Sergei Generalov with high-tech business sailed to Finland

Finnish Wartsila buys a developer of navigational systems and simulators "Transas". Russian kvass patriots are furious and accuse Sergei Generalov of "treason."
One of the world leaders of electronic-mapping and navigation systems "Transas" until the end of June will join the Finnish group Wartsila. As the Finnish corporation notes, the transaction will accelerate the development of the Smart Marine Ecosystem system to develop the interaction of smart ships with smart ports. The current value of Transas is estimated at € 210 million.

The Finnish machine-building concern Wartsila buys the group "Transas", which is part of the holding "Industrial Investors" Sergey Generalov, specializing in high-tech equipment and software for the marine industry. As reported on the website of the Finnish corporation, Transas is estimated at € 210 million. The deal is planned to be closed in the second quarter of 2018.

Transas takes a leading position in the creation of integrated technological solutions for the safety and efficiency of navigation, navigation and ship operations. According to Wartsila, the annual net sales of Transas are € 140 million. The company has 22 regional offices around the world and a distribution network that covers 120 countries. As stated in late 2016, Sergei Generalov in an interview with "Vedomosti", "Industrial Investors" owns about two thirds of the "Transas". The company controls about 30% of the global market share of electronic cartography and navigation systems, about 25% of installations of onshore ship traffic control systems and over 45% of the world market of marine simulators, the top manager added.

The purchase of Transas will accelerate the development of the direction of Smart Marine Ecosystem, Wartsila reported. This is an innovative system to improve the efficiency of the shipping industry, which should help in solving problems with the redundancy of tonnage in the market, inadequate fuel efficiency and the time spent waiting in line for entry into ports and other zones with a tight traffic schedule. It is based on the interaction of "smart" ships with "smart" ports. President of Wartsila Marine Solutions Roger Holm believes that the transaction will unite Wartsila's "largest portfolio of products in the marine industry" with the Transas traffic, navigation and shipping solutions.