Sergei Kukura and his family are among the five largest latifundists in Russia

Under the control of the family of the former top manager of Lukoil, Volgo Don Agroinvest acquired assets of the Swedish Black Earth Farming in 2017, bringing its land bank to 452,000 hectares.
The first four leaders of the ranking of owners of agricultural land, compiled by the audit and consulting company BEFL, has not changed. In the 1st place, as in the previous year, the group "Prodimeks" Igor Khudokormov, under whose control 790 000 hectares of land. Agribusiness "Miratorg" has slightly outperformed "Rusagro" family Vadim Moshkovich: now they have 676 000 and 675 000 ha, respectively. On the fourth place with a land bank in 644 000 hectares there was the Agrocomplex named after. NI Tkachev, who controls the family of the former Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev.

The most impressive take-off in the rating was demonstrated by Volgo Don Agroinvest, which is controlled by the family of Sergey Kukura, the former top manager of Lukoil. For a year, she rose from 21st place to 5th, it follows from the materials of BEFL. The Kukura family has led agricultural business in the last few years through the Volgograd agro-industrial company and the Lipetsk agro-industrial company. In 2017, it acquired land assets of the Swedish Black Earth Farming, which controlled 246,000 hectares - mainly in the Kursk and Tambov regions. Now the land bank is 452,000 hectares.

Kukura worked as the first vice-president of Lukoil for about 24 years, and in 2017 he left the company. In May of last year, he sold shares of the company in the amount of 9.5 billion rubles., Reported RBC. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Volgo Don Agroinvest is 99.9% owned by Cyprus Erneal Limited. Its owners in February last year were Kukura and his son Alexei, who is the general director of Volgo Don agroinvest. The remaining 0.1% belong to Kukura the Younger. They have not yet managed to contact Vedomosti.