Sergei Polonsky was going to build "smart cities"

A billionaire convicted of fraud, engaged in business training and announced the construction of smart cities.
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The founder of Mirax, Sergey Polonsky, in the past weekend for several hours, taught almost a thousand beginner Petersburg businessmen to conduct business properly. "Fontanka" visited a business picnic with the creator of the "Federation" tower and talked with him about future projects.

"Which of you has a lawyer, raise your hands? At me, for example, them 5. Now you know, that in the modern world without the lawyer - anywhere. By the way, so that you know, in Russia, 95 percent of lawyers know how to loot militiamen and deceive customers, "said Sergei Polonsky from a sandy hill in a forest glade in the village of Lebyazhye last weekend for an audience of almost a thousand people.

None of them has a billion, which was once a censor for the right to communicate with Sergei Polonsky, but they all came to a picnic organized by the "Business Apartment" community to find out how to get this billion. It was assumed that a businessman who had a thorny path from a developer on the Forbes list to a convicted person for fraud in shared construction could give clues. However, Polonsky tried not to mention the latter at the business picnic.

The advice to beginners was not new: to follow the time management (for 4 days to hold all the mandatory meetings, after - to engage in creative), first concentrate not on global ideas, but make money. Do not waste time on meaningless contacts, go to specialized exhibitions and events, and not yet take government orders, because officials are infected with a certain disease and it is better not to contact them.

Basically, Polonsky was paired with one of the lesser-known business gurus, joking with partners and taking all attention to himself. In fact, this standup was an announcement to the whole course from a businessman for novice businessmen: it was offered to pay a good amount for continuation of training in the online mode.

"Fontanka" managed to intercept an outrageous billionaire between a photo shoot with young followers.

- In what capacity do you conduct these business trainings?

- I work in different ranges: from the student to the teacher, from the adult to the student, from the scientist to the person who does not know anything. Today it is simply indecent to build a business without passing special courses.

- Nobody taught you ...

- It was the 90s ... But we, by the way, in the 2000s themselves already organized trainings. For example, we were the first to bring John Shawla (an American specialist in the field of service culture). We were the first to make a business library. We had trips to uninhabited islands. Whoever did not study with us, he did not survive. And in the 90's there was almost no competition, there was no Internet and literature. I had to learn by myself.

- Now, after criminal prosecution and loss of a part of business assets, do you feel different conditions for doing business?

- Of course ... For me now it's just the next stage. Before that, I was engaged in development projects, now I'm engaged in some kind of developer projects, but on a global scale. These are projects related to blockade, with new systems of education and development. This is the next step, not repetition. I'm not interested in building.

- What is the purpose of your projects?

- At the detachment we are making a project, the essence of which is that intermediaries should disappear: banks, accountants, financiers, lawyers. A powerful world revolution is coming. And we are at the peak, because two-thirds of the blockingists in the world are Russian speakers. The teams I work with are top teams. We have no doubt that our product will be global. We are now negotiating with five central banks to transfer them to the blockbuster. Because the maintenance of fiat money for the central bank is very expensive, it is a stone age. Now we are in the stage of approval - within a month the contract for the project "Smart City" will be signed. This is a platform, the creation of which will cost about $ 100 million. This is a city where there are no officials, policemen, where it is technically impossible to commit a crime. I talked with criminals. They have such logic: if there is a chance that they will be caught once from ten, then such a risk is considered acceptable, and if a hundred times out of a hundred, then no criminal will commit a crime.

- Where will this city be located?

"You'll find out." 90 percent of the officials in it we will replace with blocking and smart contracts. This is what will lead to? What are taxes? Taxes are money that we pay to officials, policemen and so on. If they are not, then taxes can be reduced by two or three times. So, such a state has an unreal competitive advantage in relation to others.

"It looks like a utopia."

"What utopia?" These are mathematical calculations. Taxes are the payment for services provided to us by the state in the form of officials, police, investigators, judges. They are absolutely inefficient, and not only for us. And we are not talking about Russia now, but about the other two countries.

"About what?"

"I will not say when we make an agreement, then you will." Moscow and St. Petersburg are old cities, you can do their renovation any amount, but this is like making a Mercedes of the Zhiguli. It's impossible, it's easier to build a new Mercedes. It's the same as with a plane: it's easier to build a new one than to renovate an old one, because engines on new planes eat half the fuel. Most of the cities that are now in the world were planned in the 19th - 20th centuries, when there were other technologies. Therefore, these cities do not meet the technical requirements of the 21st century.

- Do those cities that you intend to create already have potential residents?

- You change the car, do not drive on one car for 20 years. The machine will otherwise break down, its repair will be too expensive, safety deteriorates, fuel consumes more. Therefore, people sell the old and buy a new one. The same is true here. This is a product whose advertising does not make sense. When it is created, you will simply see, touch and say: "Of course, how did we live before that?"

- Are you not afraid of overpopulation?

- I believe that in each country in the world will eventually be such smart city. Without these technologies, a breakthrough is not possible in the future. This is a whole complex of issues, beginning with the fact that creative people do not want to live in old cities, they are uncomfortable. And the creative class is the most valuable resource. You do not drag a creative person to live in Moscow, because this is an uncomfortable city, although now it has become more comfortable, and even Peter, where I have not been for 8 years, has become more comfortable. Still, creative people need the ocean, snowboard, kite, surf. This you will do neither in Moscow, nor in Petersburg, nor in New York, nor in Paris.

- When you tried to become a candidate for the presidency of Russia last year, did you plan to rid the world and the country of officials?

- Yes. I believe that the form of government that exists in the world today is outdated. The world will pass a maximum of 12 years (this is not even my data) for direct democracy. You spend 5 minutes and vote for the pension reform, for gasoline taxes and so on. And now it turns out that there are some people whom we are authorized to solve some issues, and for some reason they vote differently. This is complete nonsense. There are issues that need to be addressed by the entire world community. All 7 billion people should vote on carbon dioxide emissions, on temperature changes. This is our Earth and a common home, we do not have a second one. If there was a second, then ok, we could experiment here and fly to the next planet. But we have no choice. And why does America decide how to live the world? It's just indecent.

- What about the fact that people are illiterate in some issues?

- This is all garbage full. Such things are told by those who do not want direct democracy. Believe me, any person understands everything in simple, elementary things. Nothing complicated is to understand: the air is clean or not clean.

- In modern Russia there are obstacles to the emergence of these smart cities?

- There is no question, will these technologies or will not. There is a question of "when". The whole world is moving to smart contracts and blocking. Savings are real - up to 50 percent. Roughly speaking, the car has a cost price of 5 thousand dollars, but it will be 2.5, because support is departing, unnecessary lawyers. By the way, lawyers in such cities will not be, from lawyers, too, get rid, but later. Russia has no choice. Even Vladimir Putin said this: the only thing that can destroy us is the technological backwardness. Not weapons, not armies, just that. Therefore, we will have to switch to block and smart contracts. A huge number of systems will change. Officials will be forced to resign. In such a city, the investigator simply can not take and initiate a criminal case, because he will have to answer 25 questions, and if the answer to the second one contradicts the tenth, he will not initiate the case. Today, every year 460 thousand criminal cases on economic crimes against entrepreneurs are opened today. We have so many entrepreneurs, and they all excite, then come: "Give the babosiki, and we'll close it." Everyone knows this, and it's just plain indecent. Why am I so indignant? Because we were declared an economic war. Who is in the economic war on the front? Entrepreneurs. Militiamen are actually looting during the war. Such people should be sentenced to life. They destroy our country. And smart contracts will protect.