Sergei Chemezov merges with Sergei Lavrov's son-in-law Alexander Vinokurov

"Rostegh" and "Marathon" signed an agreement on "Nazimbio".
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"Rostegh" and "Marathon Group" signed an agreement on combining pharmaceutical assets. Under the deal, Marathon Group Alexander Vinokurov and Sergei Zakharov will receive 25% plus one share of Natsimbio, and Rostek - 49% of the distributor of SIA Group

The agreement was signed on February 12 by the head of Rostek, Sergey Chemezov, and the president of Marathon Group, Alexander Vinokurov. Rostekh has 75% minus one share of the authorized capital of Natsimbio under the terms of the agreement, the blocking stake will pass to the Marathon Group. But Vinokurov's group gets an option to acquire up to 100% of "Natsimbio" in case of loss of the company's status as the only supplier of drugs and medizdeliy.

"Natsimbio" will receive a 49% stake in "SIA Group" - the distribution company Marathon Group - with the possibility of "a significant increase in this share in the future."

The deal is non-monetary, it provides for the exchange of assets, the Rostekh was informed.

It will include a plant in the Kurgan region for the production of medicines and products "Synthesis" (from "Natsimbio" - 32.39%), a manufacturer of vaccines "Fort" (25.01%), a project for the production of blood products in Kirov "Kirov Plasma (With Natsimbio 37.5%, the rest at Pharmstandard and Italian biopharmaceutical company Kedrion Biopharma), a joint venture with Indian Ishvan Farm Aid Ltd (49%), NIK Logistics (100%) and a Marathon Group »" SIA Group ". According to the representative of the state corporation, the list of enterprises at this stage is exhaustive. The "Marathon Group" has a stake in "Synthesis", the acquisition of 50.01% of the "Fort" is completed. How exactly the shares will be redistributed as a result of the transaction are not commented on in the Marathon Group. "Marathon Group" will receive a proportionate blocking stake in "Natsimbio" indirect share in the listed companies in addition to the existing shares, specified for Vademecum in the press service of "Rostecha".

The transaction, therefore, did not include the vaccine manufacturer NPO "Microgen", which earned in 2016 642.5 million rubles in net profit. It is managed by the holding company "Natsimbio", it includes nine branches. At the end of 2017, the corporatization of Microgen was completed, it is transferred to Rostekh.

The possibility of integrating production sites "into a single complex with a federal distributor" explains Chemezov's interest in Rostekha for the deal. "The presence of Marathon Group's strong competence in distribution and logistics has become a decisive factor when choosing it as a partner for the implementation of our large-scale project to form a national supplier of pharmaceuticals," he said.

"By 2020, by increasing the cash flow of the combined assets, the capitalization of" Natsimbio "will multiply, and to achieve this result is a serious joint task for us," Vinokurov said.

"Marathon Group" was formed in 2017 by the immigrants from "A1" Alexander Vinokurov and Sergey Zakharov. The Marathon Pharma sub-holding includes the distributor of SIA International, shares in the Sintez and Biokom plants, the Mega Pharm pharmacy chain, and Marathon Pharma, which completes the purchase of 50.01% of the Fort.

The proceeds of "Nazimbio" in 2016 amounted to 12.8 billion rubles, a net loss of 1 billion rubles. "Natsimbio" in 2015 was appointed the only vaccine supplier for the National vaccination calendar, in 2016 - the supplier of blood products. But from the procurement schedule for 2018 it follows that blood products will be purchased through auctions.