Senator Kanokov's entities interested in buying Kuntsevskiy market

Arsen Kanokov, representing Kabardino-Balkaria in the Federation Council, may become one of the major owners of Moscow's markets. Sindica Holding, which is controlled by him, discusses the purchase of Kuntsevskiy market.
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The fact that the holding "Sindica", controlled by senator and former head of Kabardino-Balkaria Arsen Kanokov, is negotiating the purchase of "Kuntsevsky market," RBC said a source familiar with the details of the discussion. Now 100% of the shares, which owns the market, owned by VTB Group. Market together with a number of other assets (agro "South", "Mosgorlombard" 49% of "perovskite") went to the bank structures of the city authorities in 2014 in exchange for the company, "Power complex".

According to RBC interlocutor, "Sindica" VTB has reported its intention to participate in scheduled for October 28 auction to sell 100% stake. Allocated a starting price of an asset - 1.005 billion rubles, step -. 50 million rubles. On the balance of the company is selling area of ​​3848.9 square meters building. m Nedelina Marshall, 19, and the right to lease until 2021 on the land beneath the area of ​​11 180 sq. m.

The representative of "Sindica" RBC confirmed that "To untsevsky market may be potentially interesting", refusing to comment further.

"VTB Group Strategy otnoshenii core assets involves selling them on the most favorable conditions for the group, - reported the press service of VTB. - Out of the asset planned for the end-of 2016 - beginning of 2017 ". In late 2014 the Urban Planning and Land Commission approved the decision to build on the site of the market area of ​​68.2 thousand sq. M shopping and entertainment center. M. A source close to VTB Group, he said that the Moscow authorities have agreed on the concept that in the future, the SEC should remain a function of the food market - on the ground floor planned to place fresh-market. In this case the new owner is not obliged to build a new shopping center, it can operate on the existing market, he added RBC.

What has the former head of Kabardino-Balkaria

Status Arsen Kanokov Forbes magazine estimates at $ 500 million. From September 2005 to December 2013, he served as head of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. On December 25, 2013 is a member of the Parliament of the CBD in the Federation Council. Arsen Kanokov structures built for the Olympics in Sochi Hotel Radisson Blue Spa Hotel $ 7 billion rubles.ktivy Kanokov united in holding "Sindica", which he founded the "Code" trade-purchasing cooperative based in 1991. He also owns a hotel-office complex "Milan" on Kashirskoye, Interregional clearing bank, JSC "CBD", shopping and entertainment centers network "Gallery", sanatorium in Kislovodsk, hotels and other assets.

Released on the market

Acquisition Kuntsevskiy market can fill up "market" portfolio asset structures Arsen Kanokov. According to its own data "Sindica", "including successfully completed and serviced" holding markets - markets universal Trinity in Strogino, Usachevsky in Khamovniki and Bratislava in Marino, as well as construction and clothing Pokrovsky market in Biryulyovo West. Holding also belonged Tushino and Matveevsky markets in Moscow, and the market "Sindica-O" on the Moscow Ring Road, the site of which Kanokov structure built shopping center area of ​​141.4 thousand sq. M. m.

As market participants and demonstrate SPARK data note Kanokov structure not only obscoexist, but also own these markets. For example, the report on the essential facts of "TD" Usachevsky "of 1 July 2004, CJSC" Sindika-M "owned 29.4% of the shares, and by May 13, 2011 75% went to the balance of" Roliteks Ltd. ", headed by Timur Kanokov .

Market policy

Active capital markets and changes in their file formats was one of the tasks of the new Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. The main change to their owners was the requirement of the authorities to transfer all agricultural markets in the form of capital structures (process completed in 2016). In addition, the municipality has been actively selling assets belonging to her.

Formation of a new type of shopping areas turned into the hands of investors, which triggered a series of directly from the assets of transactions that tend to be sold at reduced prices. In 2015, the restaurant group Ginza Project purchased from capital structures Danilovsky market of 425 million rbl., That was five times cheaper than planned to help out the mayor's office in 2012. However, the commitment to the renovation of the treated group by more than 800 million rubles. In 2014 to develop this form oft decided and founder of "Pyaterochka" Andrei Rogachev, together with its partner, the owner of Michael Goryainova Gremm Group, a network of farmers to invest in shopping centers "Breeze" (North, Koptevo, Kashira markets).

The increased interest in recent years to market the format because it is more resistant to the crisis, the head of the representative office in Russia Rossmils Alex's grave. "If the tenants in the shopping center signed a long-term lease agreement and pay a fixed rate for several years, the market owner is always in the manual mode and can adjust more quickly as the rental rates and prices", - he said.