Senator Vladimir Lebedev will help Rosatom find money in landfills

What pulls Senator Vladimir Lebedev and his son Andrei to city dumps.
The Rosatom State Corporation suddenly became interested in household waste (why would it be?) In Chelyabinsk. And it is precisely the "daughter" of the atomic department of FSUE "RosRAO" that will rake this terrible garbage dump. Landfill occupies 90 hectares. And RosRAO will be helped by the notorious Geotechproekt LLC, which was spotlighted on the disposal of the Yadrovo landfill in the Moscow region. The friendly family of Senator Vladimir Lebedev, a longtime friend of Sergei Kiriyenko, will also help.

It has long been known that when moving from Nizhny Novgorod, where Sergei Kiriyenko was the presidential envoy to the Volga Federal District, the future atomic minister brought even waiters with him to the Mother See. This was reported by the "tagged atom".

Their people are their people. Is it any wonder that the Rosatom city corporation is laden from top to bottom by immigrants from Nizhny Novgorod? Here is Senator Vladimir Lebedev - he is also on the board. Since Kiriyenko - in the same harness since the Komsomol years, it’s not surprising that both Senator Lebedev himself and his son Andrei Lebedev - of course, he is not employed on the collective farm market - he has a sinecure in Rostoma, he oversees the waste - also turned out to be “involved” in the trash business.

That is why the elimination of the huge city landfill in Chelyabinsk was entrusted to the Federal State Unitary Enterprise RosRAO, and without any contests there. But the design was transferred to Geotehproekt LLC. It is through this LLC that budget money transferred for the needs of RosRAO can be withdrawn.

Does Mr. Kiriyenko know nothing about the entertainment of Rosatom’s daughter and the tricks of Senator Lebedev? But does the Presidential Administration seem to have eyes and ears everywhere?

Where these "eyes" look and what these "ears" listen to, the Moscow Post correspondent sniffed.

At Lake Ardino

Thus, the only contractor, RosRAO, has already increased the cost of work to eliminate a large garbage dump in Chelyabinsk by 1 billion rubles.
This was revealed during the filing of project documentation for Glavgosexpertiza: the estimate for work suddenly increased from 3.8 billion to 4.9 billion rubles. It turns out that with the acquisition of the status of a federal operator for the management of hazardous waste, the appetite of the State Atomic Energy Agency Rosatom began to grow rapidly?

And this is not the final budget of the project, whose executor was named without a competition.

Now a few words about Vladimir Lebedev. Senator Lebedev is called “Chasseur Kirienko” by the eyes, because, according to rumors, a significant part of the hunting grounds of Kiriyenko in the Nizhny Novgorod region near Lake Ardino was transferred to the Lebedev family.

By the way, the guests on the lake at one time had different recognizable faces, such as: the former minister without a portfolio, Mikhail Abyzov, who is currently spending his days in prison, the former governor Valery Shantsev, as well as top managers of Rosatom and officials from the government of Nizhny Novgorod area. Mr. Kiriyenko himself comes to these beautiful places.

Therefore, is it any wonder that the project to eliminate the landfill in Chelyabinsk was completed at the first space speed? 56 days in advance.

And today, according to experts, Chelyabinsk may be in the same situation as the inhabitants of Yadrovo, near Moscow: they plan to neutralize a huge Chelyabinsk dump using the same technologies that were used at the Moscow landfill. Recall that due to the dumping of landfill gas in Yadrovo, hundreds of children ended up in hospital beds.

Experts say that the project to eliminate the city landfill in Chelyabinsk was adopted with flagrant violations.

And you will have a green hill

The Chelyabinsk dump has existed since 1949 and occupies, as mentioned above, 90 hectares. According to Rosprirodnadzor, the landfill gives up to 30% of harmful emissions into the atmosphere of Chelyabinsk.

RosRAO has already held a presentation of the project for the rehabilitation of the city landfill. The documentation was developed by the Krasnoyarsk company Geotehproekt.

Work on technical rehabilitation should be completed in 2021. Biological reclamation will be completed in 15–20 years, only then the residents of the city will see a “safe green hill at the dump site where you can walk”. It is reported by Kommersant.

RosRAO presented the project at the South Ural State Agrarian University.

The Department of Ecology and Nature Management of the Chelyabinsk administration signed a contract on April 15. Public hearings on the approval of project documentation were held on May 27. After that, the project went to the state environmental review.

The deputy general director of RosRAO Dmitry Khvatkov said that the company plans to undergo a state environmental review by the end of 2019.

Chelyabinsk landfill was officially closed on September 11, 2018.

Before the closure of this garbage bin, an engineering survey was commissioned by the city administration, which was to become the basis for the restoration project. It turned out that in this huge garbage dump, in addition to municipal waste, there are industrial ones.

A member of the Chelyabinsk Oblast Public Chamber, Vyacheslav Skvortsov, during the presentation of the project, criticized the RosRAO. He noted that the company did not provide comprehensive data on the impact of reclamation on the ecology of Chelyabinsk.

- I looked at the source data. Comparisons of how much emissions the landfill gives at rest, how many emissions will be produced in a year, what are the dynamics of emissions, if not touched at all, these figures are not. This presentation did not convince me personally that we need this project, ”said Skvortsov.

What else cannot but surprise? RosRAO had never before been engaged in landfill reclamation and did not work in the field of municipal solid waste management. RosRAO specialized in the disposal of radioactive waste.

But why suddenly such a zeal - to clean the garbage mound in the city of Chelyabinsk?

Landfill curator - Kiriyenko

The project for the reclamation of the Chelyabinsk landfill, supervised by Sergei Kiriyenko, is likely to make a big gap in the budget of the city of Chelyabinsk. For the reclamation of the landfill, Senator Vladimir Lebedev designed Geotechproekt as a contractor. This office is famous for troubled business partners.

For LLC "Geotechproekt" and the company "Techpolymer" associated with it - a train of notoriety has long stretched. Rumor has it that these two screwed up immediately with six state contracts for landfills in the suburbs, the contracts were disrupted. Geotechproet was also noted in the supply of low-quality materials to such respectable customers as Surgneftegaz and Russian Railways.

By the way, the technologies that Geotechproekt offers for landfill reclamation still do not have a positive conclusion from Rosprirodnadzor.

However, for Andrei Lebedev, who lobbies the interests of his father-senator, being the director of the environmental programs at Rosatom State Corporation, this is not of great interest. The main thing is to get big money to reclaim a large landfill.

Naturally, Lebedev Jr. got a bread position in Rosatom State Corporation, a longtime friend of his father, Sergei Kiriyenko. And thanks to the administrative resource of Kiriyenko, the Lebedev duet is lobbying for deals without bidding. Contracting companies do not pass any checks.

"Geotehproekt" managed to light up in major scandals during the reclamation of not only the Yadrovo landfill, but also Kuchino. The geomembranes that Geotechproekt installed at these sites have already become a continuous sieve.

The government of the Chelyabinsk region should have carefully considered the choice of contractors. In this scenario, Governor Alexei Teksler may have new hotbeds of tension.

FSB steps on heels
Recall that recently the governor of the Chelyabinsk region Alexei Teksler demanded to revise the contract with JSC "Waste Management-NN", which is located in Nizhny Novgorod. This AO is also affiliated with Senator Vladimir Lebedev.

Why was Texler so worried? In the office of JSC "Waste Management-NN", searches and seizure of documents took place. These bitter news reached the southern Urals.

All these events took place on May 21 this year. UFSB officers conducted searches at several addresses simultaneously, namely, to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, then to JSC "Waste Management - NN". And in the landfill administration of the MSW "Waste Management - NN" in the cities of Balakhna and Gorodets.

The investigators were interested in several people - Vladimir Albertovich Lebedev, a senator from the Nizhny Novgorod region, then Andrey Vladimirovich Lebedev, former deputy director of Waste Management-NN JSC, and now an employee of Rosatom State Corporation.

Further, Nikolay Vladimirovich Nebov is an ex-minister of the Ministry of Ecology of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, today he is an assistant to Senator Vladimir Lebedev.

And Shantsev Valery Pavlinovich - the ex-governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

What a warm company!

Up to 20% of the invested funds could be withdrawn from each concession of Waste Management-NN JSC. Did they spend money on bribing officials? This money, for example, could go to pay for the services of the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Nikolai Nebov. He was employed at Waste Management-NN JSC, but never appeared in the office. But Heaven received a heavenly salary.

But in the end, the former minister not only did not go under the criminal case, he became an assistant to Senator Lebedev! The younger Lebedev also came out of the water and did a lot of work in JSC “Waste Management-NN”. But he was also kindly offered another, more comfortable place to work!

How do our law enforcement agencies work? But who so masterfully dismissed both Lebedev and the former Minister of Ecology of Nebov?

Further. Even during the reign of Governor Boris Dubrovsky (he was replaced by Alexei Teksler), the garbage king Lebedev agreed to build two new landfills. And under the guise of waste processing, his office received permission for landfills near Magnitogorsk and Chishmy. But JSC "Waste Management -NN" disrupted the deadlines.

And now Alexey Teksler will rake these rubbish rubble.

What else is scary? RosRAO, which got into the landfill reclamation project in Chelyabinsk, does not particularly bother about the "filling" of the landfill. But in vain, since there is only a lot of things accumulated there that the hair on the head stands on end. This is even stated on the official website of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise RosRAO. We quote: “The Chelyabinsk municipal landfill of solid domestic waste has accepted all the garbage in the region since 1949. A giant landfill body with a complex morphology of waste has formed over 70 years. The volume of accumulated waste is more than 17.5 million cubic meters . meters ... "
But RosRAO especially does not want to deal with this gigantic body, although RosRAO employees know that toxic industrial waste has been buried in the dump. And they can lead to the release of dangerous carcinogens - phenol, mercury, chlorobenzene, cadmium, formaldehyde, lead, etc.

Mr. Kiriyenko generally understands where he got so easily involved?

From the project pulls a scam

But even to the requests of scientists - ecologists, RosRAO answers with great irritation, they say, it's not your business. Specific example.

The inter-regional public organization "Independent Institute of Public Environmental Expertise and Audit" (NIOECA) said that the landfill in Chelyabinsk is being rehabilitated under a project that does not meet the requirements of the law. About this writes the "course of affairs."

NIOECA experts argue that the documentation does not contain reliable information about the morphological composition of the waste, design decisions do not take into account the toxicity of this waste. Technical solutions are not justified. They do not provide safety to people or the environment.

Also, NIOECA experts suspected RosRAO that the costs of the implementation of design decisions were overestimated. And they will lead to excessive spending of budget funds. But the environmentalists' main claim to the landfill reclamation was the doubt that more than 250 comments by the expert commission of the state environmental review organized by the regional Rosprirodnadzor were hardly taken into account and eliminated by RosRAO in full from July 17 to August 7, 2019.

The head of the communications department of RosRAO Denis Pleschenko said that the legitimacy of the NIOECA examination raises questions. Pleschenko arranged an ugly discussion with scientists. He criticized public environmental assessment.

They say correctly - the best defense is an attack ... But how then does RosRAO work with its "native" nuclear waste? And if the head of the communications department of RosRAO Pleschenko behaves like a "maid at the bazaar", what can we expect from ordinary employees of this respectable department - a division of the Rosatom State Corporation?

Environmentalists say: for 30 years, from 1965 to 1995. very hazardous waste was buried in the Chelyabinsk city landfill. So, the Orgsteklo plant sent to the landfill more than 2.5 million tons of sulfuric acid with an ammonium bisulfate content of at least 45%. All this merged into a huge foundation pit. More than 150 tons of mercury in the form of salts and metal, as well as more than 150 thousand tons of acrylic organic matter in the form of polymers and mixtures of isobutyric acid, are buried in the same pit. More than 150 thousand tons of PVC compound mixed with methyl methacrylate plexiglass were buried in another pit in the neighborhood.

This is the “bomb” that is ticking and ticking ... Sulfuric acid runoff has several times appeared in the water sources of the Chelyabinsk region.

Thus, neither RosRAO nor Geotechproekt LLC take into account the specifics of the waste buried in the landfill. Is there really interest only in that "cabbage" that is allocated from the budget to eliminate a huge and dangerous garbage dump?
How to buy 102 hectares for 36 thousand rubles

Recall some more outstanding facts from the noble life of the garbage king Vladimir Lebedev. Prior to his appointment as senator, Vladimir Lebedev was the head of the Federal Forestry Agency. In 2014, the Accounts Chamber revealed numerous violations of almost 7 billion rubles in this department. Where did this "cabbage" go? Really in nursing homes?

It was after this loss that Lebedev transferred to the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. And receives parliamentary immunity. Who helped with the transition?

Another telling fact. Until 2012, Mr. Lebedev occupied a comfortable chair of the Deputy Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. He oversaw the environmental block. During this period, another son of the future senator, Ivan Lebedev, rented a huge forest in the Lyskovsky district of the Nizhny Novgorod region. The plot is only 260 hectares.

According to the official version, Ivan Vladimirovich Lebedev was going to engage in logging and raise bees. But it was just a cover. The goal was completely different.

On the territory of the massif there is a nature monument "Bakaldinskoye Swamp", and its crown is Lake Ardino with an area of ​​102 hectares. So Ivan Lebedev decided to take his hands on him. And soon barriers appeared everywhere. And formidable announcements on billboards that the area around the lake is private property.

The Lebedevs thought through everything to the smallest detail: in order to legitimize the privatization of the federal land, the section "Fish-breeding activity" was added to the passport of the natural monument. And for this purpose they created a fish farm. A plot of 102 hectares, therefore, went to auction. And the winner was ... Ivan Lebedev, who offered 36 thousand rubles for the site.

Of course, who is his "roof". The Nizhny Novgorod region - everyone knows this - is considered the fiefdom of the deputy head of the Presidential Executive Office, Sergei Kiriyenko. Indeed, Kirienko is connected with Lebedev by the glorious Komsomol past. Both worked in the Gorky Regional Committee of the Komsomol.

Vladimir Lebedev, as a senator, has no right to conduct any economic activity. But he perfectly knows how to circumvent the law.

Rumor has it that Lebedev owns the Velikovskoye hunting farm, where Kiriyenko himself and other major government officials come to hunt.

Hunting, of course, is good. But the cool fat from the city dump in Chelyabinsk is much cooler! And most importantly, what billions have already been invested in this stinky business ... What remains to be done? That's right - to direct financial flows to where you need to!

It remains to be surprised: state people - a senior official of the Presidential Executive Office Kiriyenko, a senator from the Nizhny Novgorod Region Lebedev - are busy with far from important state affairs. They are busy with their personal pockets. And for the sake of this pocket, you can even make a dangerous garbage dump in Chelyabinsk, stuffed with an infernal mixture, also a source of gigantic income. It is for this rubbish purpose without competitions that such gutta-percha structures as RosRAO and Geotehproekt were drawn.

But who will think about the people who have been living in the stinking Chelyabinsk mound since 1949?