Sergei Gordeev spent $ 150 million on Moscow's disastrous place

The PIK Group acquired a long-term shopping center project at Paveletsky Station in Moscow. Another 150 million dollars to be invested in its construction, at least.
One of the scandalous development projects in Moscow - the construction of a large shopping center on the square near Paveletsky railway station - went to the main owner of the PIK group Sergei Gordeev. He will need $ 150 million to complete the facility. The former owner of the site, Kazakhstan's BTA Bank, before selling, withdrew from the asset all legal problems that were created by the former banker Mukhtar Ablyazov.

LLC "Ledge" (a subsidiary of the Kazakhstani BTA Bank Kenes Rakishev) closed the deal for the sale of the site (2.7 hectares) for the construction of a shopping center on Paveletsky Station Square. "We won the case in the court of London, the asset returned to the ownership of BTA Bank. All taxes were paid, the necessary documents were issued, including the approval of the Moscow mayor's office, and then the sale to the structures of Sergei Gordeev (the main owner of PIK .- "Kommersant"), "Kens Rakishev told Kommersant, adding that to finish the project in accordance with the previously approved plan will be a new owner. Mr. Gordeyev's representative confirmed that the deal was closed, refusing to disclose its details.

LLC "Ledzhi" unites the development assets of BTA Bank in Moscow: the oceanarium on Poklonnaya Hill, the business center "1812", almost 2.2 thousand hectares in the Domodedovo district of Moscow region and 400 hectares in New Moscow and part of the project for the construction of a residential complex " Tsaritsyno "(the share was received in the framework of settlements with the owner of the grain company" Nastyusha "Igor Pinkevych). All these assets Mr. Rakishev returned to the balance of BTA after the court proceedings, in which the bank was dragged by the previous owner Mukhtar Ablyazov, who was engaged in real estate business in Russia through his other structure - IPG Eurasia.

The project at the Paveletsky railway station started in 2007. Two years later the construction was stopped, and the project became the subject of multilateral litigation, which stopped when it was bought by the "Ledge" in 2016. Mr. Rakishev said earlier that he is considering development options for development assets with a local partner.

Sergei Gordeev is the main shareholder of the PIK group, one of the largest housing developers in Moscow and the Moscow region (the unsold volume of housing in the company, according to the end of 2017, amounted to 12.5 million square meters). It also owns the Riviera shopping centers (lease area of ​​100,000 sq. M.), Salaris (105,000 sq. M.), And the project of a trade center within the Kotelniki transport and transfer hub (TPU).

According to the project of building a site on Paveletskaya Square there will be a trade center with a total area of ​​73 thousand square meters. m. It is assumed that part of the complex will be underground. One of the interlocutors of Kommersant is aware that Mr. Gordeyev was interested in the Asian experience in the development of shopping facilities and went to see them. "The main emphasis of the concept of the facility on the formation is not just a good shopping gallery, it is necessary to create an interesting leisure space," says Marina Malakhatko, director of the CBRE's retail premises department. This, she continues, will compete with online shopping, which has already won a share in offline trading. She estimates the cost of the project at $ 150-160 million, construction costs will cost the same amount.

The project on Paveletskaya is not only close to the station and metro station: here one of the largest business clusters of the capital. "Daily pedestrian traffic in this area exceeds 200 thousand people, there are no comparable locations on the Garden Ring in Moscow," says Polina Zhilkina, head of the retail consulting department of JLL. She adds that such sites can only be found within the framework of some metropolitan TPUs and near railway stations.

According to the managing partner of Colliers International, Nikolai Kazansky, a trade center near Paveletsky railway station can become one of the three most visited in Moscow. Now among the leaders - "European" at the Kiev railway station (5.5 million people per month) and "Atrium" at Kursk railway station (2 million people per month).