Senator from Novgorod oblast was arrested for corruption

Investigators suspect that Alexander Korovnikov was an intermediary in the transfer of a large bribe to the Audit Chamber.
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Member of the Federation Council of Novgorod oblast, Alexander Korovnikov, became involved in the case of corruption in the Accounting Chamber, in which the director of department Alexander Mikhailik was arrested at the end of the last week. According to investigators, the senator was the mediator through whom the Investigative Committee's official received 3 million rubles from a group of people to conduct a degisner check of FGUP "Sport-Engineering".

The case under Art. 291-1 of the Criminal Code ( "Mediation in bribery"), in which Senator Korovnikov visited told the Investigation Committee, was opened on 26 September. This article provides for punishment of up to 12 years in prison. After a meeting with investigators Korovnikov left home: the law is Senator spetssubektom, for which a special procedure for criminal prosecution. If the investigators decide to initiate criminal case against him, then they will need to obtain permission from the SF.

Korovnikov Alexander himself was unavailable for comment "Izvestia", and his staff say he was all right.

- Alexander Venediktovichno one detained, he is in Moscow and continues to perform his duties in the Federation Council - told "Izvestia" in the senator's reception. - With regard to the reports of his arrest, they do not correspond to reality. Alexander Venediktovich participated in the police operation on the personal agreement.

Senator Korovnikov became the focus of a criminal scandal 25 September 2013. On this day, at 17.20 at the Smolensk Boulevard, he met with a former member of the Expert Council Sergei JV refreshment, which, according to investigators, was engaged in mediation in dealing with various sensitive issues. According to investigators, biting handed Senator 5 million rubles, of which 2 million he had to leave it a mediation, and the remaining 3 million - to convey to the Director of the Department of control spending on science, education, culture, sport and media joint venture Alexander Mikhailik.

According to the investigation, for the money JV official was commissioned by the LLC "Laardi" organize check FSUE "Sports Engineering". It was a kind of revenge for what"Sports Engineering", which is engaged in the design and construction of stadiums and sports facilities, are not allowed "Laardi" to the organization and preparation of the World Cup in 2018 in Russia.

Investigators believe that to resolve this issue took refreshment, asking for this "service" 12.5 million rubles. Businessmen doubted "reshalschika" opportunities and, for the kind of agreeing to his proposal, sought help from the Interior Ministry. All further negotiations with Zakusilo were already under the control of operatives.

On the same day, 25 September, at 20.00 met with Senator Korovnikov Mikhailik Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya, near the house 26/40, p. 4, and gave him 3 million rubles. At this point Mikhailik was arrested by operatives. Upon learning of her husband's troubles, his wife committed suicide.

Senator himself shortly afterwards claimed that only helped operatives.

This is not the first crime scene in SF. In April 2013, on the initiative of the Prosecutor General's Investigative Department of the Russian Interior Ministry has opened a criminal case under article "abuse of authority" aboutagainst former representative in the Federation Council of Krasnodar Region and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC "Resorts of the North Caucasus" Ahmed Bilalova.

Senator from Dagestan Suleiman Kerimov has now become a defendant in criminal proceedings instituted in Belarus after the failure of "BRIC" to cooperate with the country's largest enterprises - "Belaruskali".

In 2008, the Moscow City Court in the dock was the ex-senator from Kalmykia Levon Chakhmakhchyan, who was accused of attempting to fraudulently obtain $ 300 thousand. The head of the board of directors of the airline "Transaero" Alexander Pleshakov. He was sentenced for fraud to nine years in prison and recently released from prison on parole.

December 28, 2010 three of the federal judges of the Moscow City Court sentenced the senator from Bashkortostan Igor Izmestieva to life imprisonment for a series of crimes, among which there were assassinations and terrorism.