons of free professions. In any case, this is stated in their documents.

"It's called shooting in Macedonian, with two hands. Bullets are whistling and forced to crouch, "Kostygin said to Kommersant, who noted that" VTB is a professional people ". According to him, at the suit of VTB bailiffs arrested a "couple of bank accounts", as well as "all sorts of trivia." Mr. Kostygin denies information about the arrest of his villa in Saint-Tropez. According to him, he does not have a home in a French resort. "Maybe there is a villa Kosygin, and I'm credited with the untold treasures of the party?" - the businessman mocked. He himself, in his words, is in St. Petersburg and works. "In the end, all obligations will in any case be fulfilled," he assured.

"We are satisfied with the decision of the Draguignan High Court to arrest Mr. Kostygin's property in France, which is a surety for the loans of the Yulmart group of companies. Our main goal when dealing with bad debts is repayment of bank loans. We intend to seek the repayment of debt by all available methods in accordance with the law, "- said, in turn," Kommersant "in the press service of VTB.