Sergei Chemezov's mother-in-law registered at the Rostec sanatorium

As part of the Black Sea sanatorium of the corporation, the mother-in-law of its general director, Sergey Chemezov, was taken over.
Sanatorium "Green Grove" is located on 46 hectares of the dendrological park of the Caucasus National Reserve. It is here that is the famous cottage of Stalin (in the photo). Rising to 160 meters above sea level, the territory has a unique microclimate with the purest mountain and sea air, saturated with therapeutic phytoncides. In addition to residential buildings and a medical center, there is a sports complex, swimming pools and an elevator lift for the descent of holidaymakers to the beach.

Rostec is not for everyone

In February 2014, the resort of Sochi hosted the Winter Olympics. But not only the city, the country and RUSADA were preparing for such an important event. Under this sporting dressing and the state corporation Rostec decided to complete the reconstruction of its unique spa complex Green Grove at the local Kurortny Prospect. According to the information of Rostec itself, almost 800 million rubles were spent on this good goal. It was necessary to make a major overhaul of the buildings for 153 rooms, restore the fitness center, equip the beach half a kilometer long ... So that was where during the competitions to take coaches and athletes.

At the grand opening of the sanatorium after the overhaul was attended even by the Minister of Energy Alexander Novak. So important was the event. But the athletes left, and ... who was left?

As the Interlocutor found out, Lyudmila Rukavishnikova, the mother-in-law of the head of Rostec Sergei Chemezov, remained there, whose company KPC Holding in the sanatorium received a brand new mansion with an area of ​​955 m2 and a personal outdoor pool. That's because lucky! And how did she manage to do it ?!

Ponahvatali here

- After the reconstruction, the sanatorium was updated and open to all. If there are places, please, we are settling, ”the first deputy told the“ Interlocutor ”. Director of "Green Grove" Fedor Tsarev. - According to the schedule, the employees of our shareholder enterprises, Rostec, also have a rest.

- And his leadership?

- Nooooo.

- But after all, there are many buildings on the territory of the sanatorium, which legally belong to outsiders or individuals.

- It was they who in the 2000s plowed up land from our territory and built it. But we have nothing to do with this.

- And what about a large building with a swimming pool, which is located next to the elevator to the beach? It was put on cadastral registration only in 2014, after which Green Grove itself transferred it to KPK Holding. This was not in the 2000s, but in 2016.

- I do not know why this was done ... But now the object is again ours. Yes. Has long been. I do not remember exactly. This is just Rosreestr slowly works.

Rosreestr, of course, works slowly, but not so much. Even a few days after this conversation, the owner of the very building according to the documents still remains the mother-in-law firm Chemezov.


Rostec invested 784 million rubles in the restoration of Green Grove.

Clean up to Rukavishnikova

It would seem rather big cottage. However, many Green Grove guests do not even notice it. So well it is hidden from prying eyes. It is not visible even from the upper floors of the sanatorium.

- Honestly, I did not see any summer cottages.

- Do not remember that.

Only occasionally came across observant vacationers:

- Modern housing, very pretty. Not as simple as Stalin's local dacha! Apparently, the place of the owner is expensive. Well maintained. Probably someone is following him. But I have never seen anyone give signs of life there. I was in the sanatorium three times, each time in early spring and I noted to myself that at this time of year the windows were always curtained. Maybe not the season ...

Behind the closed curtains and hides the very company "KPK Holding". In fact, it is formally registered in Moscow, but its name is found in the archives of arbitration courts in the context of Green Grove: in 2014, the Rukavishnikova company together with Rostec acted as a third party in a lawsuit declaring one of the sanatorium shareholders' meetings invalid. That is, KPK Holding was already one of these shareholders.

However, until recently, the company did not belong directly to Chemezov's mother-in-law, but a businesswoman Elena Khudyakova, whose electronic trading platform for placing government orders was Rostec. Formally, Lyudmila Rukavishnikova took over the hands of KPK Holding, which means that the former seaside cottage of the state corporation only in September last year. But the post of general director was still left for Khudyakova, so little changed from the rearrangement of names in the list of founders. The ultimate owner of the former corporate (and someone will say state) dacha is still associated with Sergey Chemezov.


In No. 11 this year, the Interlocutor wrote that he had found a collection of expensive cars in Lyudmila Rukavishnikova, luxury apartments, including a penthouse for two billion, a bunch of firms associated with Rostec and former office areas that also belonged to Rostec.


Being at sea and not swimming is moveton. So Chemezov's mother-in-law is swimming. And not only like a dog. As the Interlocutor found out, not only a mansion, but also a personal sea vessel appeared on its KPK Holding: a Royal Tender 10m Open boat with a RFG 35–74 board number and a ship’s D series ticket No. 799453.

This boat, designed for 12 passengers, is a product of cooperation between the famous Danish shipyard Royal Tender and fashionable yachting designer Aspen Oayno. No wonder it is called "limousine on the water." For this and half a million euros to throw in the waves do not mind. But the most interesting, the shipbuilder positions this limousine as "the most comfortable way to deliver the discerning guests from the yacht to the shore." That is, according to Rukavishnikova, the yacht should also sail somewhere.

Unfortunately, it has not yet been possible to find Chelma Chemezov's superyacht in the open sea. But, as I discovered the Toad and the Viper telegram channel last year, a 29-meter Legend yacht worth EUR 3.5 million had already been framed for the firm’s financial manager’s son’s company several years ago: five spacious cabins in marble and fine wood, with bar, jacuzzi and barbecue. True, since then the yacht Legend has changed both the owner, the name (“Maya”), and the location (Sydney). But the same financial systems connected with Chemezov decided to equip their own yacht club in Gelendzhik.

There would be a state-owned corporation under management - there will always be seaside palaces and yachts.

Three percent shit

After the previous publication of the Interlocutor about the ownership of Sergey Chemezov’s mother-in-law, Rostec decided to conclude a state contract for “services for information support of the activities of a state corporation”. According to the request of Rostec, “in case of a negative publication about the Customer, the Contractor within 1 hour provides a plan to work out the negative ... The Plan approved by the Customer must be implemented by the Contractor immediately, within 24 hours a report should be provided to the Customer on the translation of news / news from a negative to a neutral or positive field. ” Maximum program - the share of positive and neutral publications with the mention of "Rostec" in the total number of publications should be at least 97%.